Saturday, March 26, 2011

Honor your inspirations

Breathe dear ones, and allow yourselves to focus on the ideas and inspirations that are beginning to emerge within you. For upon your planet earth you are emerging from a very difficult and stagnant time. Spring has sprung! The trees are budding. The flowers are blooming, and you too will be desiring movement, growth, and a blossoming of your soul. When inspiration hits dear ones, ride that wave. Allow yourself to be energized when you feel a passionate desire to accomplish something. Get moving. Start taking the tiniest steps towards your hopes and dreams. When inspiration engulfs, take that energy and use it to create movement in your lives.

This is not a time for hesitation. This is not a time to push yourself either, but rather a time in which you want to take advantage of the waves of energy as the emerge from within you and carry you forward. All of life is in motion once again dear friends. What small steps will you take to being creating the life you desire? Start today. This is, after all, your life, happening right here and right now.