Saturday, July 30, 2011

A life of happy moments

You will all have "to do" lists left behind when you are done this lifetime, and so we encourage you, while on the path to your goals, to enjoy the journey. For every "to do" you once had, there is now a "done" and often a new "to do." It is not likely that you will never finish all your tasks or complete all your dreams upon the earth, for as soon as you achieve one you will find yourself dreaming up something new. This is the nature of life itself. An apple falls upon the ground and wants to sprout into a new tree. The tree wants to blossom and bear fruit. And the new fruit wishes to fall and create a new tree. And so too, dear ones, you will always seek to grow, expand, and experience more while you are upon the earth, and after you leave it.

Rather than feeling discontent with where you are, celebrate all its goodness! Be grateful for what you do have, even as you are asking for more. For it is from a foundation of celebration that you enjoy each moment in your life and from a foundation of gratitude that you will achieve more. There is never a moment in your life without value. There is never a situation in which you find yourself without opportunity for love. In each and every moment, find the good, find the gratitude, and in this fashion you will more easily create your next dream or your next goal.

A life well lived is not a life in which you have checked off the most items on your "to do" list, but rather a life in which you enjoy the journey. If you accomplish but one small goal in your lifetime, and yet live each moment with love, you will see in heaven that your life was filled with richness. Perhaps you came to earth to say one kind, life changing word, to one soul that you care about. Perhaps you came to earth to pray one prayer for the earth itself. Perhaps you came to earth to experience freedom of choice, or perhaps you came to experience a limited range of motion to highlight some of your other lessons. In each life there are vast riches and so do not ever judge your success by how much you achieve, but rather by how much love and how much joy you choose to experience in each moment.

We wish for each one of you a lifetime of happy moments, and a lifetime of goals and dreams achieved while you are enjoying the process of achieving them.