Saturday, July 30, 2011

A life of happy moments

You will all have "to do" lists left behind when you are done this lifetime, and so we encourage you, while on the path to your goals, to enjoy the journey. For every "to do" you once had, there is now a "done" and often a new "to do." It is not likely that you will never finish all your tasks or complete all your dreams upon the earth, for as soon as you achieve one you will find yourself dreaming up something new. This is the nature of life itself. An apple falls upon the ground and wants to sprout into a new tree. The tree wants to blossom and bear fruit. And the new fruit wishes to fall and create a new tree. And so too, dear ones, you will always seek to grow, expand, and experience more while you are upon the earth, and after you leave it.

Rather than feeling discontent with where you are, celebrate all its goodness! Be grateful for what you do have, even as you are asking for more. For it is from a foundation of celebration that you enjoy each moment in your life and from a foundation of gratitude that you will achieve more. There is never a moment in your life without value. There is never a situation in which you find yourself without opportunity for love. In each and every moment, find the good, find the gratitude, and in this fashion you will more easily create your next dream or your next goal.

A life well lived is not a life in which you have checked off the most items on your "to do" list, but rather a life in which you enjoy the journey. If you accomplish but one small goal in your lifetime, and yet live each moment with love, you will see in heaven that your life was filled with richness. Perhaps you came to earth to say one kind, life changing word, to one soul that you care about. Perhaps you came to earth to pray one prayer for the earth itself. Perhaps you came to earth to experience freedom of choice, or perhaps you came to experience a limited range of motion to highlight some of your other lessons. In each life there are vast riches and so do not ever judge your success by how much you achieve, but rather by how much love and how much joy you choose to experience in each moment.

We wish for each one of you a lifetime of happy moments, and a lifetime of goals and dreams achieved while you are enjoying the process of achieving them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The gift of receiving

Today we wish to speak to you on the gift of receiving. It is so easy for so many of you to give to one another and we celebrate your generosity. You feel so good when you give for so many reasons. When you give you feel abundant. When you give your generosity, your gift and talents are acknowledged. When you give, you feel you have made a contribution to someone else's life and this makes you feel good because you are being the love that you truly are. However, while it is so easy for so many of you to give, many of you have a hard time receiving. And yet, it is in receiving, that you allow another to experience the gifts that giving brings.

Some of you feel unworthy of receiving. That is nonsense dear friends! You are all worthy of God's blessings and while on earth, these blessings must come through one another. Some of you are afraid you are taking too much from another who has little, and yet have you not also given, at times, when you have little to spare? Didn't it make you feel that much more abundant? Try not to judge whether or not the giver can and should give. If it is in their hearts to do so, receive graciously. Some of you perceive that there are strings attached to the gift. And in reality dear ones, most of you have also given with strings attached. However, it is up to the receiver to decide whether or not they will acknowledge the unspoken "bargains" or whether they will have the self worth to simply say "thank you" and allow their gratitude to be sufficient "payback" to use your very human words.

In receiving graciously, you bless the giver. You give them the gift of gratitude, the gift of acknowledgment, the gift of saying, "Yes, I see and appreciate the love within you." By receiving with a grateful heart, you give back so very much. And more importantly dear ones, when you receive with a grateful heart you continue to allow the flow of God's love to move freely through the universe. By all means it is ok to gratefully decline a gift, while acknowledging the good intent. Maybe someone offers you help and you truly do not need or want it. Acknowledge their good intent. Thank them for their generous heart. In this way you receive the spiritual gifts offered and continue to keep God's love in flow.

Just as you love to give dear friends, others love to give as well. Allow others to bless you in this fashion, for as you learn to receive - compliments, assistance when needed, good words and kind thoughts, etc. so too you enlarge your capacity to receive God's love. You all want so very much in your lives, and so begin by making space in your lives, then practice receiving graciously as the love begins to flow freely towards you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everything is spiritual

There is a tendencey upon your planet earth to label and divide your activities and thoughts into what you consider to be "spiritual" and what you consider to be "mundane." Your mind decides something is "important" and therefore requires more attention than something "unimportant," and while these labels are human and we certainly do not judge them, we see things so very differently up here in the heavens. All your activities can be spiritual dear friends, or all can be mundane. If you sit in church out of a sense of duty, with no feeling of connection to God, that is less spiritual than the times when you view a single flower with a prayer of gratitude within your hearts, and a sense of wonder for the majesty of creation. If you perform acts of charity out of a sense of duty, that is less spiritual than quietly smiling at the clerk in your local convenience store as you buy your gas. It is never the outer activity that dictates the movement within. Rather it is the quality of love that exists within your hearts that dictates the merit of the outer works.

