Saturday, October 09, 2010

There are always loving choices

In every situation dear ones, there are endless choices you can make and unlimited possibilities for change. There are angels who can assist you and a loving God who breathes life and love into every moment of your life. If you can take the time to breathe slowly and deeply, and remember that it is God who breathes the very breath you take - then dear friends, you will never feel alone in solving your life's challenges.

When you find yourself feeling 'trapped' by a situation in life, or without options, take a step back. Stop, breathe, ask the angels and God to calm you, and then ask yourself... "How can I bring more love into this situation?" "How you I love and honor my spirit here?" If you truly love and honor your spirit, then you will also love and honor the souls of all others involved.

For example, suppose you have bills you do not know how you are going to pay. How can you be more loving towards yourself first? You can choose not to beat yourself up. You can choose to examine the lessons in the situation and the gifts of the spirit that it brings. You can choose to be very loving to yourself by reaching out for help or by praying for direction. You can ask yourself, "Well what if the worse happens and how will I handle it?" You can take an even higher road and focus on absolute faith and tell yourself, "God cares for the simplest creatures on the earth and certainly for me. All I have to do is believe in this and trust the process of life. Yes God I would love for my bills to be paid on time, but if not show me what you are trying to teach me." You can listen to your heart and call a friend that pops into your mind only to find out he or she has some temporary work for you.

Even in what seem to be very dire circumstances you can pray for help. You can choose faith. You can look for the good and expect your own miracles. Falling into fear and panic are not the most loving choices. Focusing on what "should" be rather than what "is" is a waste of time. Instead pray for a loving solution. Reach out for comfort or better yet reach out to comfort another. When you feel you have something to give, if only a kind word, you will feel more abundant and calm. And when you feel abundant and calm you will be more open to the guidance that we send you.

Dear ones there are always loving choices and always options that God can see even if you cannot. You are never alone or without assistance. All it takes on your part is a willingness to embrace this truth, and a willingness to seek peace and calm in your heart so you can receive it.