Saturday, June 04, 2011

Your hearts can be at peace

Although your world is in a chaotic state dear friends, your hearts can be at peace, for God's love is constant, no matter what human kind is creating. And each one of you has access to this love and peace at every moment of your lifes. The reality you experience will be the one you choose to focus upon. In every circumstance, assume you are loved. In every situation assume there is a purpose. You do not always have to know the purpose. You do not always have to figure out why you are where you are. You only have to embrace the situation, assume there is some good behind it and in this mindset, you will be seeing the universe as a friendly place, as a place wherein each and every soul upon your planet earth, albeit often awkwardly, is searching for love.

When something unexpected happens, try to assume the best instead of the worst. When you do something you would rather not have done, or don't do something you feel you should have, assume that your soul had a reason, if only to learn more about who you really are.

When you look for the good in the world, you see more good. When you acknowledge what is good within yourself the world will too.

Dear ones, God's love is ever present. No matter what your world is doing, no matter what chaos humankind chooses to create, this remains the eternal and most deeply truthful reality. Focus upon this. Assume this in your lives. Assume that love lies beneath it all. And in this reality, dear ones, you will find peace, live in joy, and truly be "in the world, but not of it."