This month many of you are having an urge to clear out and clean out. And while sorting through your posessions may not feel so spiritual, and while you might feel there are more important things to do, consider the fact that laying the foundation of a house is certainly more tedious and less exciting than putting up the walls or enjoying the decor. Tilling the rocky soil of a garden patch is certainly hard work and yet it is necessary before you can weed, feed, fertilize, and harvest the beautiful vegetables that grow there. There are times for tilling the soil of your life. You are indeed digging and laying new foundations when you do so. If you want a job, you must prepare a resume. If you want to enjoy order, you have to clear chaos. If you want to enjoy a relationship, you have to throw away old beliefs that no longer serve you.

For every dream you have dear friends, there are soils that must be tilled, and foundations that must be laid. And so this week, we urge you to look at your dreams, and say to yourself, "What beliefs must I embrace to be consistent with those dreams?" "What do I need to change in my home or life to be consistent with those dreams?" What can I do right now, within my means, time, and energy levels to lay the foundations for the future I desire? Think about these things dear friends and then get busy because you are the ones who set the wheels in motion for your dreams to come true!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

You are free to love

Celebrate your freedom dear ones, for you are free to love and free to choose how to perceive every single situation in your life. You may not feel free at times. Your conditioning and beliefs may bias you to perceive a situation as negative or disagreeable, when in fact it just is what it is. When you see an angry child for example, many of you would have compassion. Some of you would privately giggle at the seriousness of their tantrum. Some of you would come unglued and yell back. Some of you would walk away in disgust. Some of you would pick them up, hug them, and then if all else failed firmly walk them to their room for some time to calm down. And each of these responses is a choice, although you ma not know it at the time. Each of these responses shows you how you feel about your own upsets, angers , and frustrations in life. Do you take your own anger so seriously that it disturbs you, or do you simply say, "Oh my, I'm so upset! Let me give myself some love, cool down, and then figure out what to do about this situation." For it is how you treat yourself that dictates how you will react to others.

Suppose you find yourself in the middle of the month without any certainty that you will be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. Again, you have choices in terms of how you will perceive the situation. You are free! Some of you will say, "That's alright, I always manage to come out alright. God is with me." Some of you will frantically do your balance sheets in an effort to feel in control. Some of you will get angry and throw tantrums. Some of you will fret and worry in spite of knowing everything turns out ok each month. Again, each reaction tells you a lot about yourself. Do you have faith? What did you learn about responsibility?

Look at each life situation you find yourself in dear ones. Look at your reactions to it. What can you learn about yourself? Can you choose to find more faith, more love, and more true responsibility - the ability to respond with kindness and peace? If you can dear ones, you will find that things you once considered to be challenges are not so challenging. Situations you once considered to be upsetting, simply exist. The world can go on with its tougher lessons, but you can choose peace. You can choose prosperity of the heart. You can choose, always and forevermore, the truth of your loving hearts.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Freedom every day of your lives

And while many of you celebrate your Independence Day this week, we celebrate your Independence day every day of your lives! For in truth, you were given free will upon your planet earth and you are free to choose to be a loving being at each and every moment of your life. No matter what your circumstances - whether you feel financially free or not, whether you feel "trapped" in a loveless relationship or not, whether you are bound to a bed or a wheelchair, chained to a wall, or in any circumstance in your life, you have the freedom to be the loving soul that you are, or not.

And while certainly we wish for you all the external freedoms that your heart can desire we know that sometimes you place yourselves in circumstances that feel rather claustrophobic in order to create lessons on the greatest freedom of all - the freedom to be who you really are. Nothing and no one can take that love away from you dear friends. No one can keep you from expressing your truth with love. And yes, you might argue that throughout the centuries some have died for this very act of freedom, we would say, yes, they have and their souls remain intact, even more liberated than those who remain upon the earth, walking freely, financially free, but feeling they must conform with the masses rather than be the loving beings that they truly are.

So this week explore your greatest freedom. When you feel financially pinched, exercises your freedom to feel God's love and abundance, and to be the very same. When you feel faced with a relationship - be it work or personal - that has you feeling trapped, exercise your freedom to express your truths with loving kindness, not with an intent to change the other but only with an intent to be who you really are.

This freedom, the true freedom, the freedom to love costs you nothing, requires no fight, and can be exercised anywhere, anytime, in any situation. You are all free dear friends. Happy Loving Independence Lifetimes to you!