Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love for the sake of loving

So many of you want so much more in your lives and dear ones, that is fine, but realize what your soul wants, always and forever more, when you are on this earth and beyond, is to experience an expansion of God's love flowing through your existence. Everything you want on earth, at its deepest level, is an expression of that desire. Everything you want is something you think will give you a greater experience of love. And this dear ones, is what all souls crave.

So if you find yourself in circumstances that feel less than loving, ask yourself, how can I bring more love into this situation? How can I bring more positive thoughts, a more cheerful outlook, a kinder way of being. For in being more loving, you will start to see yourself as the loving being that you truly are. You will increase your self worth and self esteem if you are being loving for the sake of being who you really are. And as you continue to love yourself more and more, and acknowledge the loving truth of your being, you will be more willing to release less than loving circumstances and attract better.

We are not saying that should be more loving and expect others to change, although they often will. We are not saying "Be a better person to get a raise," because sometimes that will not occur. We are suggesting that if you truly BE the loving soul that you are, YOU will feel better. You will see yourselves differently, and in that acknowledgement of self love, that dear ones, is where you begin to attract goodness, miracles, kindness, joy, and opportunities that you would have otherwise not been able to attract.

Dear ones, love for the sake of loving. Be kind because it feels better. Choose positive thoughts over negative ones because they will uplift and inspire YOU. When you need to cry, by all means be kind to yourselves and cry. When you are upset, by all means, acknowledge your own feelings and allow the upset to flow through you in a healthy way. But then dear ones, dry your eyes, breathe through your upset, and choose love once again, because in the end, this is what you crave more than anything else on earth, and this is what will draw good to unto you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In God's eyes you are already perfect

Your lives on earth are so short compared to the duration of your souls. If you could see them as we do you would not waste a single moment in self judgment or criticism. You would know yourselves as the beautiful souls that you truly are, simply having an experience and an education upon your earth.

Take heart when you do not feel you meet your own standards and remember that in God's eyes you are already perfect. There are simply choices that make you feel more like the loving beings that you truly are and other choices that are made when you forget. Always, no matter what, strive to love yourselves and realize you are all doing your very best in each and every moment. So much time is wasted upon your earth in self-judgment and self-deprecation. It serves no purpose.

If you could acknowledge and love yourselves at all times, each and every one of you would be so much happier! When you make what you perceive to be a mistake, ask yourself, "What would I say to my best friend if he or she did the same?" Would you say, "That was stupid! How could you? What were you thinking! You should have known better?!!" or wouldn't you rather say, "You did your best. You did what you could. You did what you knew at the time." Give yourselves the same courtesy, for you are all truly doing your best.

Instead of judging yourself, say, "What did I learn? What would I do differently next time?" And then strive to learn, strive to make more loving, more discerning choices next time you are faced with a similar opportunity. For God only gives you opportunities to love. And choosing love creates opportunities that feel more loving to you as human beings.

In God's eyes you are already perfect. In our eyes you are courageous souls having a human experience. We would never think to judge or criticize a single one of you. Instead we simply help you move forward in greater love. Even when you can't seem to love yourselves, dear ones, perhaps you can sit, breathe, receive, and allow your angels to love you, wipe away your tears, and help you remember once again who you truly are.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pray with certainty

When we look at each and every one of you we see precious souls. We do not see mistakes, problems, issues, etc. Instead we see beautiful beings of light who are here to explore and experience a reality called earth in your eternal journey and exploration of love. We do not see anything wrong with you ever. You can scream, cry, throw tantrums, complain, and still we hold you close as one would hold a little child who just does not yet understand how much he or she is loved. You ARE loved dear friends. It is an illusion that you are not. It is an illusion that God does not care about your needs or want to answer your prayers.

If you want your prayers answered then check in with your own hearts and make sure they are sincere. Make sure your prayers are not a means to an end. So many of you, instead of praying for what you really want, pray for the ways you feel you must get there. Instead of praying for the love of your life, you target one individual and ask God to turn them into the love of your life. Instead of praying for your bills to be paid easily and joyfully, you pray for money to come in a certain way, when in reality God knows millions of ways. Instead of praying for a peaceful life you pray for all the things you think you need to get there. And while it is absolutely ok to pray for specific things in your life, make sure these things are what you really want, rather than a means to an end, for what you really want will come more easily. At times, prayers may go unanswered while the universe gives you time to get clear.

So many of you also water down your prayers with doubt, unworthiness, etc. "I would like to go on a vacation God... but I don't think I can afford the time off and I don't know who would watch my house, etc..." Prayers like these are not very powerful because in truth, every word you utter and every thought you think is a prayer! And so the prayer above is really a confused prayer because it does not clearly own the fact that you want to go on a vacation and have everything in your life necessary to allow for it work out in a beautiful way.

Pray with certainty dear ones, whatever it is you pray for. Pray for what you really want, can clearly own, and are willing to surrender to God. In this fashion your prayers will be answered in accordance with the vibrational laws of the universe, in cooperation with the angels, under the divine direction of the One who made you and loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

All of life is a spiritual practice

So many of you worry about making time for your 'spiritual' practices and yet we would contend that every dish you wash, every breath you breathe, and indeed every word that you utter is part of a spiritual practice. Life itself is a spiritual practice, and you can practice bringing the truth of your spirit into each and every word and deed, each and every day. To immerse your spirit in life, is to imbue your life with loving kindness, starting with yourselves first, then reaching outwards to others as your cup runneth over.v The question is not whether or not you are all spiritual - for indeed as you have heard many times, you are all spirits in bodies - but rather what level of spiritual awareness you bring to the every day activities in your life.

While it is beautiful to meditate and sing sacred songs, we would encourage you to focus on speaking to one another more kindly, for a kind word is one of the holiest songs upon your earth. And while doing good for those who have less is certainly a most beautiful way to express your love, don't forget to take care of your own basic needs as well. For what good does it do if you achieve these so-called external spiritual acts without finding the peace and love of God within your own hearts? Give, dear ones, from what is truly inside of you, and fill your own cup first so that it can authentically spill over into the world.

Nothing you do is without purpose. Every thought, every word, and every deep ripples out into the universe, some having greater effect than others. You can make anything you do a spiritual practice if you bring love to the situation. You can bring love into your chores. You can bring love into your conversations, and you can even bring love into situations in which you might otherwise judge yourselves. It would be a spiritual practice for some of you to look in the mirror and love yourselves unconditionally.

Dear ones, God walks with you in each and very moment of each and every day for indeed God is the force of love and life that breathes life into you. You cannot be without God. You are made of the very breath of God. You cannot be anything but spiritual. So instead of worrying whether or not you have time for your spiritual practices, remember to make life a spiritual practice. Bring love into your thoughts, your words, and your deeds. Love yourselves without condition, and from this feeling of fullness and joy, then you can authentically share your gifts, talents, and resources with the world.