Saturday, July 31, 2010

Choose peace, choose love

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can always find peace, for peace is born within your heart of hearts. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can always find love, for you are made of love and it is only resistance to being the loving soul that you are, that makes life's challenges so difficult.

You want to be peaceful. You want to be loving. These things are not dependent on your outer world or the people around you. You can choose to embrace peace at any moment. You can choose to be kind and loving to yourself in any moment and this will translate out into your world as you find it easier to be kind and loving to others.

We understand it is hard to choose peace when others choose chaos, and yet you will feel so much better! It is only your human conditioning that says you must be upset if things don't go your way, you must feel badly if others behave badly, and that you must feel worry if you do not know how to solve a problem.

In reality, if things don't go your way, try to embrace life as the adventure it truly is. "Ok God, this situation isn't going as I wished it would. I will embrace what is in front of me now, intend better, and trust you know how to guide me into greater joy." Dear ones that attitude will feel so much better than throwing tantrums, assuming you have done something wrong, blaming life, blaming others, or feeling as if you will never have your dreams come true. When things don't go your way, perhaps dear ones, you have something to learn, or God simply has better plans. Choose peace. Choose to be kind and loving to yourself. And watch how things unfold in grace, rather than in chaos.

Suppose someone behaves badly around you. The ego wishes to react. And yet the soul says, "I do not want to be around loving behavior and so I will move away. If I must be around it, I will not take in energies of unkindness. I will remain loving, looking at this other person as if they are child who does not know any better. I will do my best to realize that what they have said or done speaks volumes about them, and says very little about me. I do not have to prove or justify myself to anyone. I know who I am. I am love incarnate." This dear ones is truth. This will feel so much better than entering into arguments, gossip, and blame. It takes mental muscle to be loving in spite of unkindness. You must practice. And yet the spiritual strength you will gain will repay you in peace and joy for the rest of your lives. It is worth the effort to learn new ways to behave when others are unkind.

Suppose you have a problem you do not know how to solve - bills to pay, something to fix, a person in your life who cannot be taught... In these situations dear ones, you can still choose peace. You can still choose love. First love yourselves by asking God and your angels for help: "God I am worried. I have this problem. I need help." As for the comfort and reassurance you need, "Dear God, comfort me, I am scared. Reassure me that this will be solved. Help me have greater faith in you." And then dear ones trust. Trust that because you know you are a child of God, made of His light, that God loves and cares and will guide you to solve your situation. Choose peace in the meantime, for worry does you no good at all.

As human beings, most of you have not been taught to choose peace, and to choose love. Instead your society conditions you to react, to worry, to argue, to justify, to blame, but these things dear ones will never make you happy. Think of choosing peace and love as a workout for the soul - at first you may find it very difficult to do so, but as you gain strength you feel better and better, kinder, more peaceful, and more loving. And this dear ones is truly what you all want to feel.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why & when you are guided

Today wish to speak to you about guidance. Each one of you is made of the very same light that moves the stars in the heavens, causes the seeds to burst forth and grow into full bloom, and guides you in all of your interactions. This light is known by so many names - God, Love, Universal Intelligence, and so forth. This light is nothing less than the love that created and sustains the universe. So too, it creates, sustains, and guides you, for it IS you.

It is the human mind that makes you feel separate from this light. It is human fears and anxieties that make you forget that you are eternally connected to the source of all creation and that this love WANTS you to feel at peace, WANTS you to feel in harmony with the universe, and longs for you to know the love that created you and guides you. What the mind wants however is entirely different. It wants the illusion of control. It wants certainty, predictable outcomes, and assurance that it will be the boss. As you learn to surrender your mind and to listen to your heart however, you find a divine balance between the two. The mind was intended to serve the heart, not vice versa.

So when when you find yourself in fear or in challenging times, know it is a human tendency to start strategizing, reacting, figuring out ways to manipulate the universe. Far better however, to stop, breathe, sit in silence and ask yourself, "What do I really want out of this situation? What is my heart trying to tell me?" Ask, "Heart, what do you want? What are you trying to tell me?" Invite the presence of God within you to speak clearly through your heart. And then, listen, not so much with your ears, but with your inner knowing. Be willing to 'hear' things your mind might disagree with.

Suppose you want desperately to get a new job . In every minute of your spare time, your mind says, work, work, work! Send out resumes every moment. Make those calls! But your heart says, I want to go outside today and relax and read my spiritual books. I want to reconnect with myself and God. And during this quiet time you realize there is something else entirely that you want to do with your life. You want to go back to school or change careers. Now dear ones, now that you have gotten in touch with your hearts, now the universe can and will support you. Now doors will open. Now you will receive inspiration and guidance.

