Saturday, October 31, 2009

Find the love beneath it all

In your hearts dear ones there is always light, always joy, always truth. It is only your minds, your conditioning, and your fears, that darken these beautiful spaces of the soul. When you walk in joy and faith, you walk in truth. When you walk in fear, the illusions of the world are making an attempt to possess you. Your loving creator desires to give you all that you need and more. Your loving creator wants you to experience the joys of this reality, the security that comes from knowing all your true needs are met, the delight of connecting with other wonderful experiences and human beings. Your loving creator wants more for you than you would ever dream of asking. God wants nothing less than to allow your soul to blossom in the fullness of its loving expression this lifetime.

When you worry, allow fears of lack, fears of the future, or feelings of separation to possess you, you are truly giving up your God given right to be happy. Look your fears in the face, dear ones. Challenge them. What if they did come true? In the worst of cases, you would handle the situation while God holds your hands and angels guide you. You would learn. You would come out stronger, wiser, more clear on the true nature of God's love. Better yet, if you surrender to each moment, embracing its beauties, giving thanks for its gifts and blessings, then chances are likely you will not even have to face your fears. For in avoiding fears fearfully, you draw them unto you, but in loving each moment, there is no room in your soul for these fears to take root. They cannot grow into reality when planted in a heart that is watered with love and tended with kindness.

When you feel fearful, ask to feel the truth of God's love. Sit, breathe, relax, and receive until you are calm and feeling the truth of this beautiful light inside you once again. When you are fearful for another, use your willpower to stop your worrying and surround them with a beautiful light. When you are afraid about your future, give thanks and praise for you now. Sometimes you do not like where you are in life. That is ok, but there is always, and we repeat, always something to be thankful for and something to life your vibration.

Dear ones, fears are temporary, but the truth of God's love is eternal. This love is what creates you, sustains you, breathes every breath you breathe, and pulses through every beat of your heart. This love will be with you throughout your entire life and after death. There is never a moment when it is not there. There are only times when, as human beings, you allow fears to take control of your minds, possess your spirits, and then dear ones, you are simply wearing a blindfold and cannot see the light. Go within, sit, breathe, relax, receive, and you will find this light once again. Focus upon it. Fill your hearts with gratitude for the beautiful and treasured souls that you truly are and then your lives will begin to reflect the miraculous nature of heaven.

Heaven is and has always been there for you dear ones. Focus upon what is good and true and heaven will reveal is beautiful light in both your hearts and your lives.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opportunity in challnge

Dear ones, life is short, no matter how long you live it. Your problems, in the grand scheme of eternity, no matter how large they seem at present, will look so very small. And yet your opportunities in any given moment to experience the miracle of being in human form are so very grand. Do not dignify the devil by giving energy to your problems. Instead, focus with gratitude on the miracles all around you.

Focus on what you need to do, pray for guidance for the rest, and trust that God, who knows all your needs as well all your lessons, is in charge. Even when people die, dear friends, they are reunited with their loving creator. And so the worst can be the best. The times of greatest challenge financially can bring the greatest opportunity for families to come together and focus on what is truly of value. The times of greatest challenge with health can be the greatest opportunity to allow others to love you. The times of greatest sadness for another can force you to focus on your own well being. Of course if you willingly embrace your growth, focus on what is of value, allow yourself to both give and receive, and trust that if you honor your own loving expression, then the challenges life presents as lessons need not be so great.

Dear ones, God loves you, more than you can possibly imagine and that is eternal truth. There is no deeper and greater truth. When you learn to have true faith and trust in this, and when you learn to embrace the fact that you cannot, no matter how you feel, ever be disconnected from your loving creator, then your lives will reflect this knowing. In the greatest times of adversity and in the most celebrated joys, embrace this truth. Your lives will become a magnificent expression then, of God's love.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love is the greatest healer

The world needs your light dear ones. So many of you are so worried about taking care of everyone else and yet the best way you can care for the world and for those you love is to stand in a truth that shines brightly - namely that God loves each and every one of you. If you want to help someone who is suffering, rather than bailing them out as so many of you are apt to do, love them, uplift them, express faith in them, encourage their dreams, be there as a compassionate listener when you can. Far better for you to stand in the light of God's love than to get drawn into the upsets and frustrations of the world. Far better for you to be a shining example of faith in God's abundance rather than to succumb to the darkness and illusion of lack. Far better to embrace this life and this earth as the school that it is, learning your lessons willingly and moving through them quickly, rather than resisting and therefore creating greater struggle.

