Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take inventory of life

It is a time for taking inventory in life, for assessing what you have created, and for getting clear on what you wish to create in the future. We offer you a simple exercise that will not only help you take inventory of your outer reality, but also help you define more clearly who you are and who you want to be in your inner reality.

Take a breath and look around your lives as if you just stepped into this reality. Go outside for a moment and then walk in your home as if you were doing so for the first time. Imagine you are a guest and you have never seen this place. Really look at everything, not through the eyes of your past, but through the eyes of who you are now. What do you love now? What needs to go? Everything in your house either reflects the beauty and harmony of your spirit, or perhaps beliefs that no longer serve you. Look at the outer world and see a reflection of the inner. If this were a stranger's home and you were asked to move in, on the budget you have, what would you keep? What would you change? Don't be a stranger in your own lives dear ones. Move into your own homes, and more importantly, move into your present sacred point of view. If you know what you want in your home, you will be clearer on what you want in your lives as well.

Do you want more color? Perhaps you seek variety in life. Do you want a calmer environment. Perhaps you seek peace. Do you want to get rid of hand me downs that you never enjoyed? Perhaps you want to get rid of out dated hand me down beliefs about what you deserve? Do you need to de clutter? What in your lives and your minds needs de cluttering as well? What gives you great delight and joy? This reflects the beauty and harmony of your soul. What do you wish to bring into your home and your life as well? Take time to reflect on this and then to imagine the reality you wish to create, both internal and external.

Within your current budget of time and money, get to work dear ones on creating a home that is filled with love. Allow yourself to "move into" your own life! Clear the clutter. Get rid of the things you do not love. Give your home and your spirit room to breathe! Fix what you can, and stop beating yourself up for what you can't yet do. Take time to dream of any improvements you might make in this home or a future one, for in your day dreaming, you are getting in touch with the beauty and harmony of your own spirit right now. You are acknowledging your self worth, and beginning to set the universal wheels in motion.

You deserve to live in your own life dear friends, not the life that was defined for you by the beliefs or manipulations of others. You deserve to live in a home, no matter how simple, that makes your spirit sing. For when you are at home in your own life, your materially life will reflect this as well and you will both find and create beauty and harmony wherever you reside.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You are never without options

Never in your days are you without options. Even when it seems you have no options in your present condition, you do! You have complete control over how you choose to perceive the situation. Do you choose to perceive your life with gratitude or grumbling? Do you choose to see lack or abundance? Do you choose to feel rich or poor? Do you choose to focus on being loved or unloved.

Always and forevermore dear ones, all perceptions exist all at once. God loves you immeasurably even if no one else on earth did, and if you focus on that, you would love yourself more, and presto! You would attract others who love you as well. There is abundance all around you dear ones. Think of those less fortunate than you when you feel lack and give thanks for all you do have. Look for the abundance, focus on it, feel it, and then you will attract more. Are you sick? Can you recall a time when you felt wonderful and give thanks that you remember what that felt like? Or can you imagine it? If so you have begun the road to recovery.

Your minds dear ones are tools, given to you by God for you to use to perceive your physical universe and your human existence. They have been programmed, in many cases, by everyone and everything other than your own soul! Take back your power dear friends, by taking back your own mind. Choose, over and over and over again, until you create new mental habits, to see love, to see abundance, to see well being, to see joy, and to see the good in everything. In this fashion you begin to create the existence you want, right now, from the inside out.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

You want to feel God's love

There is upon your planet earth an energy that is prompting each one of you to get in touch with your hearts, your dreams, and the dearest wishes of your soul. Some of you say, "But I know what I want! I want love! I want money! I want a beautiful home!" And while these things are indeed part of the greater manifestation dear ones, what you truly want is to experience God's love in every aspect of your life! You want to feel God's love, know it, see it, and indeed, experience becoming it.

Take time each day dear ones, for just a minute or two, and ask yourself... What would my life be like if I knew how deeply and dearly God and my angels loved me? Imagine, you feel more loved than you have ever felt before. Imagine you are loved beyond condition. You are not judged. All your perceived "sins" are forgiven. Anything you have or haven't done is just fine with God, because God knows the greater truth of your reality, and that reality is that at any given moment here upon the planet earth you have done the best you could do. Even when you were angry, it was a cry for love. Even when you said things you later regret, it was an awkward cry for love. Even when you were in your heights of glory dear ones, that did not make us love you more for we already love you more than you can possibly imagine.

Take the time, and ask... What would my life be like if I knew and felt how deeply I were loved. And then imagine you ARE loved, exactly as you are, with exactly what you have, in the exact circumstances in which you find yourself today. Ask to feel this love in every area of your life.

Next, because you are now imagining how deeply you are loved, ask God for what it is you truly want.
"God I know how deeply you love you. Can you help me with my bills? God I know how deeply you love me and want me to have love in my life. Can you help me get out of my own way? Can you help me love myself enough to receive it? God I know you want me to have this vacation I dream of taking? Can you help me trust you will bring it to me in the right and proper timing, because it is you who put it in my heart to begin with."

