Saturday, August 22, 2009

Be easy on yourself!

Everything is in motion once again and so many of you who have been waiting for life to change will be encouraged over the next few months as new ideas and inspirations come your way. Even your mother earth is going through huge changes. Be gentle with yourselves! Old feelings that get in the way of you trusting God and having what you want in life are coming to the surface. You are the ones who are aware of these changes, and know to just sit, breathe, and be with whatever comes up. Send these fears and feelings of yours great love for they are parts of you in need of healing and transformation.

There are so many on your planet who do not understand the effects of this intense energy. They may seem to be irrational or unreasonable. They may seem to take out their emotions on others. Forgive them dear ones, talk to them or get out of their way if need be, but try not to get drawn into their upset, their sadness, their fears. The time to suffer with the suffering is over. Misery loves company but you need not choose to be that company. You can instead, stand on higher ground, in higher truth and offer love and wisdom, and a hand outstretched when they are ready to truly receive the assistance.

If you are one of the joyous ones, it is not callous to refuse to empath with or step into the suffering of others. Offer them love from this space of joy. Inspire them. Give them the deep and lasting spiritual tools to help them up. And if they do not want real solutions, but rather superficial ones, lovingly refuse to enable them. You will know in your heart of hearts if you are truly following God's dictates to give and share or if you are doing something out of a false sense of responsibility. Gifts given as dictated by God are given with joy and a feeling of having abundance to share. Gifts given out of your own ego's feelings of "should" and "need to please" often feel like a burden or feel as if they create lack in your own life. In God's world there is enough love, enough money, enough joy for all. God does not ask you to sacrifice your own well being for another. God asks you to give out of the fullness of your being.

If you are facing challenges, or are depressed and feeling miserable yourself, be easy on yourself - you are truly seeking solutions - you are reading our letter here, receiving our love in the form of words and advice, and you can sit, breathe, and ask God and your angels to come inside your heart and to help you find the truth of your being - that you are worthy of love, worthy of change, worthy of assistance. We will help you reveal those hidden parts of your soul that do not believe this and get in the way and we will help you heal them so you can move forward into greater abundance and joy.

Dear ones, we love you. God loves you. God does not ask you to suffer. No matter what challenges you face, you can choose to embrace them with trust, love, and faith that there is a reason. If God gives you a task or a challenge, it is done out of great love with the goal being to help you uncover what stops you from truly feeling the truth of your being, and to guide you into what truly honors that light.

It is not a time on earth for superficial fixes to life's challenges. It is not a time on earth to escape true growth. It is, instead, a grand and glorious time - a time of opportunity, growth, and greater ability to exist in the truth of God's love. Ask us for help and give us permission to work with you. We are always with you.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time for change

Understand it is a time of great movement and change once again on your planet, but as many of you are learning, this movement must occur from the depths of your spirit before it can take place in the outer world. If you are feeling stuck or without direction, go within yourself and ask yourself, "Who inside of me needs to be healed in order for me to create movement?" Dig deep inside of yourself, ask the question and wait until a part inside of you that can help you create change is revealed. Then negotiate with this part as if you are working out a deal with another person.

Some of you will find that you fear change. Comfort the child within and reassure him or her that you are intending only positive, graceful, and joyful life changes. Reassure this fearful part of your soul that you are adult now and can respond to life in a healthy manner. Imagine you can send the fearful part of your soul into the light to enjoy all the comforts and love he or she deserves

Suppose you find a part of you that does not trust God and what He wants for your life. Comfort this part. Let it know that its notions of God are not true - that God is a loving God who wants the best for you and wants to create joyful surprises in your life. Let this part know that past pains were attracted to you as lessons but now you choose to grow through joy

Suppose you find a part of your soul that hasn't admitted what it truly wants. You think you want more work or more money but a part of you wants rest, travel, or love. Admit this to yourself and God and create the movement in your own heart first.

Mother earth is teaching you now about movement. She is quaking, moving deep within her depths and bringing change to the surface. So too, you are all being asked to dive deep within your own hearts, do the soul searching, ask what it is you want to create in your life, admit it to yourselves and God, and then to wait for the movement in the outer world that is sure to follow.

Your spirits, dear friends, direct the course of your lives. They are slowed or stopped only by the pieces within that live in fear or impatience, and do not trust God, or the pieces within you that remain unhealed and do not know they are deserving of this love. Start creating your lives from the inside out and watch them transform as if by magic.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Be present

Take a breath, even in your most challenging moments, and remember who you are. No matter what is occurring you are eternal souls. No matter what challenges you face, you are connected to the source of all life, and all abundance. No matter what pains you feel, these are simply areas where you don't remember God's love. No matter what dear ones, you will end up in the loving arms of your creator once you learn to accept this truth.

There are times when it seems life is unbearably challenging. There are times when life is overwhelming. There are time when you are not sure how you will handle all the things you must accomplish. Dear ones, when you find yourself in one of these moments, breathe, relax, talk to God and invite Him into even the most difficult spaces in your lives. Then ask yourself, what must I deal with right now, in this moment. Being present, you are more effective, more attuned to guidance, more able to deal with the task at hand.

There are times when your life is unbelievably beautiful and joyful. There are times when you don't know how you have managed to create such bliss. These are the times to sit, breathe, and thank God for the blessings. Invite God to continue giving His gifts to you, and don't let your mind wander out to the future and wonder how long or if the joy will last. Accept it, receive it, breathe it in. Be one with it now.

Living in the present is the only way you can ever truly 'deal with' or 'enjoy' life. Allowing your mind to wander to the past, except to harvest its lessons, is a waste of time. Allowing your mind to wander to the future, except to intend the next creation, is also a way of distracting yourself from the moment. Whether you are in challenge or in joy, the moment you have now is the one to embrace. You will more quickly deal with your challenges, and more deeply enjoy your joys.

Be present. That is where the present of God's love is found most fully.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

You are in the right place

Trust God dear ones. You are always in the right place at the right time. Rather than stressing out trying to control life around you, allow yourselves to flow through it. And by all means ask us for help. If you are having a difficult day, stop, breathe, and ask yourself, "What is it I want to create right now?" Maybe you need peace, faith, trust, or just a comforting hug from your angels. Stop and breathe and ask for this in the first moment you can. One moment of changing your mind - one moment of remembering your awesome power to create in this vibrational universe - can shift the course of your day, and indeed even the course of your lives.

If you are having a wonderful time, rather than fretting about whether or not it will last, or whether or not it is 'ok' to have life going so well, accept it and give thanks and praise. Tell yourself this is your 'new normal' - the way you would like your life to be. And if you hit a hitch, don't assume all is falling apart.

Life is just being life. You can flow through it ever so much more smoothly if you assume you are loved, cared for, and supported by God and your angels.

Dear ones, allow yourselves to flow through life, one moment at a time, guided by your heart of hearts. In this fashion God's love is allowed to flow to you, through you, and from you out towards life. The echo back will be amazing if you choose to perceive yourself through the eyes of love.