Saturday, March 27, 2010

New life

With each breath you take, with each thought you think, with each action you make, dear ones, you are bringing forth new life. For each thought, word, deed, breath is the beginning of a new life. What fruits will you plant with your thoughts this springtime? What seeds will you sow with your words and deeds? What weeds will you pull out of your hearts and minds? For indeed every thought, every choice, every moment of every day creates an entirely different future for yourself. One positive thought, just one tiny shift of a negative belief into one that is more joyful can change your entire life. It is truly that easy.

Life is an adventure of the soul dear ones. It is not meant to be a dance of adversity but rather a series of experiences that help you stand firm in faith, love, and truth. The more you stand in faith, love, and truth - truly and deeply with your entire being - the more your lives evolve into the joyful dance they were intended to be.

The trees do not struggle with their urge to blossom. The seeds do not strain to refrain from sprouting. Movement and change are designed into the order of the universe.

This spring, be willing to think new and more loving thoughts for yourselves. Be willing to try the things you've always wanted to try, if only something new at the grocery store! Be willing to break old habits - sit and rest for example when you feel you cannot but when your heart longs to do so. Be willing to think something positive instead of an old but familiar negative thought.

There is great energy now bringing forth new life. Sow the seeds of joyful thoughts and beliefs. Weed out the old habitual ways of thinking that do not serve you. And you will find yourself bursting forth with new life in the future as a result.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contentment while wanting more

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you approach your springtime, give thanks! It is time for new life. Many of you are feeling the desire for movement in your hearts - the desire to create, to do more, to have more experiences in your lives. And for some of you this urge is hitting rather strongly, leading to confusion! I want so much in life all of the sudden! I want to have more and do more! I want more money, more time, more joy! Rather than allowing these desires to lead to disillusionment, allow them to fill you with joy! You are growing. When you seek something you do not have in your physical lifetime at this point, you are saying you are ready to grow. For truly dear ones, the vibration of everything you want in life exists within you and all you have to do is find that love for what you want within you, find that confidence that it is yours as life unfolds, and then relax into the knowing that what you have created on the inside will surely and eventually manifest on the outside.

On earth you are given time to think about your creations. One moment you want something so badly and a few weeks later you realize you didn't want it as strongly as you thought. And so the time in between your original thought and when this situation could have come into your life has allowed you to find some greater clarity. When you are impatient and demand that you get what you want now, sit back, breathe... maybe God has something even better for you, timed more perfectly, and in a more perfect way.

Life is asking that you Trust God dear ones. The trees trust that the sun will come back into the spring, in perfect timing to call forth their growth. The flowers waiting to bloom trust that the snows will melt. The animals in their burrows trust that new abundance is on the way! Humankind is the only group of beings on planet earth that forgets to trust that God cares about your needs, your hearts, and your desires as well. Wait patiently dear ones for the answers and the creations to unfold in your lives. Enjoy each moment. That way you will not miss your lives. If you are always waiting for the future to be happy, you will have moments of happiness when goals are reached, then more waiting.

If you can be content in the present moment, you give yourself a blessing and a gift. Want more in the future by all means, but give thanks for what you have right now, and enjoy the moment you are in right now. For all you 'want' is already within waiting for the right vibration to help it bloom in your life. Surely contentment and joy in the present are the best vibration you can exist in to call forth more in the future. Frustration, tantrums, etc. simply reinforce a feeling of lack, where as gratitude, love, and joy reinforce feelings that all is well, all you want is coming, and all is already in perfect order.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choice and perception

As you strive to lift your spirits unto the heavens dear ones, remember, there is already heaven within you, and there is already hell. It is a choice where to set your sights. It is a choice to focus on the good in any situation or to focus on the worst. It is a choice to feel like a soul learning lessons or a human being victimized by life.

Each time you choose to look at life through the eyes of your soul - through the filters of spiritual truth - you grow, you increase your light and your positive vibration and you begin to set up your life to attract better. Each time you choose to look at life as if it is against you, you reinforce the illusions that you are unloved, uncared for, and have to fend for yourselves.

We understand human life can be very difficult. We understand its challenges. And yet dear ones, we also know that everything that occurs to you on earth is an opportunity to increase your love, your light, your kindness, your faith, and your compassion. God is not a parent, dear ones, who rewards you when you are nice, and punishes you when you are not. Instead God is a loving and merciful God who set up the physical universe with vibrational laws of cause and effect, and gave you free will.