And lastly dear friends, trust! Trust God loves you and hears your prayers. Stop looking for proof and deciding that you have been forgotten or have done something wrong when things don't look as you wish in this moment. Live with the absolute knowing that you ARE loved and that all you have to do is receive it and be it. In hat reality all you ever want and dreamed will come.

This is our version of manifesting dear friends. For God wants you to have a magnificent life. God wants you to have love in every area of your life. God wants you to feel the flow of his resources into your life so you can be who you are and do what you love to do! You do not earn this love. You cannot push it away. You can only decide, each and every day to abide in its truth, to believe in it, to be willing to receive and share it. This is what we want for each and every one of you, for this indeed would be heaven on earth... if not for everyone, at least in the lives of those of you who choose to embrace it.

All possibilities exist in the mind of God

Celebrate! It is a time to focus upon new beliefs, new ideas, new ideals, and new ways of being. This year, choose beliefs that support the reality you wish to create. Choose actions that support your desires. Choose words that affirm your creations, for indeed dear friends, you have the power of choice at your disposal and this is a greater power than any of you can possibly imagine in the human world.

All possibilities for your life exist within the mind of God. It is as if you constantly stand at the beginning of a journey with an infinite number of roads ahead of you. It is your choice, the choice of your free will to align your actions, words, and deeds with the desires God has planted in your heart or to negate the very same.

If you want to create a new career for example, don't waste your precious time and energy complaining about the current job! Bless it ! Love it for the lessons it has created, and in the very next breath, choose to focus upon the feelings you wish to create in a new career. Focus upon how you want to feel when you wake up and go to work, how you want to feel as you perform a labor of love, and how you want to feel gratitude at the end of each day. Choices such as these pull you towards a magnificent future, for you will ultimately be drawn to that upon which you focus with love. If however you say, "I hate my current job! I want out! I am not making enough money!" well then dear ones, you can imagine the reality you are embracing with those emotions. You are in a sense, tethering yourself to the current reality, rather than creating a new one. So focus upon that which you love, which you desire, which is truly in your heart of hearts, and therein you will find a new reality unfolding before you in miraculous fashion.

All possibilities for your life exist within the mind of God. You live most joyfully and powerfully when you place your loving focus and attention upon the desires within your own heart. You create in accordance with grace when you focus upon your creations with love. And in this fashion you begin to love the life you are living right now because you understand each step as simply that - a stepping stone of understanding on the pathway to your dreams. Use the power of your choice wisely dear friends. It is one of your greatest tools here upon the planet earth.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

With every breath your life begins anew

As you ring in the new year, remember that in every moment, with every breath you breathe - your life begins anew. With every thought you think, you have the capacity to change your entire future. With every moment you can choose to place your focus you can look at what is beautiful and true, or what is difficult and impermanent. With every second in time, you truly begin to recreate your own reality. No matter what you have experience in the year, or indeed years past, you begin your life anew each and every moment in time.

And so, dear ones, Happy New Year, as we celebrate this passage of time with humanity, but also Happy New You! With every breath you breathe, Happy New You! With every thought you think, Happy New You! With every choice you make towards greater love, Happy Wonderful Amazing New You! God dose not judge, keep score, hold you accountable for choices you have made in the past, punish you, reward you, or even see anything but the real you, which is eternally beautiful, loving, abundant, and already enlightened! God sees you only through the eyes of love. As you continue to learn to see yourself this way - lovingly, with compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, and tenderness, so too your reality will begin to shift into a more loving reality.

In 2011, find your heaven by choosing to love yourself first. Choose to forgive yourself for choices in your past that did not turn out as you wished. Forgive yourself for not living up to your own standards. Choose to be compassionated towards yourself, tender, gentle, and kind. Forego self criticism. Simply learn and move on. Learn and move on. For in each moment, as you choose to love yourself and be kind to yourself, you tell the universe to do the very same.

If you went bankrupt last year, stop looking back and revel in your newfound state of simplicity. If you lost a relationship last year, celebrate the new and better possibilities for your life. If you lost a loved one, celebrate their joyous arrival among family and friends in the heavens. If you had family challenges, celebrate your own ever loving heart that cares enough to want to create a greater state of love in your own life. If you were stressed, overwhelmed, and overloaded, celebrate the fact that you care enough to want more balance in your life and begin to change your habits. If you had health issues remember a time when you felt good and have that be your point of focus. Thank God for the lessons in the challenges, learn them, and be prepared to move on.

Dear ones, there is always something wonderful to see in each moment! Find that. Focus upon it, and the next moment, and the next, and indeed your entire future will begin to unfold more kindly.

We love you dear ones. Our prayer for you in this coming year is that you would get to know the great love of God within you, that you would know truly and deeply how much each and every one of you is loved; that you would ask your angels for more help, and relax a little more, knowing that your prayers can easily be answered if you give them to God. Rather than fretting and worrying this year, joyously away, with great anticipation, the magic that is sure to unfold in your lives when your hearts remain so dearly and expectantly open to God's love. For indeed dear friends, that is what you are made of you.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!