When the mind is trying to control the heart, you can only be guided into situations that force you deeper into your heart. When the mind is honoring the heart, you can be guided easily towards the heart's goals.

Only when you are at "one" with your true self will God guide you in your outer world towards your goals. Suppose your earth said, "I do not wish to revolve around the sun now! I want to go in a different direction." Well my dear friends, she would not receive any help and assistance in that endeavor because she was created to go around the sun. And so guidance would be withheld until she said at long last, "Ah it is in my heart to revolve around the sun as gracefully and beautifully as I can." So be it! Guidance would be immediately forthcoming.

Suppose you want a relationship to make your life more interesting, or to help you feel happier. If you insist, we can guide you toward one to do just that, however realize you will attract someone who wants YOU to make their life more interesting and to make them feel happier as well. And this will drive you deeper into your heart and you will say, "But I want a relationship with someone who is happy with themselves, and feels good about their own life." And then the realization will follow, "I want to feel happy with myself and good about my own life." Then dear ones, you will receive guidance as to how to go about realizing this truth, and in this deeper truth you will attract healthier and happier relationships.

Suppose you say, "God I want more money! I want to be able to pay my bills more easily." Well dear ones we could guide you there in a heartbeat, but many times we do not because what you really want, underneath these desires is, "God, please show me that you really love me, support me, and care about me." Far better to ask for this, because it is a deeper truth and in this deeper truth you will be guided in many ways that show you how much God loves you. You will develop faith, trust, and an awareness of greater truth, perhaps even in different directions than you might have chosen had the money come easily, and then... the money will come as well.

There are always very deep desires beneath the more human ones. Dig deep into your hearts, find them and ask for them, because these are the prayers that are answered in beautiful ways that you might not even imagine. In asking to feel your light, the light of God's love, and the universal support for you, you are admitting to yourself you are worthy of it (and this is truth). You are admitting that you are a valuable part of the universe. You are allowing the Divine to guide you as was originally intended, and you are surrendering to a grander vision of your life than one you could ever dream for yourselves.

So by all means, pray the very human prayers for we care about your human life, but don't forget to dig deep and see what prayers the heart is trying to pray underneath these human desires. You all want to know God's love. You all want to feel safe and secure in that love. You all want to feel that your life has purpose. And we can easily guide you in these endeavors, for a life centered on love is one in which your material needs will truly be satisfied, your desires for connection will be upheld, and a joy that is natural to the soul will be allowed to shine through you to others on this school called Planet Earth.

Limitations can free your spirit

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of limitations. Your soul dear ones is an unlimited being. It lives in the realms of the eternal and pours a tiny piece of itself into this reality you call space and time upon the earth. It lives in this vehicle you call your body, and dances in the collective creation of so many other souls with whom you journey and learn.

There are times when you - your soul - decides to experience limitations in your physical reality in order to force growth, much as the pressure put upon a butterfly as it emerges from the cocoon strengthens its wings, and the shell of a seed provides the pressure upon which the plant presses to burst forth into the light.

There are times when you will experience limitations in different areas of your life - financial limitation, dietary limitation, limited mobility or transportation, limited time, limited energy, etc. We hear your prayers and we know that many of you perceive these limitations in a negative way, yet, we also know that these are the times you are creating amazing grace and incredible growth.

When you are limited in your outer world, you begin to find what is unlimited in your inner world.

For example, when you experience financial limitation you begin to re-evaluate your priorities. You discern more easily what is of true value in your life. You begin to set your sights upon enjoying what is eternal - family, friends, the sunrise, and the sky. You begin valuing your relationships more than your stuff. You develop greater faith because you must. You cultivate greater appreciation for what you already have because it is not so easily replacable. You learn to manage your money according to deeper priorities. And so, when the limitations are lifted, you have developed new habits of viewing money as a tool for your true happiness, rather than a substitute for the very same.

Suppose you experience limited mobility - you have a car for example that is not working well. Now you must become resourceful, combine errands, ask for help, find joyful things to do closer to home, or perhaps choose to bike or walk, and therefore strengthen your physical body and assist the environment as well. In a sense, being slightly "grounded" helps you find the joy that is all around you now, so when you do have greater ability to travel you will not forget the pleasures to be found at home.

Suppose you have dietary limitations. You want to lose weight or become healthy. Instead of viewing these as restrictions, consider the fact that you are now going to have to get very creative to satisfy your taste buds. You can explore new flavors and menu options you never thought possible. You can enjoy new ethnic foods - for a great portion of the world already eats as you wish you could, and enjoys flavorful meals you can only imagine. And in this exploration, you open yourself up the world around you, explore new cultures, cultivate a desire for travel and variety in your life. Meanwhile you lose your weight or achieve your goals in health. And so what was once limitation, opens up the world for you.

