Saturday, September 25, 2010

De-clutter your spirit

It is a time of seeking clarity upon your planet earth, and a time of clearing out all that has robbed your spirit of its vitality in human form. You are clearing out old fears, old anxieties, old beliefs, and indeed even old material possessions that no longer serve you. As you go through your homes and closets, look at everything dear ones. What truly serves you now? What do you truly love? Are your possessions serving you or are you serving them? Are your belief structures serving you, or are you serving them? What adds more joy, vitality, love, ease, and grace to your life and what robs you of the very same.

So many of you hang on to old beliefs because you are afraid of the changes that would be required if you let them go. If you suddenly release the belief, for example, that you are "unworthy," then you must stand up tall, hold your head up high, and make adjustments in your life to match the new belief that you are deserving of kindness, acknowledgment, etc. You would be required to move away from those who are not kind to you and seek out better opportunities. You would have to change the way you speak about yourself. You would have to re prioritize the way you handle your money and your time. And so, out of a fear of change, a fear of disappointing others, you hang on to this old belief in "unworthiness." It is, after all, quite comfortable.

Likewise, so many of you hang on to stuff that doesn't serve you because it is a little unnerving to clear out the material clutter. We have no problem with you owning things that you love, enjoy, and use dear friends. But when you are holding on to things because you purchased them, don't use them, and feel guilty letting them go... well dear friends, you are hanging on to guilt. When you hold on to material possessions because they represent a happier time in life that is fine, but consider that what you really want is to create greater joy now. When you hold on to material possessions because you "might use them someday" but really won't, consider the fact that they represent security, and what you really want is the security of knowing that God will always give you what you need when you need it.

We never judge you dear friends, but rather point out ways in which you can lighten your proverbial load upon the planet earth, discover what you are truly seeking in life, and rid yourselves of that which no longer serves you. We honor you for your willingness to take a look around both within and without and to de-clutter your minds and your lives. This is not always easy, comfortable, or quick, and yet a soul unfettered with such burdens is a soul free to create what it truly desires in life. Seek out the true freedom of your souls dear friends, and get rid of all that does not add light to your life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The kingdom of heaven is now

At any moment in time you stand with a choice to embrace heaven or hell. In any moment you can choose to believe in the love behind the situation or choose to feel separate from love. In any human interaction you can bring more love into the situation or create greater division. In any given moment, you can choose to love and honor your own heart, or to ignore it.

To choose to see only love and be only love, to the best of your ability, is to embrace the truth of God's love within you. We understand that at times, this is no small task.

"How can I feel love when I have lost a loved one," you ask us? Start by loving yourselves. Get help, seek out healthy comfort. Assume your loved one in heaven is with you for rarely dear ones, are they not.

"How can I feel love when I do not know how to pay my bills, or when I am losing my house?" Dear ones, assume that perhaps God wants you to learn greater faith so you will never have to worry again. Perhaps God wants you to learn to ask for help so you learn you are not alone in this world. Perhaps God is directing you to simplify your lives so you can have more free time to do what truly brings you joy.

"How can I feel loved when I feel alone?" Dear ones, you are never truly alone but we do understand the human condition. If you are feeling lonely, sit and breathe and ask God and your angels to hold you in their embrace and don't move until you feel this peace and this comfort. In this space, ask to be guided to where you can meet others of like mind and like heart, and then as you are drawn to various activities, get up and do them. They may not look as if they are related to finding you a friend or a soul mate, but trust dear ones, trust that God knows what he is doing and did not design the human race to walk this earth without companionship.

Seek love dear friends, for it is the only true reality. You were born of love. You are made of love. You swim in a reality that seeks to teach you more about God's love. And behind even the most unthinkable behaviors of the human race are a desire for love, for even the most hurtful souls are simply, in a very unevolved way, striving to find acknowledgment and understanding in their pain. Move away from hurtful souls by all means, or change your own perspectives, but dear ones, do not withhold spiritual love. Pray for all. Pray for your family, friends, and even those you might consider your enemies for they are in need of prayer as well.

