Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volcanoes and growth

As your world continues to change, understand that you too are changing. You are energetically tied to your mother earth and as she moves through her growth, so too you move through your own. Many of you noticed a certain pressure within your bodies shortly before this last volcanic eruption. Many of you noticed how irritable people had become. And so too dear ones, as your mother earth is spewing from her depths, you too are being asked to dig deep inside of yourself and bring your feelings to the surface - not to take them out on anyone else - but rather simply to bring them into the light of day and give them acknowledgment.

Suppose you are weary but feel you must always be strong. Dear ones, cry the tears when they arise. They will cleanse you and you will feel renewed strength. Suppressing emotions in is what exhausts you and can even make you ill. Suppose you are harboring old anger. By all means don't take it out on anyone else - rather give it a voice... in private, in your journals, with a punching bag or some good old fashioned pillow pounding. Emotions are just energy, dear friends, and energy must flow in some healthy fashion before it finds outlet in ways that are not as easy.

And by all means when you feel the purest energy of all - LOVE - please express it as you are motivated to do so. Do not hold back the kind words that want to be given to a stranger, the kind gesture that you feel like doing without thinking, the little present that you feel like sending. So many of you hold back your love for the fear that it will be misunderstood, not reciprocated, etc. But love, dear ones, seeks only to give, not to get. Love is a River that flows from the eternal spring of God's heart that wants to flow to you, through you, and from you into a world that is desperately in need. Of course you deserve to receive love as well, but never "give to get" dear friends... for that is not real love. Give only when it comes from the joy and authenticity in your hearts.

Your mother earth loves you. She has taken on your pains, witnessed her children bickering amongst themselves, and tried so hard to help you learn that you are cared for and loved. But every now and then, dear friends, she too must release her pressures, and she does so in the kindest way she possibly can. Earth changes are not punishment from God. Earth changes are simply mother earth releasing her pressures, allowing herself expression and renewal.

If you can release your pressures before they build up inside of yourselves, you will not only feel a renewed sense of emotional and physical energy, but also you will be helping your planet. Everything, and everyone, dear ones, is eternally connected. After you push through the fertile soil of your own heart, then dear ones, then you can truly blossom!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self love is not selfish

Self loves, dear ones, is not selfish. True self love comes from a heart that is grateful to God for making this beautiful soul you call "you." True self loves comes from an appreciation that you were created unique, beautiful, and precious. True self love is a recognition that there is no one else on earth exactly like you, just as there are never two roses exactly the same. Each one of you is a gift to this earth. Each one of you, in your deepest self wishes to say to the world, "See my love. Acknowledge my good heart. Value my gifts and talents." For just like the flowers that love to be appreciated, so too, each one of you wants the world to see and appreciate your love.

However, dear ones, if you want the world to see you, you must BE you. If you want the world to know you, you must open up and share your true self with others. Share your hopes, dreams, and gifts with those who will appreciate them and support them, and simply remain silent around those who cannot. Share your love with others as you are motivated and guided to do so - not out of any sense of duty, or guilt, but rather when the desire to give comes from within and from joy.

God knows what each one of you has to give, and God knows what each one of you needs. If you listen to your desires to share and act on them, then you will be the angel to others. If you are willing to receive when you are in need, you allow others to be angels to you. Do not be ashamed when it is your turn to receive and do not feel embarrassed when you are motivated to give without reason. God intended His love to flow through each one of you to one another. God intended you to receive when you are in need and to share when you are guided. In this fashion, no one is left out, no need is left unmet, and no one need ever feel unloved again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love is blossoming

If April showers bring may flowers then dear ones you have watered your lives with your tears and sorrows, only to watch more love blossom! After every challenge dear ones, there is love emerging from beneath the surface. The challenges in your lives serve only to help you break through the rocky soil of misconceptions, illusions, and beliefs that don't serve you. The challenges force you to find strength, faith, and new ways of thinking that are in alignment with what you desire to create. The challenges dear ones, point out the areas in your mind and heart that are not yet aware of God's great love for you.

So today, our message is simple! It is the springtime of your souls dear friends. It is time to say, "I want new life! I want my soul to blossom fully!" "I want to live an inspired life, not just one of survival, for within God's plan for me, there is so much more than this." Simplify your lives then. Focus on what you truly want in the moment. We have said this many times, but we'll say it again. If you need rest, rest. If you want to pick up the phone and call someone do so. If you are drawn to a new activity, allow yourself to pursue it. The smallest choice to love yourself and to believe in God's love for you, can change your entire life.

If you feel stuck in survival, stop yourself and ask, "How much of my day must I truly dedicate to survival, or am I spinning my wheels simply to maintain a sense of control?" Often dear ones, we see you saying, "I must work all the time. I have so much to do," and yet while this is true to a degree, many of you fill your time with things not entirely necessary - in that moment - and not in alignment with your hearts. Ask God to make you want to do the things you must. Ask God to direct your days, your desires, your activities. Ask God to enter your heart and make you want for yourself what HE wants for you.

God directs the blossoming of the flowers in the spring. It is divine love that causes the seeds to poke up through the rocky soils of winter and to unfurl into the light. So too, if you invite God to direct your life and your blossoming, and simply listen to your hearts, one moment at a time, your soul will reach its full expression and glory in this lifetime.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Keep what serves you and release the rest

Happy Easter and a Happy Passover and Happy Springtime, dear friends. It is a season of renewal, a season of rebirth and change, a season of choosing what will live on in your lives and what must be released.

Life and death are eternally connected to one another. When the soul is born into the human race, it temporarily dies unto it's larger nature. When the soul is released through death on earth, it is reborn into the greater truth of it's being. As you release old notions of who you thought you were, you allow greater notions of self to be birthed within you. As you clear the clutter in your closets and release what does not serve you, you make room for that which does.

Dear ones, what needs to die or be released in your life, so that your soul can find greater freedom and new life? It is a belief that you are less than worthy of all God's love and support? It is clutter in your closets? Is it an old and unforgiving attitude towards someone in your past? Is it a sadness in your hearts that you would like the angels to help you release as you sit and breathe and receive?

Search your homes, your souls, you minds for that which no longer serves you. Question your habits and practices, and ask, "Which of these delight me now? Which of these truly serve me?" Simple adjustments can add great life to your life. Do you want to answer the phone when you are eating your meals, or can you turn the ringer off? Do you really want to check your emails several times a day or would a few scheduled times serve you better? Does the food you are eating make you feel alive? Do you like the texture and smell of you soap? Are you really going to wear that pair of shoes in the back of your closet or perhaps could someone else use them more? Does it really serve you to stay upset with someone in your past after they are long gone?

Examine your lives, your habits, your beliefs, you stuff, with the eyes of your soul. Keep what delights you and serves you. Keep what uplifts and inspires you. And slowly dear ones, release that which does not. For old habits, old stuff, and old beliefs may seem comfortable and may provide a certain sense of security, but in many cases they limit your freedom and prevent you from experiencing life more fully.

In dying to that which does not serve your spirit, you free yourself from bondage, and you resurrect yourselves into a new and greater light in your lives.

Happy Easter Dear ones. Happy Passover. Happy Freedom and Resurrection. It is truly the springtime of your souls each and every time you choose to release that which does not serve you and to breathe new life into your lives.