Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today we would like to speak to you on the subject of responsibility. As human beings we know you have many obligations that you must fulfill in order to keep your life running smoothly. You must pay your bills, answer your emails, take care of your children, pets, and aging parents, go to work, cook your meals, exercise your bodies, etc. And while we honor these human duties, dear friends, and certainly support you in fulfilling them, we hold a very different perspective on the meaning of responsibility.

In our world, responsibility is your ability to respond to the present moment. If you are present to the moment at hand then your hearts will guide you always to do what must need to be done in the most joyful and efficient manner. If you take a few moments to check in with and be aware of your own heart, you will know what you want to do in each moment. You will know who you feel like calling, which emails you feel like answering, whether it is a productive time to pay the bills, etc. You will be guided to take care of your dependents in a way that is balanced and loving to yourself as well. In our definition of responsibility, you must be able to respond to your own heart first, and in so doing, you will be able to maintain all your human responsibilities as well.

Evaluate your human responsibilities, dear ones, rather than assuming they are all necessary. Of course we want you to honor the systems in which you incarnated, pay the bills, care for your loved ones, etc., however we do not want you to sacrifice your own soul in the process. And if you truly are present to your hearts in each moment, you will not only avoid sacrificing your soul, you will find that by including your spirit in each moment, trusting it, honoring it and listening to its guidance, you are indeed honoring of your human necessities as well.