Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nurture God's light within you

As you approach the new year, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to growth in the year 2009 for it was a year of reckoning, so to speak, a year in which everyone was forced to drop into their hearts, face their fears, confront their illusions, and to search for Faith, Trust, and Love. It was a year in which God began to put His foot down with humanity, and encourage each one of you to evaluate your priorities, discover and return to your core values. It was a year in which growth was not optional.

Each one of you has been courageous this year. Each one of you has done your best to commit to receiving and sharing God's love. We would urge each one of you, as you look back on the year of 2009 to bless and acknowledge yourselves for the growth you have achieved. Sit for a few minutes during your holiday season and take time in self-appreciation, for it is in acknowledging what is good and true inside your own hearts and your own lives, that you amplify God's love and light in the very same. It is in taking inventory to see what is positive, what there is to be grateful for, what you have achieved, that you create more good. It is in acknowledging yourselves, your true loving selves, that you begin to find God's light within you.

Dear ones, in the year of 2010, nurture God's light within you. Be honest about who and what supports you in being a loving and honest person. Pray for the way to move away from situations that do not nurture your true spirit, for God is working with each one of you to help you find your "home" here upon the earth, and home dear ones, may be a place, but more importantly it is a state of mind in which you know you are loved, supported, and surrounded by a community of like mind and heart. In 2010, situations that do not support the truth of you will become less tolerable so please be kind and loving as you make changes in your lives. Acknowledge that all change is a movement towards greater love, greater light, and a greater expression of your being. In 2010 you are being asked to let your light shine rather than dimming it to make the masses more comfortable around you. Your light, your heart, is nothing less than the light of God made manifest upon this earth, and the love of God expressed through each one of you.

We wish each one of you a blessed and joyous New Year as you gravitate towards that which gives you joy and leave behind that which causes you pain. Each one of you is breathed to life by the living God. Each one of you deserves this joy. Each one of you is precious and loved beyond compare.

Happy New Year, dear ones, and happy expanding new you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Present of Your Presence

In this season of light, look around you. There is light everywhere in your world. Instead of looking for what is wrong, search for what is right. Instead of looking at the doom and the gloom around you, find the simplest things to celebrate. For within the simple pleasures and joys of life - in the simplest gestures of kindness and love - it is there that you discover and share the most magnificent expressions of God's love for all of you.

This season celebrates the birth of a humble child, the burning of a humble lamp, and the humble expressions of God's love rising up from within your hearts and burning brightly for all the world to see.

It is not the presents you buy but the your presence in the world that ultimately is your greatest gift to friends, family, and ultimately back to God. It is your attentive presence in a conversation that gives the gift of healing. It is the presence of a joyful smile that brightens a stranger's day. It is your presence with a child, doing a humble craft, or sharing a humble story that will be one of their brightest memories in times to come. It is the presence of your hand upon another that offers comfort, compassion, and care. Dear ones, the material gifts are wonderful and fun and of course you are all encouraged to share what you feel motivated to do so, but more so, share your hearts, your love, your kindness, your compassion, your gifts and talents, a listening ear, an uplifting word... Share of yourselves, not just during the holiday season but all throughout the year. You all want magic in your lives. Know that you are the the magical presence of love. You are the gifts that you seek. You are the light reaching out and reassuring a weary and waiting world.

Dear ones, unplug your spirits from the bondage of judgment so you can share your love without fear. Untie your hands from the fears of misunderstanding so you can hug a person in need. Release your fears of lack and share from the abundance of love that you feel within your own hearts! Allow your heart the present of an unprecedented level of freedom from fear, and a new sense of joy during this holiday season. Tell others how much they mean to you. Share with them what you see inside of them even if they do not yet see it themselves. Hug as if you mean it. Don't hold back your love for it truly it is within giving that you receive, and in receiving that you give.

You are the light that lit the lamp. You are the manger in which the Christ light is given birth. You are the PRESENCE of God in this world and the very great gift to the same. This season let your love shine brightly and allow yourselves to truly treasure the gift and the presence of those around you, for each and every one of you is a bright and beautiful gift to this world. Each and every one of you is a manifestation of God's love. And how, knowing this, could you do anything other than give thanks for the gift of your own PRESENCE here upon the earth.