It is through your choices that you set up your life experiences, and it is through your perceptions that you either enjoy and learn from, or feel miserable as a result of these experiences.

So if you are in a life you love, give thanks and attract more. Do not question whether or not you are worthy of this good for indeed all are worthy of this good. Instead celebrate, for in creating good you can share good feelings with the world. If you are in a life you do not love, rather than feeling victimized or beating yourselves up, look for the messages and look to a brighter future. Give thanks for lessons learned and ask for more joyful ones in the future. It is in loving that you assume your soul's power to create good.

You are, dear ones, allowed to be human. If you have a feeling, feel it. Your feelings do not create good or bad in the world when they arise from within, because they are simply indicators of what is already going on within you. If you are upset, this is an indicator that you are not in alignment with what you want in life. Allow yourself the feeling and then move forward. If you are sad or frustrated, this is an indicator that you have to let go of how you thought life should look and embrace what is so you can handle it more powerfully. Feel the feeling then move forward. Sadness, anger, frustration - these feelings occur naturally as a human being and it is an act of self love to let them flow and let them go.

It is only when you perpetuate your anger, sadness, and frustration with negative thoughts and beliefs that it is allowed to create negatively in your life. It is when you feed these lower vibrational emotions that they begin to have a life of their own. If however, you can say to yourself, "I am frustrated. I am human. This frustration is telling me I want to create better. I want more help, more support, more balance," then dear friends you have loved yourself in the moment and allowed yourself to move into greater love.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Surrender to love

Surrender to love dear ones. So many of you resist the love that you are. You can never truly surrender to loving another until you give this very same love to yourselves. You can never truly unconditionally love another until you unconditionally love yourself. For if there is any area you do not love inside of yourselves, you cannot and will not love that same issue or feeling within another.

Suppose for example, you do not allow yourself to feel your anger. We are not suggesting you take it out on another! But dear ones if you are upset over something, don't talk yourself out of it! Find a quiet space and just feel it. Give it a voice. Journal it and shred it. Pound the pillows. Walk vehemently, or burn it off in some other creative fashion, but whatever you do, don't stuff your feelings. If you do you will harbor unconscious resentments, frustrations, and emotions that will be triggered by others at some point in time. God gives you these people in your life to 'push your buttons' so you know you have these buttons. Then, and only then, can you feel your feelings and after allowing them to be given expression inside of yourself, find the love beneath them - love for self first, and at long last compassion for the other.

Suppose you do not allow yourself to feel your own sadnesses. Then dear ones, life will contrive ways to push that button. Allow yourself to grieve when something doesn't work as you wish, when someone leaves you, or when you are simply exhausted. Grieve the childhood you wish you had but didn't. Grieve the missed opportunities, unmet expectations and frustrations when these arise within you. Don't stuff your sadness and try to put on a happy face for this only causes strain and exhaustion. Repressed feelings of any sort take a toll on the body. Allowing your emotions to flow, if only in private, allows you to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit, and allows the flow of love and grace into your lives once again.

Suppose you do not allow yourself to feel your own loneliness and needs. Then dear ones you will harbor unconscious expectations of others to ease this loneliness and fill your needs. When they can't, won't, or don't, you will become upset, angry, or sad. Only when you own your feelings can you honestly ask another to assist. Only when you feel all that is inside of you can you be comfortable with all that is inside of another.

When you have owned all that you are, both the light and the dark, then dear ones, you can 'be' with others as a source of comfort and compassion to others no matter what they are experiencing. When you truly learn to love all that you are, you can truly love others. You can relate to one another more honestly. You can say, "I am frustrated. I am sad. I am scared. I am lonely." and this honest sharing with the world will often inspire others to offer you more love. If however, you lie and say, "I'm just fine, thank you," when you are not, you push the world away, and you push love away. You all want this love. You all want others to love you for all that you. So dear ones, as we have said in the past, if you want the world to see you... be you.

We are not saying this is easy. We are not saying you must choose to be around people who are angry, sad, or difficult. But we are saying that you can find the love that you are, only when you give it to yourself first. Be compassionate with yourselves first, dear friends, and then you can offer the very same to others.