Friday, September 25, 2009

Release yourself from worry

So many of you have been taught that to worry is to care, to obsess over things is to be 'responsible,' to save and fix others is a display of compassion, and yet, there are higher ways to care, more truthful ways to be responsible, and ultimately more loving ways to show compassion.

When you worry, you are simply spinning your wheels and projecting negative energy out into the universe. You are focusing upon what you do not want to happen and therefore sending out a magnetic, although thankfully weak, signal to attract it. Your positive thoughts carry so much greater sway in your life. So instead of worrying, when you catch yourself worrying, stop, breathe, and take time to think -what is is I DO want to see happening in my future? You worry about not being able to pay the bills, for examples. Many of you waste so much of your precious life in this frame of mind, and yet how much more productive it is to simply do what you know to do and say a quick prayer, "Dear God who takes care of all things, the birds in the sky, the grasses, the flowers, indeed the entire universe, you know I have a bill to pay here and I am not sure how I am going to do it. Please guide me, provide me with resources, and allow me to learn any lessons I need to learn with grace and ease. Thank you. Amen." Then, dear ones go about your day giving thanks for the abundance you have and replacing every worrisome thought with a feeling of peace. Imagine that peace if you must, but rather that than imagining dismal circumstances.

Suppose you worry about a child of yours. Instead of worry focus on seeing them happy, purposeful, feeling loved. When you look at them, look at them as if there is success inside of them and speak this way. In this fashion you contribute towards their confidence and well being rather than their lack of self esteem. We are not suggesting you put up with or enable bad behaviors. You can indeed put your foot down there, but do so with love, and with a suggestion that you see more in them than what they are currently displaying.

When you obsess and worry about whether or not you are doing everything in your power to make a goal happen, well dear ones, you aren't giving God, your loving creator enough credit. Rather than anxiously spinning your wheels, sit, breathe, pray... "Dear God, I have done everything I know to do to achieve this goal. Let me know what is next when you feel it is right timing. Thank you." Then go about your day, enjoy your life and wait for further guidance.

When you have an urge to save or fix someone, go within, pray. "Dear God, I want to help my friend/family member/etc. I want to help them out of their unpleasant circumstance. Guide me and let me know how I may truly be of service. If you want me to share resources with them, make my cup full enough to do so and let me do it with a glad heart. If you want me to share time with them, give me the time and make it enjoyable for both of us. If you want me to share advice, guide the words I speak. And if you want me to withdraw and allow them to learn, then please make it obvious to me that no other assistance is asked of me." Then dear ones, check in with your heart and see what feels uplifting, pleasant, and enjoyable to do. When you give from love you give according to God's dictates.

When you release yourself from worries, from false obligations, from obsessing, you allow God to work in your life. You allow God to guide you with grace and ease. You allow your life to move according in coordination with the entire universe. You stop acting independently and become part of a bigger picture - one in which you and your needs count, and one in which you are loved, cared for, and guided.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love and tolerance

While you are upon this earth we ask you to practice love and tolerance for beliefs different than your own. By all means, stand in your own sacred center and only allow those behaviors that are right for you into your own life, but please refrain from judging others. Each person upon this earth, no matter, how hateful or how loving is on a quest for love... whether they are aware of it consciously, or completely ignorant of the fact.

When you disagree with someone, that is fine. You were not all meant to agree with one another. Think how boring your earth would be if there were only one kind of tree, only one kind of flower, only one scent, and only a limited range of sound. It is the very differences, the exquisite variety, that makes your planet, and indeed your human race unlike any other. You were never meant to be alike, worship alike, dress alike, look alike, or think alike. You were instead meant to form a beautiful kaleidoscope of of being-ness that in total is created in God's image and likeness. Even the dark serves a purpose to define the light. You could not easily see a candle flame in the light of the sun, could you? But you can make it out quite clearly in a darkened room. And so even the souls whose behaviors are sadly dark serve a purpose for they help you see, by contrast, your light, your goodness, and your love. Bless them for this role, set clear boundaries, or let them be and move away from them. Refrain from judgment dear ones, for each soul is truly doing the best they can in the moment - certainly not the best they are truly capable of in potential, but the best they can in each moment.

By avoiding judgment you free yourselves up. Rather than having to spend copious amounts of time and energy in defense of your perspective, or teaching another, you simply own what is true for you, express it if need be, and release whether or not the other changes, understands, or even likes what you say. You then, in response, can make healthy choices, because you have communicated and received a response. You now know where you stand. You now know where the other person stands. You can make a new choice. You can express your heart even more. You are creating real movement by embracing this level of honesty and non-detachment.

By contrast, arm-twisting, manipulation, coercion, or any attempt to 'make' another soul grow or change is a waste of your precious, loving, time and energy. Offer your gifts of wisdom but if the other does not wish to hear them or make use of the, let it be. They will grow in their own time.

You are all here for the very same reason dear friends - to learn that you are indeed children of God, born of His love, breathing by His will, and striving to clear yourselves of the illusions that you are anything less. Some of you are more conscious of this than others. Do not judge the unconscious ones for they are most in need of your prayers, and your love.

Love does not dictate that you must remain around or give in to these hurting souls, but rather love asks that you be as compassionate and kind as possible - no matter what your choices. You can love and set firm boundaries. You can love and walk away. You can love and ask permission to share your point of view. Love acknowledges the soul within and chooses wisely which behaviors you will support and which you will choose to withdraw from. Love walks hand in hand with truth, clarity, wisdom, and discernment. If you need help finding the healthy way to love an unhealthy person - be it talking with them or walking away from them, pray for help - these prayers are held in high esteem and always answered in their proper time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All movement is towards love

Dear ones, remember all movements are movements towards love. Even the souls on this earth who seem most difficult in your lives are trying to express themselves, trying to find validity in their own beliefs and in their own existence, and trying to be of value. It is the ones who feel that their beliefs are not valid, and who feel that there is no value in their existence who create the greatest chaos in your world. These souls are most in need of your love.

