Saturday, June 26, 2010

EArth - As above, so below

Realize you are in relationship here with your Mother Earth and she is, at this time, very much in need of your love and prayers. Her heart has been pierced for centuries by the hatred and judgment amongst her children and now she has been lanced and her lifeblood is rushing into your oceans. Like any mother, she will remain strong if she knows her children love and need her. And so dear ones, send your prayers forth daily for your mother earth for without her you cannot exist. Tell her, in your mind and heart, that you love her and then, sit in silence and receive her love back. She has always wanted to hold you in her embrace dear friends, but she is tired and needs your love to bolster her spirit as well.

She is bleeding now and many of you are feeling her fatigue. Many of you who are sensitive have been inordinately tired as of late. Many of you are feeling your emotional energy amplified out of proportion. Many of you have been, what you call, touchy, trigger-happy, and easily upset. Others of you have felt profound sadness. And still others, we are happy to see, are living in a greater truth - being the love that you really are. The oil gushing to the surface is draining ancient reservoirs deep in the earth and thus underneath the surface there is a restructuring going on. And as above, so below. Your bodies are restructuring. Many of you are changing your diets, drinking more water, needing more rest. Trust these urgings within you for it is indeed a time of sudden and violent releasing of the 'old blood' so to speak, which will of course, make way for a new reality. As with any sudden and violent change, it is not always easy, graceful, or pleasant, however dear ones, help your Mother Earth heal by listening to the needs of your own bodies as well.

Earth is a living spirit. She is tired of the bickering, the fighting, the judgment, and the finger pointing among her children. She wants all of you to love yourselves, and to do your best to be kind to one another. As a mother she desires harmony among her children and if not that, at least peaceful co-existence. Your love, your kindness, your prayers, your patience, your tolerance, you willingness to put judgment aside - these are the qualities of the human race that give her hope and keep her going. She has allowed the human race to use her resources, and to take with little regard for giving back and she does so willingly. Those of you who are parents understand this unconditional love. You understand the desire to see your children happy at any expense to yourself. And yet, now that she has been wounded, she needs love, courage, strength, and an outpouring of prayers.

The sludge coating your oceans is similar to the emotional sludge coating the beautiful and pristine ocean of God's love as it was meant to be expressed on earth. Don't hide your love and your light dear friends. You are needed at this time. Be kind to a stranger. Ignore unkind comments and don't dignify them with a response. Refrain from judgment, blame, finger pointing and all manner of making others wrong because it hurts your Mother Earth to hear you criticizing any of her children.

When someone wrongs you, instead of saying, "He or she is evil," choose loving truth and say, "He or she must be deeply wounded and let us pray." When someone says something unkind, simply respond, "I understand you are upset." Dear ones, find ways to be loving in the face of all else that exists upon this planet and please pray for your Earth. She loves you very much. She has given to you unselfishly for eons. And at this time she is greatly in need of inspiration, love, and prayers. God bless you dear friends. You are the angels upon the earth. There are some things we cannot do for you, but you are all more powerful in your love and truth than you can possibly imagine. If each one of you worked to stand in a space of divine love, and as well sent your prayers to the heavens for your dear earth, you can move mountains, assist humanity in healing punctures in her surface, and restoring your oceans to a space of pristine beauty. Envision the solution dear ones, more so than the problem. Earth needs you right now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Do not judge a book by its cover dear ones, and never judge the soul you see in front of you based on his or her circumstances, appearance, or demeanor. For you never truly know a person unless you have walked in their shoes, or listened to their life's story. Each person you encounter on your path, whether you like them or not is worthy of your respect, for each person is a soul, incarnate upon the earth attempting to learn about love - love of self, love of others, and love of God. And dear ones, it takes courage to come to earth, so treat each other with kindness. You do not have to choose to remain around anyone if you don't want to be there. You do not have to change anyone. You only have to listen to yourself, speak your truth with love and kindness, and be clear about whom you wish to be around and whom you do not.

There is a vast difference between judgment and discernment. It would be our wish that you would never judge another soul. Judgment says, "This person has no right to be as they are." Discernment says, "This is not right for me." And so dear friends, by all means, discern who you wish to be around, but try your best not to judge, for every soul here upon the earth is doing the best they can, with what they were given, in that given moment.

Most importantly, do not judge yourselves, for each one of you is truly doing your best as well. You are learning, growing, and constantly expanding into greater love dear friends. You all occasionally behave in ways you are not proud of. Far better to say, "Ok I've learned," than to beat yourselves up or uselessly shame yourselves. You are perfect in God's eyes. You are students of the Divine. You are learning to be who you truly are. And if you make a so-called mistake in this school dear friends, you will not be punished, shamed, or made to feel inadequate... instead you will simply be sent more love and encouragement for in the heavens we know how difficult this school called earth can be and we love and support you in every moment of every day.

So, this week, choose to be kind to yourselves, nonjudgmental towards self and others, and see if that doesn't lighten up your hearts just a tiny bit more.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of impatience. Dear ones we understand that it can be frustrating when you have done everything you know to do and you are waiting for God's plans to unfold in your life. Whether you have lost a job and are searching for a new one, learned to love yourself and are waiting for the relationship to arrive, or simply wanting life to change and not yet clear on how to get on with it, it is human nature for doubts, fears, and frustrations to creep in no matter how faithful you attempt to be.

When these little demons of fear and doubt find their way into your mind, simply give them a voice. Journal them, express them to a dear friend, and then get on with it. For if you try to ignore the human voices within your own mind, they will just attempt to get louder. Everything in you, even your fears, seeks expression. If you give them a voice in a healthy way, then in a sense, you can take charge of your own reality once again. "Dear God I am frustrated and impatient. I can't wait for my dreams to come true. I don't believe today that they ever will..." so on, and so forth. Then after you have vented a bit, ask yourself, "Do I really believe I would create a life in which my dreams do not come true?" Of course, you wouldn't do that to yourselves dear friends! And so now, you have the answer. Your dreams are coming, in perfect timing, in a perfect way, and your only job is to believe in them, to believe you are worthy of them, and to act when you feel inspired to do so.

This is God's way of working in your life and it does require tremendous faith and often patience. You can always achieve your dreams the way the world teaches you to do so - through a lot of hard work - and that is fine too. However, if you are willing to be very faithful, often patient, and to embrace the life in front of you now with gratitude, then God can work miracles for you. Impatience is, after all, just another one of the many faces of fear. Impatience says, "Show me quickly now God that you are listening to me, so I do not have to fear that you are not!" If you knew, dear ones, truly knew that your dreams would come true in due time, you would simply enjoy the life in front of you now and look to the future with great joy and anticipation. If you can reach this state of being then you can trust that you truly are creating and you can truly relax and enjoy the present moment.

Life happens now, and now, and now again dear ones... Don't miss it while waiting for the future.