Saturday, September 03, 2011

Life is a dance of cooperation

Life is meant to be a dance of love and cooperation, dear ones, not a dance of adversity. Your Mother Earth, even with her rumblings and storms is not "out to get you" but rather she is simply stretching and releasing tensions. And when she does so, she inadvertently causes her children to come together and realize what is of the utmost importance, namely one another.

Life is a precious gift. It is in turbulent times that you realize this. It is in times of movement upon your earth that you realize that this precious life is not to be wasted or squandered in upset and survival. Life is meant to be lived. With each breath you have an opportunity to look around and see the miracles of life. With each breath you have an opportunity to be grateful for life and all you do have. With each breath, you have the opportunity to check in with your heart and say, "What's next?" "What is calling me now?" "Where is my joy in this next moment." And while we in the heavens know it is not realistic to think you would live that way all the time, if you were able to do so, you would exist very much like the creatures on your planet who do not worry about tomorrow, or even the next moment. They simply follow their instincts and respond to the influences around them, trusting all is well. The trees do not worry about losing their leaves in the fall, nor budding in the spring. They simply exist in response to the cues inside and around them. If you could exist this way,dear ones, you too would live in cooperation with one another and the universe around you.

Time is wasted in wishful thinking. When something is one way and you wish it to be another, that is fine to envision and create a new reality, but don't waste time being upset about what is in front of you right now. You want the weather to be clear, but a storm is coming. Get ready then, and look forward to the calm after the storm. You want a person to be one way but they are not. Deal with them as they are. Love them as they are. And then love yourself enough to know if you want to spend time around them... as they are, and as you are. In this fashion, you move through life with greater ease. You are not resisting what IS right now. You can, by all means, envision happier futures! We want you to envision happier futures! But you will get to these states of joy more easily if you stop resisting what is right in front of you right now, deal with life as it IS now, and then take the next step in your life that calls unto your hearts.

There will continue to be much movement upon your planet earth both externally and internally in the next several months. You will feel motivated to get going on the things you want for your lives. Do you want more peace? Take time to find it a little bit each day. Do you want more money? Take time to see how you might change your gifts and talents into a little job on the side. Do you want love? How can you be more loving and do the things you love right now, as your life is? Do you want to be healthier? What small steps can you take? A major life change begins with a change of attitude and one small step at a time. The time to start taking these steps is now dear ones. Life is precious and too short to waste in resistance to your own hearts.