Life is short dear ones. It is a privilege to be upon the earth. There are so many souls in the heavens wishing to learn in this very prestigious school you call earth. And yet it is, without question, the toughest school in the universe. There is only one lesson, and that is to embrace and trust in the love of God that you are made of. If you can do this, you would all love and respect yourselves. You would be able to allow others to be where they are at, without judgment and comparison. You would relinquish the need to save, fix, argue, and judge, and you would simply be shining examples of this love.

God is working in all lives. Each soul going through challenge is simply being guided to grow in directions that God knows will ultimately assist in their soul's greatest joy. Change is never easy. Loss can be unthinkably hard. And yet dear ones, the greatest flowers grow out of the most composted soil, and the greatest lives often grow out of the greatest challenge.

If you want to truly help another, pray and check in with your own heart. What feels like a joy to do and give, rather than a burden? What words can you use that are loving, compassionate, and acknowledge the others' perspectives as well as your own. It is not your job to educate another if they do not ask for this. It is not your job to assist them unless God puts it in your heart with a joyful desire to do so. God directs all assistance, all true help, and all real solutions. The human ego comes up with the rest.

Instead of worrying about others, be the love of God to the best of your ability. Love and accept others' perspectives, even if they are uncomfortable to you, for they are exactly what that person needs to grow at this time. Do your best to refrain from judging and comparing yourselves for each one of you is beautiful, unique, and precious to God. Each one of you is exactly where you need to be to allow God to work in your lives. Love others through their challenges rather than judging or criticizing them. This does not mean you have to compromise who you are or what you want to do, but you can always find love and prayer in your heart, regardless of the course of action/inaction that you choose.

Love yourself as well through your own challenges rather than judging or criticizing yourselves. Challenge does not indicate failure. It is, rather, simply an intense course of study.

Love is the greatest healer, the most compassionate way to act, and the only true lesson in this school called earth.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ask for real help - you are not alone

Breathe deeply and know that you are all so tenderly loved. God loves all of you dear ones, each and every one without exception. God loves you always and constantly, whether or not you are in a good frame of mind, whether or not you are proud of your life, whether or not you even believe in Him. God understands that every soul is on a quest to dissolve the illusion that they are separate from their source, and so like a loving parent, He waits for your to realize His love within your own heart, and assists you in seeing that spark in others.

Your world, dear ones, is riddled with fears: fears about viruses and fears of vaccines; fears of having too little and fears of being powerful; fears about healthcare; fears about the economy; fears about whether or not you can take care of your children, and the list goes on. Dear ones, stop, breathe, and remember you are loved. God is the source of all health and well being. God is the source of your abundance no matter who gives you the paycheck. God is your greatest caretaker. Your children were His children first and He loves them in a way that is incomprehensible to the human mind.

We are so sad when we see you struggling and trying to solve your life's problems all by yourselves, for God and your angels patiently wait to be enlisted in your service. You cannot order God and tell Him how to manage your life. You can instead drop into your hearts, and find what is already in there, for this is the truth He longs to serve. You can say "Dear God I am exhausted and I need your help in finding fulfilling work." "God I am wits end as to how to support my children. Give me peace in my heart and show me what I can do for them, and where I need to surrender." "God I am afraid that I cannot pay my bills or that I am going to lose my house. Give me peace of mind and heart. If it is your will that I pay them, guide me. If I am to learn by losing something, then help me understand the lessons and go through my changes with grace." "God I so desperately want to create change in my life. Guide me and grant me patience while the changes unfold."

