Saturday, September 25, 2010

De-clutter your spirit

It is a time of seeking clarity upon your planet earth, and a time of clearing out all that has robbed your spirit of its vitality in human form. You are clearing out old fears, old anxieties, old beliefs, and indeed even old material possessions that no longer serve you. As you go through your homes and closets, look at everything dear ones. What truly serves you now? What do you truly love? Are your possessions serving you or are you serving them? Are your belief structures serving you, or are you serving them? What adds more joy, vitality, love, ease, and grace to your life and what robs you of the very same.

So many of you hang on to old beliefs because you are afraid of the changes that would be required if you let them go. If you suddenly release the belief, for example, that you are "unworthy," then you must stand up tall, hold your head up high, and make adjustments in your life to match the new belief that you are deserving of kindness, acknowledgment, etc. You would be required to move away from those who are not kind to you and seek out better opportunities. You would have to change the way you speak about yourself. You would have to re prioritize the way you handle your money and your time. And so, out of a fear of change, a fear of disappointing others, you hang on to this old belief in "unworthiness." It is, after all, quite comfortable.

Likewise, so many of you hang on to stuff that doesn't serve you because it is a little unnerving to clear out the material clutter. We have no problem with you owning things that you love, enjoy, and use dear friends. But when you are holding on to things because you purchased them, don't use them, and feel guilty letting them go... well dear friends, you are hanging on to guilt. When you hold on to material possessions because they represent a happier time in life that is fine, but consider that what you really want is to create greater joy now. When you hold on to material possessions because you "might use them someday" but really won't, consider the fact that they represent security, and what you really want is the security of knowing that God will always give you what you need when you need it.

We never judge you dear friends, but rather point out ways in which you can lighten your proverbial load upon the planet earth, discover what you are truly seeking in life, and rid yourselves of that which no longer serves you. We honor you for your willingness to take a look around both within and without and to de-clutter your minds and your lives. This is not always easy, comfortable, or quick, and yet a soul unfettered with such burdens is a soul free to create what it truly desires in life. Seek out the true freedom of your souls dear friends, and get rid of all that does not add light to your life.