Saturday, September 11, 2010

You are never abandoned by God

Understand that your earth is very shaky right now dear ones and so many of you are feeling this. The times you live in are causing a lot of old fears, anxieties, frustrations, etc. to rise up within you. And yet, dear friends, truth remains constant. You are eternal beings. Your souls live forever, and no matter what you experience on this earth, it is a temporary adventure.

So when life around you begins to stress you out, stop, breathe, and see if you can adopt a more detached perspective. Allow yourself to 'back up' from the situation a little bit. Ask yourself, "How does my soul see this situation? What can I learn from it?" The search for external fixes for your problems will never truly create a solution. Instead bring love into the situations in your life. If your finances are tight, of course take steps in your outer world as you are guided, but also go deeper. Look inside. Where are you not allowing yourself to feel the abundance of God? What parts of you do not believe in this? Stop, and take time to enjoy the sunrise, your relationships, and all the good that you do have. Send love to any parts inside yourself that do not believe in the goodness of the universe and in the eternal and unending nature of God's love.

So many times we hear human beings say, "God has forgotten me!" "Where is God?" "Where are my angels?" We are always here dear friends. We always love you. We always strive to guide you into greater love. Instead of asking these questions, ask instead, "Where am I?" "Are my words and actions consistent with what I truly want in life?" "Do I even know what I truly want in life?" "Am I expressing myself honestly and lovingly?" "Am I constantly taking care of others but not myself, or vice versa?" "Where can I bring greater truth into my life?"

You are never ever abandoned by God and your angels, dear friends. You are instead at times, allowed, by your own free will to make less than loving choices for yourselves. But as you choose to express your truth, your love, your gifts, your talents, and your real desires in life, then you come to the surface once again and we are allowed to step in and mirror that all back to you in your outer lives.