Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bring all that you are to the surface

So many of you are disenchanted with your world and yet there is such beauty coming to the surface in human hearts. There is such love infilatrating your planet. There are angels helping and assisting in the rebirthing of so many human lives. It is a time of intense change, evolution, and growth, and we in the heavens celebrate those of you who can see beyond the so-called chaos and find the emerging love that is rising, like the Phoenix rises from its own ashes. It is the springtime of your souls! It is a time of new life, new ideas, new desires, and a renewed resolution to experience God's love in so many of your hearts.

Whether it is a volcano in Iceland, a flower bursting forth through the hard desert soil into bloom, or all the emotions you have held under the surface for a lifetime - ALL is coming to the surface. God is asking you to bring ALL that you are up, and out of hiding, and into the light of His love. God is saying, "Dear ones, it is time to grow. It is time to bring your truth into the light. It is time to be honest with life, to respect yourself enough to ask for kindness, to love yourself enough to admit your dreams, and to realize I love you so much I want to help." To receive God's love dear ones, you must believe in God's love. Faith is not believing in what you have seen but rather believing so that you CAN see.

Give God a try. Dig deep into your own hearts and ask yourself, "Where do I not believe in Love? Where am I afraid to receive love? Where am I afraid to let go of control?" If you wish to truly feel God's hand in your life, you will have to let go of a bit of control. God has dreams for you that are better for you than anything you could imagine. Let us give you an example.

So many of you want a relationship. You say you want someone in your life and yet deep down, you are disillusioned with relationships, doubtful there is anyone out there for you, fearful of being hurt once again, and sometimes, not sure you really want one after all! In order to 'protect' yourself from pain you either avoid people or you go on a search for the perfect mate, evaluating human beings as if you were buying a new car! This is a no-win situation because your mind is saying "yes I want this" but your fears are saying "I better watch out. I don't believe God will bring this to me." And so, the universe, which was designed to lovingly allow all that is in you to be fulfilled says, "I must wait until you are clear."

Better to dig deep inside yourself and say, "God I want a relationship but I am afraid. I am not confident I can have one. Help me live and abide in your heart. Prevent what is not good for me, and make what is so enticing I cannot miss." Then live your lives dear friends! Be happy now. Be the kind of person you would want in your lives and your faith and your radiant being will be so filled with love that you will attract love. And whatever you do, dear ones, as you dig through your heart and soul, be gentle with yourselves. Have a sense of humor - for the human condition is truly a mixture of dark and light and you can lighten up just a little bit even in the most difficult times of growth.

You, dear ones, can allow for or block God's love in your life. God is waiting with angels by His side to assist you in all that you want and design for your life - not always in the exact ways you request; often better. God is waiting to pour His Love in your lives. But you must do the inner work. You must dig inside of yourselves and bring your hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations, unbelief, etc. to the surface, admit them to yourselves and ask for assistance in healing that which blocks your dreams. In this fashion, dear friends, you do the work you came to do here upon your planet earth. You bring everything within you into the light of God's love. And from this new level of honesty and willingness to receive, new life springs forth in great glory.