Saturday, January 08, 2011

All possibilities exist in the mind of God

Celebrate! It is a time to focus upon new beliefs, new ideas, new ideals, and new ways of being. This year, choose beliefs that support the reality you wish to create. Choose actions that support your desires. Choose words that affirm your creations, for indeed dear friends, you have the power of choice at your disposal and this is a greater power than any of you can possibly imagine in the human world.

All possibilities for your life exist within the mind of God. It is as if you constantly stand at the beginning of a journey with an infinite number of roads ahead of you. It is your choice, the choice of your free will to align your actions, words, and deeds with the desires God has planted in your heart or to negate the very same.

If you want to create a new career for example, don't waste your precious time and energy complaining about the current job! Bless it ! Love it for the lessons it has created, and in the very next breath, choose to focus upon the feelings you wish to create in a new career. Focus upon how you want to feel when you wake up and go to work, how you want to feel as you perform a labor of love, and how you want to feel gratitude at the end of each day. Choices such as these pull you towards a magnificent future, for you will ultimately be drawn to that upon which you focus with love. If however you say, "I hate my current job! I want out! I am not making enough money!" well then dear ones, you can imagine the reality you are embracing with those emotions. You are in a sense, tethering yourself to the current reality, rather than creating a new one. So focus upon that which you love, which you desire, which is truly in your heart of hearts, and therein you will find a new reality unfolding before you in miraculous fashion.

All possibilities for your life exist within the mind of God. You live most joyfully and powerfully when you place your loving focus and attention upon the desires within your own heart. You create in accordance with grace when you focus upon your creations with love. And in this fashion you begin to love the life you are living right now because you understand each step as simply that - a stepping stone of understanding on the pathway to your dreams. Use the power of your choice wisely dear friends. It is one of your greatest tools here upon the planet earth.