Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angels give thanks for you

As so many of you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday realize that the angels give thanks for you. You had the courage to come to earth, to be the bearers of light and love and God's truth, and to strive constantly to create a kinder reality. We honor and acknowledge each and every one of you for in God's eyes, you are perfect, beautiful souls. We would never find it in our hearts to judge a single thought, word, or deed, for we know how challenging it can be to incarnate on your very diverse school called Planet Earth.

And so as you look back upon your lives, give thanks for each and every experience for it has shaped you into the person you are today. Your challenges have made you strong. Abusive souls have forced you learn self love. The needy people in your life have helped you learn boundaries. The losses have taught you to appreciate what and who you have right now. In every challenge, there is a nugget of gold for the soul - a lesson, a gift, and a blessing waiting to be discovered. It takes courage to embrace such lessons. It takes fortitude, strength, and tenacity, and we guarantee that each and every one of you on this list has those very qualities, for each one of you is striving to dissolve the illusions that keep you coming to earth and to see the love beneath it all.

Dear ones give thanks for all of your lives for each one of you is a precious gem, often formed under heat and pressure, carved out by life's experiences, and truly a shining and precious jewel as we gaze upon you.