Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play by God's rules

As you continue on your quest for love here upon this planet earth, remember that everything you seek is to be found within you first. You can choose to continue playing this game of life by man's rules. You can continue to seek happiness in the things and the situations of life around. You will feel worried or upset when you don't have what you want and temporarily happy when you get what you do. But the cycle never ends, dear friends, for you will find that no person and no thing will satisfy your ultimate craving which is to feel God's love moving into you you and flowing through you outward into the world. This is what you seek - to know yourself as part of the loving flow of creation - to receive what you need, to share from your abundance, and to experience a never ending flow of love.

If you play by God's rules, you put love first. You choose loving words and actions towards yourself first. You choose to acknowledge that God does care about your heart and your dreams because He put those dreams in your heart to begin with. You choose to sit in silence and receive this love, and to sit in quiet contemplation of that which your heart seeks. In giving yourself this time and in giving your heart this attention, you will receive the love, guidance, energy, and resources that you need. Yes, you will have to take action when you feel compelled or guided to do so. This action may not be what those around you feel you should want for your life. It may not be what you thought you wanted for your life, and yet when the call to action comes - when God plants a seed of guidance in your heart - everything will feel right about taking this step. You may have fears. You may wonder if you are worthy. You may worry about what others will think, but the action will appeal to you. It will feel as if you want to say, "Yes, yes, yes God, this is what sounds intriguing, interesting, and compelling in this moment!"

So dear friends, choose God. Choose love. Choose to sit quietly a few minutes a day and receive love and/or guidance. Know that when God is ready to guide you He will find a way to get through to you and you won't miss the wisdom what you need to move forward. God loves you dear ones. God loves you so much that He is the breath that breathes life into you. It is His love that makes your heart beat and your lungs open for life giving air. It is His love that beckons you behind all material things and situations that you seek. We are not asking you to renounce material desires, but rather, dear friends, to acknowledge that the true desire is to feel God's love, and when you sit still and feel that, you will be guided in your material life towards deep and true satisfaction as well.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Act out of love

Enjoy your lives dear friends. Don't waste your time in worry, for God cares about each and every one of you and true abundance flows through a heart willing to receive his love and guidance. So many of you are what we call "do it yourself-ers." Due to impatience, lack of faith, unwillingness to surrender to the movement in your own hearts, or fear that your dreams will not come true, you try to force things in your lives, rather than relaxing into the natural movement of God. When you act upon the guidance of God you will take actions that inspire and uplift you and ones that are truly productive. When you act out of fear you create unnecessary labor and chaos in your lives.

Let us share with you an example. You want a new job and yet at the present time you are uninspired to go and look for one. You can force yourself to look, lose yourself in worry because you cannot find what you are seeking, conclude that God doesn't care about you, and then give up in frustration. Alternately, you can intend the type of job you want and then each and every morning sit in silent pray. Ask God for what you want. Feel how it will feel to have what you want, and ask one simple question. "God is there anything you need me to do today to help create this change?" Trust the answer you hear or feel in your own hearts. If for example you have the urge to eat lunch with a friend, call them and schedule a lunch date. They may be the one with the recommendation you seek. If you have the urge to look in the classifieds, do so... you may find the job you are seeking, or you may open your mind to other ideas.

Dear ones, just as there is a huge difference between acting out of impatience (fear) and acting out of guidance (love), there is also a huge difference between surrender and lethargy or laziness. Lethargy or laziness occurs when you know what to do and you are not doing it. For example, you get the urge to meet the friend but you do not call, making an excuse why you don't want to bother them. You want to go but you don't allow yourself this joy and in so doing miss an opportunity.

Laziness and lethargy are borne of a fear of failure,a fear of success, or the sad illusion that nothing you do will matter. Surrender is borne of confidence and the truth that God will guide you in the right time and in the right way. Surrender comes when you have done what you are guided to do and there is no other guidance at the time. Surrender is borne of love. Laziness is born of fear

So impatience creates actions born of fear, just as surely as laziness or lethargy is inaction born of fear.

Guided action is born from love, and from the desires within your heart. Surrender is patient loving inaction born of confidence in God's love for you.

How will you know the difference. Simply stated, impatience and lethargy or laziness lead to frustration and feelings of being separate from the creator's love. Guided action and true surrender lead to feelings of inspiration and connection to God.

