Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take inventory of life

It is a time for taking inventory in life, for assessing what you have created, and for getting clear on what you wish to create in the future. We offer you a simple exercise that will not only help you take inventory of your outer reality, but also help you define more clearly who you are and who you want to be in your inner reality.

Take a breath and look around your lives as if you just stepped into this reality. Go outside for a moment and then walk in your home as if you were doing so for the first time. Imagine you are a guest and you have never seen this place. Really look at everything, not through the eyes of your past, but through the eyes of who you are now. What do you love now? What needs to go? Everything in your house either reflects the beauty and harmony of your spirit, or perhaps beliefs that no longer serve you. Look at the outer world and see a reflection of the inner. If this were a stranger's home and you were asked to move in, on the budget you have, what would you keep? What would you change? Don't be a stranger in your own lives dear ones. Move into your own homes, and more importantly, move into your present sacred point of view. If you know what you want in your home, you will be clearer on what you want in your lives as well.

Do you want more color? Perhaps you seek variety in life. Do you want a calmer environment. Perhaps you seek peace. Do you want to get rid of hand me downs that you never enjoyed? Perhaps you want to get rid of out dated hand me down beliefs about what you deserve? Do you need to de clutter? What in your lives and your minds needs de cluttering as well? What gives you great delight and joy? This reflects the beauty and harmony of your soul. What do you wish to bring into your home and your life as well? Take time to reflect on this and then to imagine the reality you wish to create, both internal and external.

Within your current budget of time and money, get to work dear ones on creating a home that is filled with love. Allow yourself to "move into" your own life! Clear the clutter. Get rid of the things you do not love. Give your home and your spirit room to breathe! Fix what you can, and stop beating yourself up for what you can't yet do. Take time to dream of any improvements you might make in this home or a future one, for in your day dreaming, you are getting in touch with the beauty and harmony of your own spirit right now. You are acknowledging your self worth, and beginning to set the universal wheels in motion.

You deserve to live in your own life dear friends, not the life that was defined for you by the beliefs or manipulations of others. You deserve to live in a home, no matter how simple, that makes your spirit sing. For when you are at home in your own life, your materially life will reflect this as well and you will both find and create beauty and harmony wherever you reside.