Seek love. Be love. Ask to see the love behind every situation. And in this reality dear ones, the kingdom of heaven is truly at hand.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

You are never abandoned by God

Understand that your earth is very shaky right now dear ones and so many of you are feeling this. The times you live in are causing a lot of old fears, anxieties, frustrations, etc. to rise up within you. And yet, dear friends, truth remains constant. You are eternal beings. Your souls live forever, and no matter what you experience on this earth, it is a temporary adventure.

So when life around you begins to stress you out, stop, breathe, and see if you can adopt a more detached perspective. Allow yourself to 'back up' from the situation a little bit. Ask yourself, "How does my soul see this situation? What can I learn from it?" The search for external fixes for your problems will never truly create a solution. Instead bring love into the situations in your life. If your finances are tight, of course take steps in your outer world as you are guided, but also go deeper. Look inside. Where are you not allowing yourself to feel the abundance of God? What parts of you do not believe in this? Stop, and take time to enjoy the sunrise, your relationships, and all the good that you do have. Send love to any parts inside yourself that do not believe in the goodness of the universe and in the eternal and unending nature of God's love.

So many times we hear human beings say, "God has forgotten me!" "Where is God?" "Where are my angels?" We are always here dear friends. We always love you. We always strive to guide you into greater love. Instead of asking these questions, ask instead, "Where am I?" "Are my words and actions consistent with what I truly want in life?" "Do I even know what I truly want in life?" "Am I expressing myself honestly and lovingly?" "Am I constantly taking care of others but not myself, or vice versa?" "Where can I bring greater truth into my life?"

You are never ever abandoned by God and your angels, dear friends. You are instead at times, allowed, by your own free will to make less than loving choices for yourselves. But as you choose to express your truth, your love, your gifts, your talents, and your real desires in life, then you come to the surface once again and we are allowed to step in and mirror that all back to you in your outer lives.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Go inside

So many of you, dear friends are experiencing the same pressures and releases as your Mother earth. Be gentle with yourselves. It may seem at times as if there are several of you living inside one body and vying for the control of one mind. There is a YOU that is the real you. This is the part of you that believes in God's love, knows yourself as a powerful creator, and wants to be kind and loving to yourself and others. Then, within each of you there are energies from the past that are angry, sad, fearful, or mistrustful. So many of you are experiencing the surfacing of these other parts of yourselves, as they come up for love and healing.

If you are fearful, take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask God and the angels for assistance. Ask inside of yourself, "Who inside of me is fearful." Allow an image or a feeling to come up. Talk to that part of your spirit - the one that is lost in fear. Imagine giving it a hug, reassurance, and comfort, and sending it into the light where it will be eternally safe and cared for.

If you are angry, again take a breath, close your eyes and ask us for assistance. Ask inside of yourself "Who inside of me is angry?" Allow an image or a feeling to come up. Talk to that part of your spirit. Let it know that you understand its anger and yet you are in charge now and you want to create a better life. Negotiate and tell this part of yourself it must go into the light now or leave you alone.

If you can't quite find faith in God's love again go inside and ask, "Who inside of me does not believe in God's love?" Dialog with this part, comfort it, and ask it to go into the light.

Dear ones, it is a time on earth where doing this work is imperative. You want to free your souls from the bondage of those bits and pieces of yourself that remain lost in fear, anger, and illusions. You want to be the angel to yourself. You want to be the parent you never had, the kind friend you always wished for, indeed the very love of your own life. If you are willing to take the time to go inside and love those parts of yourself that did not receive love, to comfort those parts that did not receive comfort, to validate the parts that didn't receive validation and weren't allowed to have their own voice, then dear ones, you become the healing light of God for yourself. This is self love at its deepest forms, for if you can love and comfort, and work with the darker parts of your own soul, you need never fear the darkness of the world around you, for indeed energy is energy, and you are all truly one. Heal yourself and watch your life begin to transform.