Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is good

As your seasons change, remember that change is the natural order of the universe. When you were born your soul confined itself in the beautiful form of a baby's body. As you grow, you leave behind who you once were and mature into someone you never even imagined you could be. When you were a child did you imagine you could look as you do now, live where you do now, do what you do now? Some of you would say, "Yes," and yet so many more had no idea who they could become.

Likewise, right now, no matter what age you are, you still are in a process of ever unfolding expansion. You are still learning more about who you are inside, how much you can love, what you can accomplish here upon the earth. Over time you will continue to see brighter, more loving sides of yourself, more creative, abundant, and joyous. For this is the growth your soul came to do.

And while it is human nature to want to cling to life as you know it, be willing to open up to change dear ones. If you want your dreams to come true, things must change within your mind and heart to allow for them. If you desire more, you must let go of less. If you want to be healthy you may have to let go of certain habits that no longer serve you. If you want love you must let go of old pains. If you want abundance, you must let go of any focus on lack.

Just as your seasons change, dear friends, letting go of once was, to make room for what will be, so too you must examines your minds, hearts, souls, and lives and be willing to change, to let go, and to reimagine what you wish to create. It is a wonderful season for going within, diving deep into your hearts, and searching for the dreams that lie within. Let your hopes and visions for the future be your catalyst for change right now. In this moment, how would you change your life, given the means, resources, talents, and people you have right now, in order to better prepare for the future of your dreams. It is fine to dream of the future, for it will change the way you act you right now. And change, dear ones, is good.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Season for Everything

As your seasons change, and the colors on the leaves begin to turn, you are reminded that within your own lives there is a season for everything. There are times for activity, and times for rest, times for making things happen and times when you must wait for God. How do you know what season you are in dear ones? It is simple. In a time for activity you are drawn to act. In a time for rest, you are drawn to rest. In a time of making things happen you have a desire to be in motion. In a time where you are waiting for God you have done everything you know to do and must surrender the rest to a higher power.

Don't resist the timing in your life. If the trees clung to their leaves in the fall there would be no room for new growth in the spring. If they didn't rest in the winter, they would be too tired to bud. And if they didn't give forth their fruits in the season of summer, they would have energy without outlet.

So too dear ones you are like the trees. Often your internal seasons correspond with the external ones... but not always. Honor your internal seasons...

If you are in a season of autumn, you will be bothered by clutter and have a desire to clean out the closets. You will be irritated by old behaviors that no longer serve you, see some relationships as no longer being the kind you wish to maintain, and you will notice the old beliefs that do not create the new life you wish to have. You will have a desire to release that which is not loving or useful in your lives. If you are in this state of being, roll up your sleeves, throw open your windows wide, and get to work! Write down the beliefs that do not serve you and create new ones. Celebrate because you are making room for something new in your lives by getting rid of that which no longer serves you.

If you are in a season of winter, you will wish to rest. Dormancy is required before new growth. You will want to sleep more, be less social, be around only those closest to you. Honor this dear ones. This is not 'unproductive' time but rather a time of gathering energy before your life takes a turn towards greater activity and change.

If you are in a time of spring, you will have a desire for newness and exploration. You will want to try new things. You will find new inspirations. You will be interested in 'getting out there' and meeting new people. In the season of your soul called springtime, allow time for these explorations for you are discovering more within yourselves.

If you are in a season of summer, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Gratitude and sharing are hallmarks of this season in your life. You want to express and share what you have learned. You look around and find satisfaction in what you have created, or you look around a say, oh my I wish to go into autumn, release all this and start over so next summer I can create a new harvest in my life.

Honor the seasons of your spirit dear friends, for within them are the keys to what God is asking you to do in your lives at this moment.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look for the light

In any situation in life dear ones you can look to the sun or focus on the storms. The sun is always there, even when hiding behind the clouds. So too, whether you look for the dark or look to the light, the light is always there. Why not, dear friends, focus on the light?

There is always something good happening in your lives even when you can't quite see it. Search for the good dear friends. Seek it out. Pretend you are a spiritual detective searching for little glimmers of light amidst the dark, love amidst fears, joy amidst sadness. As you do so, the sunshine of truth and love behind all things will begin to burn the clouds of doubt, fear, sadness, and anger away.

