Saturday, April 16, 2011

God celebrates every act of love

God, dear ones, celebrates each and every act of love upon your earth as if it were the greatest and most noble of deeds. Whether you are building schools, feeding the hungry, sheltering the poor, or opening the door for a person struggling with their groceries, your choice to be loving matters in the eyes of God. Be it great or small in appearance, all acts of love are great in the eyes of God. All matter. All make a huge difference in the consciousness upon your earth.

Do not compare yourselves with others, because it is not the scale of your deeds that is a measure of your success at the end of your life, but rather the love and authenticity with which you lived each day. You may never think you "make a difference" and yet perhaps someone spoke to you in anger yesterday and you chose instead of retaliation and reaction, to take a breath, to realize this person is obviously hurting, and to respond with firm calm or kindness. Such decisions to add more light to your world bring the angels to tears, dear ones. They are beautiful beyond compare.

When you assist a child, smile at a stranger, choose to be kind to yourselves, forgive someone who knows not what they do, take the time to take care of yourself, take the time to care for another, take the time to pet the dog, appreciate the rose upon the vine, to cook your food with love, to make your bed with gratitude, dear ones, these actions although "small" in the eyes of the human mind, are certainly grand in the eyes of God.

Sometimes the very smallest acts of kindness you perform are those you will find most meaningful at the end of your lives, for you can never ever know the ripple effect of these actions. Humanity, dear ones, is one family. And when you are kind and loving to yourself and another, your energy is like a drop of beautiful coloring seeping into a sea of clear water, tinting the entire consciousness of humanity with greater love.

Give yourselves credit dear friends, for all of you, every day, perform countless acts of love. You forget these "small" things. You don't always give them much significance, and yet every act of love and kindness, be it to self or another, is a great and noble deed in the eyes of God.