Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

As so many of you celebrated your holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for you dear ones, for you are the lights upon the earth. You are the bringers of truth. You are the living emissaries of God's love. We honor you for we know this is no easy task here upon the earth - to remember the truth, that you are born of the living God, that you are made of love, and that you are eternally loved, supported, and cared for. As you continue to dissolve the illusions that you are anything less, your lives will continue to transform.

Never be hard upon yourselves dear ones. Many of you have had a challenging year, and yet in these challenges you are finding great strength, faith, perseverance, and wisdom. Challenges are not indicative of failure, but rather a willingness to learn your lessons upon the earth. The more you surrender to your your hearts in each moment, the less intense the challenges will be.

Give thanks for all you have experienced this year, for within each challenge lie the seeds of a greater tomorrow. Within each difficult situation is an opportunity to drop deeper into your hearts, to own your spiritual power more thoroughly, to find a faith in God's love for you that is even more solid. Dear ones, we love you so much, and in our eyes, none of you ever have or ever will 'fail' in anything. You will simply learn.

Give thanks for everything dear friends - the good, the 'bad', and everything in between - for in each moment of your lives, if you search for what is good you will see it. If you pray to experience God's love you will find it. If you give thanks for yourselves, you will generate a field of wonder in your aura that will continue to attract more and more good.

We give thanks for you, for in each and every moment, we witness your courage, your grace, your love, your compassion, your willingness to seek and find the light in the darkness, and more importantly, to be that very light in the world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Find God in your eyes

God's love, dear ones, is without condition. This is the love each and every one of you is seeking to feel, to be, and to share with the world.

God's love sees each one of you as perfect, here and now, whether you are beautiful or not, whether you are kind or not, whether you have accomplished miracles or feel like a total failure. God sees each one of you as a already whole and complete, much as He sees the perfectly bloomed rose within each bud, and the mighty oak within each acorn. God knows who you really are. It is simply your job to discover this incredible beauty within, as your soul blossoms with each passing day. God's angels lovingly tend to your heart of hearts, in each and every moment - helping you find the truth within and helping you push through the darker times in your life. The angels are always here, helping you reach for the light that is always present as well.

The more you choose to love yourselves without condition, the more you can experience and feel God's love. If you look for this love outside of yourself, you will never quite find it, for you can only give and receive the love that you allow yourself to feel for yourself first.

Can you look in the mirror, however long it takes you, and find the love of God within your own eyes? Dear ones, if you could do this exercise each day until you see this light you would be in awe of the presence that gives you life! As you look into the mirror, imagine, even if you cannot yet feel it, that it is God's presence looking out from behind your eyes. This light and this love is your truest and deepest self. You are so much more than your body, your thoughts, your circumstances, your finances, your personalities. You are the very breath and creation of God made manifest in human form and it is His love that lives and breathes in each one of you. It is God's presence that makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, and your human spirit long for truth, beauty, and kindness.

Search for this presence in your eyes every day, if only for a few minutes, and little by little if you do so with a sincere heart, you will begin to have a deep, abiding, and unconditional love for yourself. In this space, you will attract more and more good unto yourselves, and a much kinder experience of life, for you will know your own worth and value.

We love you so very much dear ones, for we understand the true nature of each one of your souls. You are beautiful, magnificent, and powerful, and it is only misunderstanding and fear that cause you to believe you are anything less than deserving of total love, support, kindness, and inspiration from the entirety of God's creation. These things are there for you, all around you, right now. As you see God within your own eyes, you will start to see His light within the eyes of others. You will start to feel His presence everywhere you look. You will come to know that you are never alone, never without love, never without options, resources, and support - for God already loves you more than you can possibly ever imagine.

It does take time and effort to search for find what is and has always been with you. Why not start today? With each breath your life begins anew, and with each choice to search for the light and presence of God within your own soul, you become more radiant, more open to opportunity, and more of who you truly are.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Do not fear your own hearts

Allow yourselves to feel everything deeply, for it is through your feelings that you touch upon your soul's greatest truths. Your emotions are simply messages from the soul - honor them for their wisdom, then allow them to move through you, as you move through life.

So many of you try to avoid your darker feelings and yet, they too point to your soul's truth. Beneath every angry feeling is a passionate desire to create more. Beneath every sadness and disappointment is a longing for sweetness. Beneath every jealousy there is a desire to know you are worthy of what you envy. Beneath every frustration is a soul's desire to seek out a deeper and truer path. Dear ones, your darker spaces contain great light. Dig deep inside yourself and find it. Within feelings of helplessness are the seeds of surrender. Within feelings of desolation you seek out your own very great light. Within feelings of loneliness, you search for God. When you are feeling your darker spaces, dig deep within and find the light of your own soul - these are the areas of deep growth.

When you find yourself in the throes of bliss, gratitude, love, passionate expression, and deep joy, by all means celebrate! Do not dim your light. These are the truths that your soul wishes to share with the world. Allow yourselves to feel and feel deeply. Do not let fear damn up the flow of grace that courses through you in these moments. Celebrate the good feelings and allow yourself to move through life unattached as to whether or not they will be here in the next moment, for the minute you introduce this fear of losing your joys, you are no longer in joy. Simply enjoy your joys dear ones, and share them. Joy is the native state of the soul.

Do not be afraid of your own hearts, dear ones, for within them you find the truth that God wishes to express in the world. Own who you are and how you feel in any given moment. If you are feeling the darker spaces, dig deep to find the light seeking to be expressed. If you are in the light-filled spaces, let yourself shine. Go deeper always, into your own hearts. You can always find greater love, and a greater desire to both give and receive this love.

You are all so beautiful to us. Do not talk yourselves out of being who you are, feeling what you feel, and expressing the very great desire for the love that your souls wish to share with, and receive from, the world.