Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make God your God...

Although your earth is in a state of turmoil, you need not fear. There is great growth and change occurrig now. Although many are feeling lack, you can feel the abundance of God's love. Although many feel out of control, you can find joy in surrendeing to God. God is asserting his truth here upon your earth for the good of all involved. False idols are being ripped away. Things that you once thought gave you security are no longer secure - so that your faith can rest in God. Things that you once thought made you happy may change as you change because you are all seeking deeper and more lasting happiness.

When people experience financial lack, they cut back, spend more time with their families and friends, go back to basics, live within their means, and value the things that they have worked to earn or spiritually worked to manifest. And while there is nothing wrong at all with material pleasures it is when they become the perceived 'source' of happiness that they are limited or taken away. You are your own source of happiness. You can view the world with the glass half full or the glass half empty, and dear friends, we assure you, that when you look for the blessings you will see even more of them. When you focus upon the lack, that will be your sad reality. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. Look for the lessons, the love, and the blessings in all situations and remarkably the challenging ones will be healed, and the beautiful ones will show up in your lives with every increasing frequency. It takes time, practice, and patience to live this way but the rewards are worth the efford.

God is your God dear friends. The stock market is not God. Your job is not God. The people that want to push, pull, manipulate, or put you down are not God. The ones that tell you your world is spiralling downhill are not God. God is God. God works withing you, through you, in a gentle and loving manner, each and every moment of your life, to guide you. Listen to your own hearts. Listen to your own desires. Trust in the guidance that God has planted within you one moment at a time, and it is there that your lives will begin turn into magic.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy springtime

Celebrate Springtime! It is time upon your earth for movement, change, growth, and new life. And dear ones, this means that each one of you, if you are willing to grow, will experience the light of your truth pushing up through the darker beliefs that have held you captive and bursting into light. When you find yourself in challenging circumstances, ask yourself, "Where am I forgetting to trust God, to love God, to feel God within my own heart and to bring that love to the surface." It is this love, dear ones, just like a seed in the soil longing for the light, that is pushing your entire human race to grow.

Your world is not in chaos dear ones to bring you to ruin - far from it! Your world is in chaos because God is tilling the soil within human hearts, weeding out the illusions by bringing them to the surface to be examined, helping you find new and deeper truths within, rearranging your priorities so you can truly blossom. Dear ones, the current state of world affairs is not 'punishment' for God does not punish ever, but rather simply a consequence of a human race that has become off balance and forgotten the truth of its very being.

If you adhere to God's truth - that every experience is there to help you reach for the truth and the light, then all challenges are simply there to reveal areas in your life where you don't trust God, don't believe God cares, don't acknowledge the divinity within that makes you amazingly capable of working in cooperation with the whole of creation - in divine and perfect timing.

If you lose a job, can you celebrate this springtime of your life and realize God has a better one in store? If you must let go of a home can you realize that in this springtime of your life will find faith, support of others if you allow for it, and a simplicity that forces you to focus on other areas of your life? If you have got to wait for the things you want in life can you realize that this is an opportunity to be grateful for what you already have and to focus upon the people and relationships in your life? Dear ones, every challenge is simply the fertile soil through which your soul will burst into greater being while reaching for the light.

As you grow into the light realize also that you may sprout thorns every now and then. These are both the healthy boundaries and sometimes the awkward defenses you create until you truly trust that God accepts you as you are.

Dear ones, trust the process of your unfolding growth. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, turn it into fertilizer for the soul. If you find yourself being 'thorny' realize you are just doing the best you can to learn to love and protect the spirit that is emerging. And when you blossom dear ones, unabashedly share your light with the world.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resources within

You have no idea dear ones how much you are loved, how powerful each and every one of you becomes when the ego surrenders to God, and how intimately connected you are with all of life. Dear ones you are not separate from anything you desire. Indeed the universe is a giant symphony of frequency and inside of you, you can reach deep and find anything you wish to create in your outer world.

You wish for love. Find it inside yourself in great abundance. Love yourself and share it freely.

You wish for abundance. Find the rich resources of love you have inside yourself - your gifts, talents, kind words, etc., and share these with the world. Get the flow going in your life by giving from the abundance that is already within you.

You wish for security. Rest in God dear friends. Sit quietly, and pray to feel the love and care of your creator and the one who sustains your life. Your very life dear ones is breathed into existence every moment by God. Why would he not care for you if you are willing to surrender your expectations a little bit?

Dear ones, everything you can dream or imagine exists inside of you first - health, resources, relationships, etc. It is all within. Go within and find it there first and then you will see your outer world begin to shift.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Be gentle with yourself

There is great and glorious change going on right now in your world. God is in charge and if you live in faith, adhere to spiritual principles, and acknowleding the source of all that is, then any changes in your life will be for the better.

So many of you are feeling flooded and overwhelmed with emotions right now. Fears are being flushed to the surface to be released. Upsets point out areas in your life that require change. Hopes and dreams are rising up from within you. The truth, clarity, and integrity of your soul beg to be acknowledged. God's divine light is rising up within you, informing your mind, opening your heart, and causing a detoxification of your bodies. All that has gone unacknowled within you is now coming to the surface to be seen.

Be gentle with yourselves and others. The intolerance that so many of you are feeling is simply a message that says, "I wish to be treated with kindness and respect." Instead of trying to change others, treat yourself with greater kindness and respect. Adhere to your truth. Make your yes mean 'yes,' and your no mean 'no.' If someone is not treating you with kindness, simply ignore their behavior and do not grace it with your time, attention, and energy.

As fears come up within you breathe deeply and bring the light of God into the areas in your body that feel tight and tense. Pray to see God's truth and experience His love and He will fill you with reassurance and send angels for comfort.

As your hopes and dreams come up don't ignore them. Don't say they are impossible for all things are possible with God. Even if you don't know how to create change, hold your intention for it steady and know that God will assist and guide you.

Dear ones, do not suppress anything that comes up within you these days. By all means, treat others with kindness, but acknowledge your feelings for they are rising from within as messages from God. Sit with your feelings, breathe into them. Love and honor and respect them for how you can expect others to do this if you do not do it for yourself. Then breathe deeply again ask these feelings what they are trying to teach you, what changes they want you to make. The changes begin within you dear friends, and then ripple outward into your world. As you treat yourself with greater kindness you will give that to others. As you acknowledge your own dreams, you will find yourself supportive of others who do the same. As you face your fears, you will have the courage to help others face theirs.

God's light is rising up within you, flooding your mind, heart, body, and emotions with love. This is flushing all that is less than love to the surface to be examined, loved, healed, and then released. Behind these blockages, truth rises up, waiting to be birthed and expressed in your world. You are the lights of this world dear friends. Allow God to rise up within you, clear and cleanse your soul, inform and guide you. This way, you become the change you seek in the world.