These prayers, dear ones, the prayers that simply admit what is in your heart and ask for assistance, both in changing your outer lives, but also more importantly in learning the lessons within each situation - these prayers are answered in perfect timing. Ordering God about - throwing tantrums, begging, pleading, bargaining - these behaviors, although perfectly human are a different kind of prayer because in a way you are saying, "God I want this but I don't believe you will give it to me and I'm mad. I don't believe you care about me, so I will beg. I don't believe I am worthy of your love and attention, so I will bargain." Not only are these behaviors unnecessary, but in a way they negate the energy you are sending out into the universe. They say, "God fix my life" and in the same breath "I do not believe you will or I am not sure I am worthy." You water down and negate your own prayers with these behaviors. Stand up tall and pray with your whole heart, having confidence that although you may have lessons to learn, God DOES care. You ARE worthy. You will be guided with tenderness and love through the changes you experience if you can embrace the way the universe works.

God is not cruel dear ones. He could come in, and in a heartbeat, fix your lives, and yet He does not always do this because earth is a school. When you are at home in heaven, things are different. But how much would a child learn if the parent sheltered them, prevented them from ever experiencing hardship, paved their path with gold, did their homework, and didn't allow them to develop their own strength? Behaviors like this enable dependency and prevent one from finding their own strength, talents, and skills. Behaviors like this are not what God is all about. God is about helping you find HIS divine light within your own hearts - helping you learn that you are are not dependent children, but rather magnificent beings, made in His image and likeness.

There are times when you will experience deep challenge. There are times of loss, fear, and sometimes even suffering. But you can weather these times ever more gracefully if you stand up tall, ask to be shown the lessons, ask for what you truly want, and ask for the grace to know when to act and what to do. Then surrender, wait for guidance, and act when the inspirations occur. In this way you create a dance with God that acknowledges HIs true nature and serves in assisting you back into the flow of Divine Grace.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mother earth's tender care

Allow yourselves to breathe deeply and relax dear ones. There is so much impatience, and so much fear running rampant these days. If you are not impatient and fearful, thank the heavens, but others are, and you have to deal with them. When you must do so, do so with great care for they are in need of love.

When you are around others who are all worked up, rather than stepping into their chaotic energy, breathe deeply, remember God is with you, and ask them to slow down and breathe as well. It is ok to say to someone in a soothing and caring voice, "You seem so stressed right now. Breathe, I am listening." This simple show of care often helps another realize that they are not alone, that they are cared for, that someone understands their situation.

If you are in a fearful or impatient state, slow down, sit still, breathe. So many of you feel so alone, and yet God gave you everything on this earth that you need to comfort you, to reassure you, and to relax you. Sit on the ground, and feel the nurturing presence of mother earth herself. She gives you life. She feeds you. She sustains the oxygen you breathe. Sit quietly upon the earth and imagine you can connect with her. Say to her in your heart, "Mother earth, it is me, one of your children. I am scared. I am stressed. I am impatient. I need a hug right now." And then shut your eyes and allow her energy to reach up around you, blanket you, and comfort you. Earth has a living consciousness that is aware of each and every one of you, much as your body is aware of each and every cell that comprises its totality. She appreciates your care and concern. She celebrates your desires to be 'greener' and take better care of her physical presence, but like a good mother, she wishes to GIVE to you, to comfort you, and to love you. And all she asks in return is that you receive with gratitude and treat her other children with respect.

Sit quietly upon your earth. Feel her love and comfort. It is this grounding that you are seeking now as the energies of your planet continue to amplify. Earth will absorb your pain and, with simply a little gratitude on your part, she will transmute it to love. When you are upset turn your palms to the ground and breathe, and with each exhale release the energy into the earth. Cry in your mother's arms when you are sad. Give her your concerns. And do not forget to thank her for all she does, for mother earth has allowed humanity for centuries to take her for granted, to fight upon her, to violate one another and her very body. All she wants, like any mother, is for her children to receive her love, and to get along better with one another.

Receive dear ones. You are all in need of comfort, grounding, and feeling supported right now. The earth under your feet is always willing to share this with you. She wants you to see her beauty which reflects your own. She wants you to taste her bounty. She wants you to know the abundance of God's love as it is given to you through the richness of her creation. This is according to God's grand design. You are never without love from the heavens, and you are always able to tap into God's great love through the love of his creation - your dear Mother Earth.