Dear ones, God does love you. God does want to help you through your lessons with greater ease and grace so you may harvest the fruits of your labors. Breathe deeply. Take time each day to sit in silence and ask God, "What is next?" Act when the inspirations come to you. Be still and surrender when they do not. In this fashion, your life will flow with grace.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Receive God's love, it is always there

As so many of you celebrate your holiday of love today remember that God's love is all around you, available in every breath, in every glimpse of the sky, in every smile, and in even in every desparate glance of a stranger looking for comfort. God is the spirit that breathes life into you dear ones. God is never far. God is the love that animates all of life and so much more. Relax into God's love on this special holiday, for this is the love you are all seeking.

Sit quietly, breath slowly and deeply, and intend to receive God's love. Intend to allow God's love to permeate your body, mind, soul, finances, families, friendships, jobs, hobbies, and interests. Breathe and receive. Do nothing. Sit quietly and allow any anxiety to bubble up to the surface and give it to God. Breathe gently into your tight spots and allow your fears to be released from the body. Give them to God. Allow your upsets to bubble up, reveal their truth, and then give those to God as well. Breathe. Receive. Breathe. Receive. Breathe. Receive.

Dear ones you need never feel alone. You need never feel that you are without resources. You need never feel as if a problem, a difficult relationship, a dream that you don't know how to reach is beyond the universe's capacity to solve, heal, or manifest. The question is not, "Does God love you," but rather, "How much do you acknowledge the truth and beauty of God's love within yourself." Try to see yourself as a perfect act of God's creation. You - yes you - are perfect in God's eyes right now. An acorn is perfect in and of itself, and yet it will certainly grow into the mighty oak. An oak is complete in and of itself, and yet it has more to give as it bears its own fruit. And so the eternal cycle of growth and expansion continues.

Do not hesitate to love yourself until you meet some goal, become as kind as you would like to become, lose some weight, make a certain amount of money, or find the perfect relationship. Dear ones the perfect relationship occurs when you acknowledge the beauty, glory, and majesty of God within your own hearts. The perfect relationship occurs when you allow yourselves to sit still and receive and feel the creator's love for you. The perfect relationship occurs when you, filled with this love, share it with the world. Why wait to love and acknowledge God's perfection within you? Why put it off one more moment? Why find excuses to say you are not worthy, not lovable, not beautiful, not perfect as you are right this very moment? If you could see yourselves as God sees you dear ones, as we see you, you would never again put up with unkind behavior. You would never again settle for less than a joyous life. You would never feel alone. You would never labor under the illusions that God wants you to suffer. You would learn your lessons willingly, embracing even the challenges with the knowing that more love was waiting there to be discovered. This is truth dear friends. This is the truth of God's immense love for you - His perfect, beautiful, and ever expanding creation.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Truth is rising up

Understand that it is a time on earth when truth is coming to the surface for each and every one of you. Your truth is a gift to the world dear ones. Do you have a secret dream to travel, climb mountains, attend a wonderful concert, or write a book? If you do, give yourself a little bit of your own attention and your own time. Your dreams deserve your attention. Share your dreams with people you love and trust. Share them with total strangers when you feel inspired to do so. Don't hide your hearts truths. How can you receive help from God until you bring these dreams to the surface, for God uses others to help fulfill your dreams, and somestimes God will use you to assist another. Perhaps you will share a bit of information, or will receive the very same.

Share also dear ones, your truth in every area of your life. This will mean, at times, you must disappoint others. It means at times people may judge you selfish or uncaring, but in truth - God has planted truth in your hearts and when it is nurtured you will help those whom God wants you to assist. You are all deeply caring souls dear friends. It is time to be clear about who you want to spend time with, what you want to be doing, and where you want spend your money. It is time to be clear about your intentions, clear with your words, and clear within your own heart. It is time to be very kind to one another, but also very honest.

Reveal the diamonds that you are dear friends. Unbury them from the fertile soils of unworthiness, sadness, victimization, belief in lack, and fear - for those things hide your truth from the world and slow down the manifestation of your dreams. Love these things as a seed loves the shell that confines it... until it is ready to burst into life. You are bursting into life once again dear friends. The energy is ripe for movement, growth, change. Set your sights clearly on what it is you wish to create, how you wish to live your life, and let your words, actions, and mind be in integrity with that. If you want abundance, stop speaking of lack and see that you can be generous with your kindness. If you want love, stop complaining of loneliness and reach out to others. If you want something that you do not yet have speak of it as if it is coming, for truly dear friends, all that you want exists within you waiting to be birthed into being.