Take death, for example. When someone you love dies, it is beyond measure, sad for you are human beings and you miss the physicality of your loved ones, And yet, there is a great outpouring of love that occurs during such occasions as well. There are memories that surface, wounds that are healed, misdeeds that are forgiven. In the heavens there is great celebration for the soul that has returned home. Even in the midst of life's most unthinkable pain, there is love. This is how you get through grief dear friends - to realize that grief is just a painful part of a deeper and more amazing eternal love. Focus on the love. Focus on your love for the departed soul, and focus on their love for you, and this will be the sunshine that helps to burn the clouds of sadness away.

Take fear for example. So many of you live in a state of financial fear. You fear you will lose what you have worked so hard to earn. You fear you will fail your loved ones. You fear the unknown. So where is the love? Well dear friends you love yourselves enough to want to keep what you have earned. Acknowledge that. Ask God for help. You love your loved ones enough to want to care for them. Entrust them to God's care too with your prayers. You want good for yourself in the future. Focus on it and thereby create it and then the future will not be so 'unknown' after all because it will be unfolding according to your heart's design.

Dear ones, in all things, search for the love, for in focusing upon this love - the love that is ever present and unending - you focus on truth. In so doing you too will begin to burn away the clouds and the storms of sadness, fear, and doubt, and you will witness the miracles that can occur when you live in this state of well being.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

There are always loving choices

In every situation dear ones, there are endless choices you can make and unlimited possibilities for change. There are angels who can assist you and a loving God who breathes life and love into every moment of your life. If you can take the time to breathe slowly and deeply, and remember that it is God who breathes the very breath you take - then dear friends, you will never feel alone in solving your life's challenges.

When you find yourself feeling 'trapped' by a situation in life, or without options, take a step back. Stop, breathe, ask the angels and God to calm you, and then ask yourself... "How can I bring more love into this situation?" "How you I love and honor my spirit here?" If you truly love and honor your spirit, then you will also love and honor the souls of all others involved.

For example, suppose you have bills you do not know how you are going to pay. How can you be more loving towards yourself first? You can choose not to beat yourself up. You can choose to examine the lessons in the situation and the gifts of the spirit that it brings. You can choose to be very loving to yourself by reaching out for help or by praying for direction. You can ask yourself, "Well what if the worse happens and how will I handle it?" You can take an even higher road and focus on absolute faith and tell yourself, "God cares for the simplest creatures on the earth and certainly for me. All I have to do is believe in this and trust the process of life. Yes God I would love for my bills to be paid on time, but if not show me what you are trying to teach me." You can listen to your heart and call a friend that pops into your mind only to find out he or she has some temporary work for you.

Even in what seem to be very dire circumstances you can pray for help. You can choose faith. You can look for the good and expect your own miracles. Falling into fear and panic are not the most loving choices. Focusing on what "should" be rather than what "is" is a waste of time. Instead pray for a loving solution. Reach out for comfort or better yet reach out to comfort another. When you feel you have something to give, if only a kind word, you will feel more abundant and calm. And when you feel abundant and calm you will be more open to the guidance that we send you.

Dear ones there are always loving choices and always options that God can see even if you cannot. You are never alone or without assistance. All it takes on your part is a willingness to embrace this truth, and a willingness to seek peace and calm in your heart so you can receive it.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Presence is a present

As you move through life realize that there will always be things "to do" and so instead of stressing and straining about all you think you must achieve, try dear ones, to drop into the moment at hand and give your complete focus to the task you are doing now. If you can remain present and focused on one thing you are doing at a time you will be more productive, more able to move through life with grace, more able to hear your guidance, and more able to accomplish all you truly have to do.

When you are doing one thing and thinking about all the others that must be achieved, you distract yourself from the moment. You do not think as clearly, nor are you present and open to new ideas from your guides and angels. And while it is a very human condition to have the brain working diligently to multi-task, it is a spiritual discipline and truly an act of living meditation to focus on what you are doing now.

Try this week to be as present as possible to the task at hand. Even if you switch from one task to the next, be present with the one you are doing now. Try to think only about what you are doing now. If you are in love with a person dear friends, they are your sole focus of attention. Can you be in love with life? Can you be in love with NOW? Can you be in love with the clerk in front of you, the person talking with you, the animal needing you? If you can dear friends, then you have not only mastered the art of presence, but also the art of living in human form!