Saturday, February 26, 2011

Align with God

Understand that so many of you are wanting to get on with life, to move forward, and create change. Always and forever dear ones, remember that change starts from the inside out. If you simply rush forward into your projects, strategizing and plotting but do not get your energy, attitude, and emotions pointed in the right direction first, then you will run around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. If however, you take time in silence to imagine the outcome you would like, breathe, pray, and ask God and the angels to guide and direct you, then your actions will be inspired, guided, and effective.

And so our message is simple this week. Whether you want an entirely new life, or simply a positive day, take time to sit and breathe, visualize and pray, for these few minutes each day are well spent, and will save you hours of frustration. Align yourselves with God at the beginning of each day. Pray to be filled with Spirit, with light, love, guidance and inspiration, and then dear ones, your actions and God's actions will be coordinated.

If the one who made you can coordinate the movement stars in the heavens, perhaps this same loving being can coordinate the most graceful motion of your life as well.