Saturday, September 24, 2011

Never worry

If you knew how deeply you are loved by God you would never worry about a thing. The creator of the universe loves you and if you are willing to listen to your own hearts, you will be guided, protected, and cared for in all things.

You seek security in your bank accounts, your schedules, the locks on your doors, and in the comfort of those of like mind and like heart, and yet dear ones the only true security rests in the knowledge that God love and cares about you. The force and the love that makes the flowers bloom, causes the sun to rise and set, and moves the stars in the heavens, cares also for your lives.

If you worry, you are putting your faith in fear rather than in love. This limits our ability to assist you in your lives dear friends, because even the angels are bound by the laws set forth to govern your reality and we must, honor the energies you are radiating out to the universe. These laws are more like the laws of physics rather than the laws of man. If you put your faith in fear, we must step aside, and allow for it. We can warm you through instincts, intuitions, and variety of signs to keep you out of trouble, and yet if you don't pay heed to your own hearts, you will miss the guidance.

So many of you worry about the economy and yet God's economy is always and forevermore above anything humanity can create. So many of you worry about safety for yourself and your loved ones and yet true safety only exists in God. So many of your worry about securing your bodies against illness and yet true well being already exists when you are experiencing the love of God. So to ensure true security in your lives dear friends, trust in God. Pray. Listen to your hearts, and then just like the birds, the animals, the trees, and the stars in the heavens so too you will be guided and cared for in all ways.