Saturday, February 19, 2011

Imagine everyone is a beautiful soul...

In each of your hearts dear ones there is a very sweet, sensitive, and vulnerable place - a place in which you trust life, are open to adventures, and believe in the goodness of the world. There is a place in which you know you are a magical creator, king or queen of your own world, and able to see what others label as make-believe. In this magical place dear ones you find the innocence of your childhood spirit, and the magnificence of your powerful soul.

Imagine for just one day that everyone you meet is a magical and beautiful soul. Inside everyone, no matter how hardened, how wounded, how angry, or how insensitive they are is a sweet, sensitive, and kind soul. Some souls display this part of themselves quite plainly on the surface. You are drawn to them. They inspire you, entertain you, motivate you, and gently coax you to open up and share your sweetest side as well. In other souls this part is buried deeply underneath layers of protective coating. Pain has convinced these souls to hide their beautiful, sweet, and sensitive spirit deep underneath layers of anger, intellect, or insensitivity. These are the souls that need your love, prayers, and compassion the most.

If you can imagine for one day that everyone you meet has a magical and beautiful soul, you will treat everyone differently. When you see those who are tired, you will know there is just a sleepy little child within, weary from life and the world, perhaps, and in need of a bit of kindness. When you see an angry or insensitive soul you will be able to know it has nothing to do with you and inside of them is just a child who is hurting and in need of your prayers. When you see a soul that is shut down, unconscious, and seemingly without a conscience, you will know there is also a depth of pain within and send them prayers as well.

You do not need to be around those who will not share their hearts, but you can pray for them dear friends. You can send them love, imagine their light within growing, and surround them with a soft blanket of the pink light of the heart. You can avoid taking their pain into your systems because you know they are not trying to hurt anyone but rather are hurt themselves. You can avoid trying to "Fix" them as well - have you ever tried to explain something to a child wailing in sadness, or screaming in anger. Far better to pick the child up, give them a hug, or at least a "time out." And so too, pick others up with your love and prayers.

In this week when so many of you celebrate a feast of St. Valentine's day we want you to know how very much we love each and every one of you. Love yourselves dear friends, for you are no less than the love of God molded into human form. Offer this love to others, if only through your prayers... for each soul upon the earth is made of the same stuff. Some remember, some forget, but all are worthy of compassion and loving prayers.