Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Spring!

My dear friends we love you so much! Happy springtime! It is the time for movement, bursts of inspiration, and certainly new life. Seeds are pushing to the surface. Blossoms are unfurling and you will find within yourselves a great desire for greater light in your own lives. What is it you want in life dear friends? You all want security, but you already have that, so stop focusing on lack. You all want love but you already have that, so be the loving souls that you are and you will attract more. You all want health so focus away from the ills of the world are listen to your bodies so that your health will improve.

What do you want beyond all that? What is it you wish to experience and express upon this earth, beyond mere existence, beyond mere survival, mere comfort? Start asking those questions dear ones for they pull you up and out of the mundane details of existence and begin to pull you forward into a greater reality. Don't worry about "how" you will create those things, "when" you can have them, etc. What if you had financial security already? What if you had love already? What if you had your health and vitaltiy... what would you wish to experience and express then?

In asking these questions you begin to find a deeper truth within yourselves. You begin to touch upon the divine spark within you. You begin to find that there is indeed more inside you! There is a reason you came to earth, not to suffer and survive, but to enjoy the experience, and to make some sort of contribution. And by contribution we do not necessarily mean grand acts of charity, but sometimes the simple act of love given to a child, or a difficult act of forgiveness given to a parent. "Contributions" to humanity, dear ones can be any act of love, in any form.

Dream beyond your boxes. Elevate your hearts and minds. Allow your free spirits the freedom to dream of the life you truly want, in your thoughts first, and in your energy fields, and then dear ones, watch the magic unfold. Happy springtime! Happy new, unfurling, blossoming you!