Dear ones, when you feel limited in your outer world, dig deep in your inner world. Get creative. Cultivate possiblity by using your creativity. Embrace deeper faith. Evaluate priorities. And in these times of so-called limitation you will find a wealth of joy, a renewed sense of flavor in life, more energy, faith, connection, and the rest of the qualities that make your life worth living.

Limitation is only the shell from which the chick hatches, the seed from which the flower bursts forth, and the forces which make you feel confined until you too find the strength, beauty, and God-spark within as you too burst into the light of full blossoming.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On anxiety

Last week we spoke to you about worry. This week we wish to address the topic of anxiety because so very many of you are experiencing anxiety at this time. Worry and anxiety are close cousins. When you worry, typically you are projecting a specific fear out into the future. When you are anxious, the fears are often unidentified and muddled in your mind. Worry says, "I fear this specific outcome is going to happen!" Anxiety says, "I fears something is going to go wrong! I have no idea what. I am not in control. I'm not sure I can handle it," and so on and so forth.

Just as prayer and a focus on the desired outcome can cure worry, so too prayer and a focus on your desired outcome can help calm the fears that cause anxiety.

For many of you anxiety is a habitual and learned way of being. You feel you must be concerned about every possible future scenario that might occur in your lives. This robs you of the joy in the present moment. When anxiety creeps up, breathe slowly and deeply, then sit down and write down specifically what you fear. Make a list until all the fears are identified. Now you have your power back. Now you can look your fears in the face, ask yourself if that is really what you are planning to create, and then resolve pray for what you really want.

For some of you anxiety is an emotional virus that acts up up as soon as life starts going well. There is a culture of struggle on your planet that humanity has created, believes in, and perpetuates. Beliefs such as "No Pain. No Gain," "You have to pay your dues," "No Guts. No glory," continue to reinforce the idea that struggle is required to achieve anything of value in life. While we would agree that work, effort, and labors of love are required at times, struggle is not, for when you feel you are struggling dear ones, what are you really struggling with but your own hearts? When you ignore your hearts enitrely you set up a mentality that life must be hard, drudgery, etc. And unfortunately you become used to this reality.

Suddenly, one day, after years of struggle, you change your ways. You decide to pay attention to your heart, to put your faith in God, and to pray for your dreams to come true. You surrender a bit of control, and then all of the sudden, dear ones, absolute magic begins to happen in your lives. And then the ego feels as if it is dying. It is no longer in control. And so it begins to fret and worry and create imaginary possible problems for you to worry about that rob you of your joy.

Anxiety is the ego's way of taking your soul hostage and preventing it from living in its true power and in the truth of God's love and abundance. When you become anxious, take time to sit still and ask yourself, "What do I fear?" Look each fear in the face, pray for the desired outcome, and if all else fails, sit, breathe and call upon your angels to help you feel, once again, the truth of God's abiding love.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pray instead of worry

We hear your prayers and know your worries dear ones, but if you knew the truth of God's love for you and the reality of life on earth you would never have to worry again. You would trust that wherever you find yourself, all is in perfection. You would know that whatever anyone else is experiencing is exactly what they need at that point for their soul's education. And in releasing your worries you would find boundless energy - for your fears drain the very life force out of you, focus you on negative realities, and prevent you from your natural state of creativity and well being.

Worry is a learned behavior. It is not a natural state of being for the soul. It is taught to you from an early age. You learn that if you care, you will worry. And yet, dear friends nothing could be farther from the truth! To worry about your future is to focus on and therefore lend energy to the very reality you wish to avoid. To worry about another is to focus on a negative reality for their future. Every thought you think, and every word you utter is a prayer. And while none of you would ever consciously pray for the worst for yourself or another, that is exactly what you do each time you send a worry out to the universe. It is a weak prayer, thankfully, but nonetheless a command to the universal intelligence. You do not want to create all you worry about dear ones! You want to create the beautiful dreams you dream with conscious intent.

So what to do when worry arises? Ask yourself, "What if my worry came true? How would I handle it?" Sometimes just looking fear in the face causes it to dissipate. Then say to yourself, "What is the best that can happen?" Allow yourself to envision the best possible solution. Ask yourself also, "What are the facts right now... today?" Remind yourself that you can always handle today. Envision the best for tomorrow.

And above all else, dear ones, when worry arises, say a prayer for the outcome you DO want. Instead of worrying about your children's safety and fearing the worst, pray for the best. Instead of worrying about whether or not you can pay your bills, pray for financial security and plenty of abundance. Instead of worrying about your health or the health of another pray for their well being and vitality. Instead of worrying about Mother Earth, pray for her well-being. In this fashion you become powerful creators for what is good, true, healthy, joyous, and everlasting here upon your earth.