We love and treasure each and every one of you, for you are a gift unto us as well.
-- The Angels

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You are the lights of the world

It is indeed interesting that at the darkest time of your year, in the season of winter, when the sun appears to be at its lowest point, you celebrate the very greatest and miraculous lights that have graced your world. This dear ones is such a metaphor for your lives - for in times of darkness you are forced to go within and find the Christ light within yourselves - the light and love of God within you. It is in times of lack, that you find the true abundance within you - the light that never stops burning in the temple of your souls. It is in humble situations that humanity often finds its greatest capacity to love and give to one another. It is in simplicity that you find your greatest abundance. In times of need, your faith draws unto you the miracles you require to keep going in your lives.

Dear ones, darkness and difficult times are nothing to be feared, but rather opportunities for you to turn your hearts to Truth - that you are none other than a brilliant eternal being created in each moment by the very breath and love of God; that you are eternally supported in love; and that it is only the illusions that you are separate from this love that keep you in situations that feel so lonely and unloving. If you could only feel, for but a minute, your connection with your loving creator, all problems would seem so small and insignificant, and you would trust that in the very next breath, even in darkest and most humble of times, your life can be birthed anew in this beautiful love and light of God.

So in this season of winter, when the trees slow the movement of their sap, when the plants withdraw for a much needed rest, and when the animals go within their burrows, so too dear ones, spend time going within your own hearts, and searching for the comfort of God's light. Sit quietly in stillness for a few minutes each day and ask to feel God's love, God's peace, and God's abundance, for all these feelings are available to your right here, right now, in this moment. And when you allow yourself to feel these feelings, no matter what your outer circumstances, you begin to tap into a different stream of reality - one in which your outer life will change and grow better, brighter, more loving, more abundant, and more filled with the grace of God.

You, dear ones, are God's lights in this world. You are the lamps that burn brightly. You are the hope for this world, the inspiration for others, the hands, the eyes, the mouth of God. You are the ones who, through your willingness to receive the Truth of God's love into your lives, can give even more. It is in receiving God's love that you can fill your cup and spill it. It is in giving and sharing of this love, when you are full, that you open to receive more.

We love you so very much dear friends. We hold you in such high esteem. We know this year has been so difficult for so many of you and so joyous for others, and yet no matter where you are in your lives, we see you as nothing less than the incarnation of the living God's love. Know this, pray for it, ask to feel it in your hearts.

For as you receive, we too are filled with greater and greater love, because we, the angels, live to love and live to bring you into the awareness that you are all on earth to do the very same.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

You are the gift

As you enter your season of giving remember, dear ones, you are the true gift to others in your life. It is your light, your love, your willingness to share of your hearts and your talents that are the greatest gifts of all. The Christ child came into the world to bring the light of God, and so did you dear friends. Each one of you aspires to experience the love of God in your life, to become that love, and to share your unique gifts and talents with the world. Each of you is made of the very same light. Each of you is a precious gift from God and back to God. You are all so very unique and so very special.

So as you contemplate the presents you will share with one another this year, give from your heart of hearts. Rather than worrying as much about material giving, consider the gift of kind words, the gift of a hug, the gift of a smile to a stranger that looks as if they are in need of love. Consider giving of your talents - if you sing, give a song; if you bake, share your goodies; if you draw, create a set of greeting cards; if you love to make things, create magical gifts of love. If you love animals, you can walk a friend's puppies. If you love children, you can baby sit. If you are a compassionate listener you can give the gift of a friendly and understanding ear to another. Dear ones, it is the gifts of your heart that are the ones most treasured, most remembered, and most celebrated here upon the earth, for these are the gifts that truly bless you as you give them and bless the receiver with God's love as expressed through you.

Here in the heavens, we have no judgments about material giving. We love to see you share with one another in any form, for the the material world is yours to enjoy. However, many of you have had a hard year financially and are worried about how to create meaningful holidays for one another, so we ask you to remember that the greatest gifts in life are given when you share your heart and soul, your gifts and talents, and the true treasure within your spirit with one another. In these connections, God is found and rediscovered once again in human hearts. These presents, the presents of your Presence, are eternal.

God bless you, your commitment to being the loving souls that you are on this earth is a gift and blessing to us.