Saturday, May 07, 2011

A life of abundance

Celebrate dear ones for you are all moving forward once again in your lives. Whether the motion is "voluntary" or appears to be motivated by outside factors, each one of your souls is striving to create more joy, more love, a feeling of greater richness in the quality of your lives. Richness in your lives is never tied to the money in your bank account but rather, it is related to the amount of love and joy, connection and meaning that you choose experience on a daily basis.

And so dear ones, how do you add abundance to your daily lives? You first opportunity to experience an abundant life occurs upon awakening. Do you rush out of bed, stressed and worried about the day? Or perhaps can you experience this very same moment a little differently by taking a few deep breaths, stretching, giving thanks for your bed, your life, and another day in which you can create a whole new reality here upon your planet earth? When you arise, try this for a few days. Take just a few extra minutes upon awakening to fully allow your spirit to get back into your body after a night of being out and about with angels and guides. Take a few moments to breathe, stretch, and luxuriate in the feeling of having a body and the ability to breathe at all. Think about what you would like to do this day and ask for the help in achieving your tasks smoothly and gracefully. Envision your wonderful day. Ask that your day be filled with grace. Breathe. Feel yourself resting in the arms of God .

When you eat your breakfast, there too you can create an experience of lack or abundance. Do you even eat your breakfast? Do you rush? Do you throw something in your body without regard for it's desires and feelings as well. Or perhaps dear ones, can you stop, slow down, breathe, and ask your body what it wants to eat in ordered to be nurtured and sustained for the day ahead. Can you take a few minutes to prepare and eat your food with conscious awareness and gratitude?

When you greet your spouse, your child, your pet, or your co-workers are you present with them. Do you look into their eyes, seek the spark of light there within. Do you greet them cheerfully, see them as human beings - spirits in and of their own right who have cares and concerns just as you do - or do you see them as nuisances - people to be managed, avoided, taken care of? Do you share of your heart and your truth honestly and kindly with them, or do you close up for fear they will not care or understand you? In an abundant life dear ones, you are yourself and you allow yourself to connect with the people around you. You will repel those who do not belong and attract those who do, for this is the law of life. When you bring your heart to the surface without shame, without a need for acknowledgement, or without a desire to make others agree, your life will adjust to bring those to you who honor it.

These are but a few examples of how you can experience abundance in your life. An abundant life has nothing to do with money, but rather to do with an experience of love, joy, connection, and meaning. These things are all available no matter how much or how little you feel you have, for these qualities are within you already, there for the giving. Seek to love what you can. Seek joy in the simple pleasures in life. Seek connection with other human beings and let them sort themselves out around you. You can find meaning in the simplest act if it is done with love. Brushing your teeth can be a spiritual discipline if you do it with consciousness, gratitude, and love1 Indeed dear ones, find and experience the wealth you already have and in so doing you stop worrying about money. You stop worrying about what you do not have and focus upon what you already do. And in this state of being, you cannot help but attract more for you have at long last, discovered, your abundant he art, and the richness of your own soul.