Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angels give thanks for you

As so many of you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday realize that the angels give thanks for you. You had the courage to come to earth, to be the bearers of light and love and God's truth, and to strive constantly to create a kinder reality. We honor and acknowledge each and every one of you for in God's eyes, you are perfect, beautiful souls. We would never find it in our hearts to judge a single thought, word, or deed, for we know how challenging it can be to incarnate on your very diverse school called Planet Earth.

And so as you look back upon your lives, give thanks for each and every experience for it has shaped you into the person you are today. Your challenges have made you strong. Abusive souls have forced you learn self love. The needy people in your life have helped you learn boundaries. The losses have taught you to appreciate what and who you have right now. In every challenge, there is a nugget of gold for the soul - a lesson, a gift, and a blessing waiting to be discovered. It takes courage to embrace such lessons. It takes fortitude, strength, and tenacity, and we guarantee that each and every one of you on this list has those very qualities, for each one of you is striving to dissolve the illusions that keep you coming to earth and to see the love beneath it all.

Dear ones give thanks for all of your lives for each one of you is a precious gem, often formed under heat and pressure, carved out by life's experiences, and truly a shining and precious jewel as we gaze upon you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slow down

As the seasons change, and the sap runs more slowly in the trees, so too, you can slow down, and decide with great sincerity where you wish to place your energy, your attention, and your time. So many of you feel the need to rush through your days and yet it is in the pauses, when you check back in with your own heart, that you start to find clarity, direction, and a new sense of priority in your own life.

It is in the stolen moments of stillness that you can recalibrate your days. It is in the brief moments of quiet that you can decide what is of true importance to your heart and soul. Without life's pauses, you will be busy but not always productively aligned with your heart and soul. When you take the time to pause in stillness, to simply be, to rest, rejuvenate, and allow Spirit to flow through you unobstructed by the mental chatter of today's to do list, yesterday's regrets, and tomorrow's worries... this is where you will hear the still small voice of God.

So many of you say, "But I have so much to do! I can't slow down." And yet you can dear ones. Now, in this moment, reading this letter, stop. Take a breath. Check in with your heart and see what it wants next. And then make a commitment to honor that as soon as you possibly can. We are not necessarily talking about the "big" goals and dreams, but rather the small desires of the heart, the little ones that either guide you to a life of fulfillment or a life of feeling as if you are always last on your list of those you care for. Put your own heart's priorities first. In doing so you will raise your vibration, come into alignment with the Presence of God within and ultimately serve the needs of those around you according to God's dictates rather than your own.

As your holidays approach and you are tempted to be busy, busy, busy, take time to stop, breathe, check in with your heart, and know that God will help you accomplish all that truly brings your spirit joy. In the stillness, you open to receive God's love. In the silence, you open to hear our guidance. In the quiet, you will find peace has always been there. A few seconds of checking in with your heart and aligning your actions with the very same can change the course of your entire life. Don't miss the magic dear ones. Tune into your own hearts, and there you will hear the voice of God ever more clearly. It has always been there, waiting to guide you.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Authenticity vs. scale

As you examine your lives, realize that each and every action has merit. Each and every word you utter can be uttered with love and consciousness, or uttered carelessly. Like the leaves drift on the wind to land in places the tree may never see, so too your words, deeds, and actions will land in various ways that you cannot imagine. Send beauty out into the world dear friends. Send love.

It is not the scale of your actions that is measured when you look back on your life, but rather the authenticity with which you act. If you give huge sums of money and yet hate your neighbor, you are missing an opportunity for love. If you teach the masses, and yet forget to live in balance, you are missing the point of your own life. If you serve your family tirelessly and yet do not give yourself the courtesy of some care as well, there is no balance.

Dear ones, include yourselves and your own hearts in the equation of life. Realize that a simple act done with love is grander than a public display done for other reasons. Do not judge your lives by their scale but rather by their sincerity. For the smallest act, done with great love and sincerity is greater than the most magnificent sum of money donated to the masses if not given with a sincere heart.

This week take time to acknowledge yourself for the "small" acts of love and kindness that you perform, often without ever taking time to acknowledge yourselves. And then ponder, imagine, the ripple effect of that one action as it spirals out into the world. You may never truly know the gifts you have given until you are able to witness them through the eyes of God.