Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of patience. Patience, on your planet, has a negative connotation. When you have to be patient, you often feel as if you are doing something wrong, or the universe is not hearing you. You frustrated because you want what you want now. And yet dear ones, Patience, is truly another aspect of Trust.

When you trust God, you know that all things happen in the most amazing and proper timing. You trust that the force that made you and breathes life into you - the same force that moves the stars in the heavens and motivates the turnings of the seasons - loves and cares about you more thank you can imagine. God, the intelligence and love that breathes life into and coordinates the entire universe, knows the big picture for you life and the lives of all those with whom you interact.

The trees are patient as they wait for the sun in the springtime to warm them and coax their budding forth. If they were to bud in the winter, they would not have had time to rest and replenish their energy from the last season. The sun would not be properly aligned to ripen their fruits. The snows might ruin their buds and prevent any blossoming at all. And so, to a tree, patience is nothing more than a willingness to surrender to a greater intelligence and love.

So when you find yourself feeling impatient, remember, you are just fearful. You just want "proof" that God heard you. You want comfort. Why not ask for comfort? Why not ask, like a little child, for the reassurance that you need. Why not ask God and your angels to help you clear out the fear inside and find joy right now.

For it is human nature to always want more. Your desires call forth your growth, just as a seed's desire for sun calls forth its growth in the springtime. And yet an acorn is perfect and sufficient unto itself although it dreams of being an oak. It has patience. It waits for the rains and the sun and the seasons to change, knowing then that conditions will be perfect for it to fulfill its deepest design.

Live your lives now dear ones, in each moment. See love and be love to the best of your ability in each moment. For when you making loving choices for yourself "now," and when you have faith that all will occur in divine and beautiful timing, it is this joy and this faith that calls your answers, solutions, and dreams to you ever so much more quickly.