Saturday, July 25, 2009

Be kind to your bodies

Treat your bodies well dear ones, for they are the vehicles, the classroom, and the manifestation of your spirit in human form. So many of you take better care of your cars, your houses, or your possessions than your own body. Your body, luckily is very forgiving. Your body does not require 'special' diets, products, or treatments, other than what it dictates. If you begin to develop a relationship with your body, it will tell you what it requires for its greatest health and well being.

To try to reshape and control the body is fine, but do so with love, gentleness, and a willingness to listen to the body's desires as well. If you want to lose weight, don't criticize the body. Instead become quiet in your mind and heart and see what 'weight' your soul is carrying first. Are you taking on the weight of the world? Are you bearing a burden of unforgiveness, or sadness. Handle the emotional and spiritual weights first, then thank your body for bringing this to your attention and ask it to guide you in releasing what it is you want to release. You may just be surprised that when you treat your body as your best friend, it begins to respond in kind.

To heal your body go within and ask it what it is trying to teach you. Your body is not your adversary. It will suffer all manner of ills to help you learn a lesson. And while it is true that genetics, environmental factors, and substances here upon your planet earth, in a physical sense can certainly contribute to and trigger illness, there are also and always spiritual factors to take into account. Why is it one person gets sick in the office while another remains well? You can blame the genetics or the immune system, and while that is true on one level you can also see that maybe this person never rests unless they are sick, or maybe they were raised to believe they are prone to illness. Maybe they get positive attention at home when ill. Maybe it is the only time a giving soul allows themselves to receive. There are so many reasons one's body can get off balance. Rather than judging or guessing, ask your body to help you understand its messages.

In this fashion you can love an illness to death. You can, along with conventional medical treatments, give gratitude to a cancer for the lessons it is bringing and thereby heal the spiritual component of the illness. When your tummy aches, you can ask what you have trouble stomaching in the rest of your life. If your feet hurt, are there fears of standing tall, or putting your foot down. These are simply excamples dear friends - we would rather that you talk to your own bodies to learn from their wisdom.

There are some people upon the planet earth who are not meant to physically heal from their ills. Their soul set up lessons to be learned and lessons to be shared with others via these conditions. And yet by surrendering to the condition, these souls often become very powerful teachers for others - they teach love, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, and are often angels of grace. It is so very important never to judge oneself or another, but rather only to understand the relationship between your body and your soul.

Above all, dear friends, stop criticizing yourselves. You are all so very beautiful to us. Whether you are tiny or large, whether your complexion is smooth or mottled, whether you are a star athlete or a crippled person, you are all gorgeous beyond compare. If you could see the souls living in these bodies as we do, you would never ever again judge a book by its cover, and you wouldn't think to critisize the housing for your own beautiful soul. By all means, enjoy your bodies dear friends, treat them well, develop a friendship with them, and listen to their wisdom.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Relax. Breathe. All is well. No matter what is going on in your lives, you are so dearly loved. You could handle anything, learn any lesson, and walk in indescribable faith if only you knew and experienced how deeply and dearly you are loved. Take a minute right now, and shut your eyes and ask God to help you experience His love permeating your en tired body, mind, and spirit. Relax, breathe slowly and deeply, and simply wait like a child who is expecting to be picked up and held close.

Do this exercise every day, for even a few minutes a day. Pray sincerely to experience God's love in your life. Pray this way without condition and without expectation. Simply ask to experience God's love in every aspect of your life. Breathe deeply. Draw in the energy of the Divine that is all around you.

The truth, dear ones, is that God's love is what you are made of. God's love gives you life. God's love creates every cell in your body, makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, and your eyes open in the morning. God's love puts food on your tables, and a roof over your head. And sometimes God's love takes things away or makes them a bit of a stretch so you can grow and reach for this light, and strive to seek it out within you.

If you truly open to experiencing God's love in your hearts and in your lives, then you will never feel left alone to deal with life's challenges. You will say, "Ah I'm simply experiencing a lesson, but You are here with me, in me, flowing through me God, and with You all things are possible." Instead of throwing tantrums like a child that simply doesn't understand that he can't have the cookie because a feast is coming soon, you will realize that even when life doesn't go the way you had planned it to go, God has better plans. Even when life doesn't look the way you want it to look, God is working behind the scenes. Even when people do not act the way you wish they would act, God is working patiently like a gardner, tilling the soils of their hearts until they are ready to admit and experience His love as well.

God is your partner, your best friend, your source and supply, the one who whispers words of wisdom in your minds, and puts beautiful loving ideas into your hearts. God is the one dear ones who gives you life. Can you comprehend the love that makes your earth stay in revolution around the sun, and your sun revolve around the galaxy? This is the same

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Give thanks

Upon awakening give thanks for the gift of life and the gift of another day. Give thanks for the very great blessing of being spirit in human form. Give thanks for your bodies, your houses, the food upon your table, and the people in your lives. Ask God each morning to fill you day with grace and to pave your path with His love. Starting your day out in this fashion, consciously, and with the intent to align with Divine grace will bring you a smoother existence, for you are enlisting the help of the entire universe when you pray with a sincere heart, and you are drawing beautiful experiences to you with the beautiful vibration of your gratitude.

Throughout the day if you feel off balance, take a few deep breaths and remember to give thanks for what is good in your lives, and to ask to be aligned with God's grace. In this manner you will stay the course, aligned with God, aligned with love, and able to reside in a vibration that attracts good into your lives.

The world has a great deal of fear, misery, and pain right now. Many would like you to keep them company in their fear, but far better, dear friends, to inspire them with your truth - the joy of being alive, gratitude for all that is given, and a heart aligned with God. The world needs you. Not only will you uplift your own life and your own spirit, but you will uplift the hearts of those willing to step into a kinder reality with you.

You are the lights in the world. You are God's hands, eyes, and mouths. It is your kindness that heals hearts, your reassurance that calms fears, and your willingness to embrace joy that dissipates the sadness on your planet. You can be in the world, but not of it. You can have a magnificent life, aligned with God, even when so many would say you should live in fear. You can rest and play even when others feel you should struggle. You can choose truth, light, love, and inspiration

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Freedom to be who you are

As many of you celebrate your Independence day, we remind you that the greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be who you really are. Your souls are always free dear ones, and the only thing that imprisons you are old ways of thinking, old beliefs, and old habits.

You sometimes feel trapped by life circumstances, but in truth it is the way you perceive them and the choices you make as a result that create the trap. What if you were able to live according to spiritual truth? Then, by choosing to perceive your situation with gratitude and an open heart and mind, you will begin to change the very circumstances that seem to bind you. Remove the chains of fear and you will find glorious opportunities and you will open up the flow of the universe which is always able to meet your needs.

You are and always have been free. There is never a person or a circumstance that can rob you of your eternal soul. Even those who choose to believe that their power to kill gives them power are stuck in illusion because when they reach the other side they will come face to face with those they though they eradicated. You cannot kill a soul. You cannot kill an idea. You can only love and serve by example, and raise your own consciousness. In this fashion, ideas evolve, old beliefs are laid by the wayside and replaced with newer and better ones.

By all means dear ones, celebrate your freedom, not only in your outer world, but the freedom to be the bright, beautiful, loving souls that you truly are.