Saturday, October 02, 2010

Presence is a present

As you move through life realize that there will always be things "to do" and so instead of stressing and straining about all you think you must achieve, try dear ones, to drop into the moment at hand and give your complete focus to the task you are doing now. If you can remain present and focused on one thing you are doing at a time you will be more productive, more able to move through life with grace, more able to hear your guidance, and more able to accomplish all you truly have to do.

When you are doing one thing and thinking about all the others that must be achieved, you distract yourself from the moment. You do not think as clearly, nor are you present and open to new ideas from your guides and angels. And while it is a very human condition to have the brain working diligently to multi-task, it is a spiritual discipline and truly an act of living meditation to focus on what you are doing now.

Try this week to be as present as possible to the task at hand. Even if you switch from one task to the next, be present with the one you are doing now. Try to think only about what you are doing now. If you are in love with a person dear friends, they are your sole focus of attention. Can you be in love with life? Can you be in love with NOW? Can you be in love with the clerk in front of you, the person talking with you, the animal needing you? If you can dear friends, then you have not only mastered the art of presence, but also the art of living in human form!