Giving love to a difficult soul does not mean you have to spend time around them, agree with them, or even subscribe to their behaviors. Nor does it mean you have to educate or correct them. Loving a soul simply means that you recognize that the light of God exists in their heart as well and that there is value to them as a person whether or not they are choosing to express a loving truth. Loving a soul means recognizing that everyone, without exception, is here to discover the light of God within them, and everyone has purpose. Everyone deserves your love and your prayers, whether you agree with them or not.

However, you must choose to love yourself first if you are going to be truly able to give this spiritual love to another soul. You must be able to speak your truth with the understanding that your perspective is valid and real to you - we are not speaking about telling other souls how they should behave, but rather expressing your own perspectives and feelings here. You have a right to feel how you feel. You have a right to be the loving soul that you truly are. You have a right to set firm boundaries and to walk away from unloving and unkind behavior. If you acknowledge your own right to move towards loving and kind behavior and away from that which is not, then you will allow others to be who they choose to be. You will simply withdraw from negative souls, or if you must spend time around them, you will choose to be in a loving space and refuse to take on their negativity. After all - their negativity is their own - it is not yours to solve or fix. You can say to a negative soul, "I can see how you feel that way," without ever agreeing with their perspective. You can acknowledge without agreeing. You can even remain silent. In this fashion, you honor their right to be by maintaining your own.

Just as water in a stream moves around the unmoving boulders, you too can move around those who choose not to budge or to be unyielding to your love. You can choose to remain silent when those around you gossip or speak in unkind ways because silence is a powerful message. The rocks along the canyon walls shape the river - so too the unmoving souls help you find your own heart and the movement and growth that you seek in life.

It is a time on earth of sorting and clarification. You are becoming clear on who you are, and the heavens simply ask that as you do this, you allow others to become clear on who they are. The miserable will seek out company of like mind and the joyous and trusting will seek out their own company as well. Allow others to be who they are. Allow yourself to be who you are. All is a movement towards greater love and a greater discovery of the loving soul inside this person you have chosen to be.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Choices and perceptions

Life, dear ones, is just being life. Others are simply being the best they can be in any given moment. It is the way you choose to look at life, and the way you choose to move through it will determine the quality of your experience. You choices determine who you will be around and your perceptions determine how you will interpret their behaviors. In these final days of summer you are taking stock of the harvest of your previous choices and perceptions.

One person can look at a cloudy day, sigh and choose to be miserable, while another is overjoyed. One person can look at a challenge as an opportunity to learn, while another feels victimized. One person can see a grumpy co-worker as an adversary, while another simply sees a soul in need of love.

You DO create your own destiny through your choices and perceptions, but we need to clear up a metaphysical myth here - you do not create the actions of life and others around you. It is your choices that determine who will be in your path, and your perceptions that guide you to see cause and effect, and to learn and grow.

If you are in a situation you do not like, choose not to beat yourself up. Do not blame yourself or blame others because blame is wasted energy. Blame robs you of energy that you can be using to change your life. Blame blinds you to better choices, makes it hard to hear your own guidance, and robs you of opportunity. Blame dear ones, is a distraction from real growth. Instead, bless the mess, stop, breathe and ask yourself, "What is it I want for me next?" Then admit this to yourselves, ask God for help, and begin to act and think consistent with this new intention. You will receive guidance in perfect timing to assist you.

"But I can't change my co-workers," you say. That is true. However you can change your reaction to them. Instead of feeling insecure or grumbling when you see them coming, you can greet them with a cheery hello. They will either respond differently or avoid you (both good options!). You can choose to keep your conversations with them short, polite, and professional, thus setting healthy energetic boundaries. You can choose to bring them a cookie to share because their inner child is sadly in need of love. All these choices, dear ones, are changes you make inside of yourself first. They may or may not change the other, but they will make you feel better. And they will send a signal out to the universe that says, "I am a loving person with a healthy respect for myself and others." This signal will draw unto you more kind souls in the future.

"But I don't know where to find more money," you say. That may be true. However you can focus on gratitude first. You can look at hobbies and interests and see where you can exchange your talents or use them to create income on the side. So many of you stop yourselves before you even try. So what if there are thousands of cookies generated in factories every year. Maybe your co-workers would prefer to buy your homemade ones for a $1 each. So what if there are a million energy workers. Maybe your circle of friends doesn't know any they can trust, and doesn't know you do this. Your talents, when hidden, do not serve you or the world. Change yourself, be willing to share what you love and do for the joy of it, and receive in return. Thus you begin to turn your finances around. If you are unwilling to make small choices on your own behalf, the universe cannot take your intentions seriously. If you make even the smallest effort, with joy, then the universe says, "Ah, this soul cares about themselves and the things that give them joy - let me help!"

Dear ones, use your power of choice to choose things that make your heart sing, or at least fulfill your intentions. Use your powers of perception to look for the good, to see love, and at times to even acknowledge the darkness so you can move away from it. See what is truly there, and then focus elsewhere if all you can see is darkness. We are not asking you to sugar coat your perceptions, but rather to turn away from what does not work and to choose to focus on what does. Little by little you will steer yourselves into a much happier and more joyful life.

And if you already have made choices consistent with your hearts; if you are already focusing your sights toward the light, do so unabashedly and be a beacon unto others! You are the inspiration and living in the truth!