Saturday, November 05, 2011

Release yourself from expectations

As you release yourself from the expectations of your past, you will find that you allow room in your life for the magic and miracles that can only be created by God. When you surrender to your own heart, allow yourself to flow according to your natural rhythms, and give up your expectations of perfection, you start to realize that you are perfect already. Life is perfect as it is. Others are perfectly where they should be to support the growth their soul needs at this time.

You can dance with life rather than struggling with it. Like water, you can try to move the boulders and obstacles, but when they do not budge, you can carve a new path around them.

In this letting go of expectations, you allow room for greater creation. You free up energy that would otherwise be wasted. "But dear angels," we hear you cry! "I expect kind treatment! I expect my bills to be paid! How can you ask us to give up expectation!" Dear ones, this is not exactly what we are speaking of. By all means, expect kind treatment, but when it does not occur, simply move away. If you hold a specific individual bound to your expectations and they do not live up to that reality you waste a lot of time and energy being upset or trying to get them to change. Simply move on. Simply ignore the bad behavior, or speak up with love and kindness, albeit firmly at times, for this is the only way in which YOU will find peace. You will never find peace when you hold yourself or others to standards that you, or they, cannot yet reach.

A kindergartner is lucky to be able to share his A,B,C's. If you were to get upset that he or she wasn't able to articulate complex ideas in writing, you would be wasting your energy. He or she is simply not there yet.

Likewise you do your best in any given moment of your life. You get upset. You make so-called mistakes. You can't fit everything in a day that you would like. Sometimes you have vowed to treat yourself well and you forget. Dear ones, stop beating yourselves up. Stop holding yourselves to standards of perfection and then using these as tools to see yourself as anything less than divine. Strive, of course, for better at all times, but when you, in your human terms, "Mess Up," bless the mess, learn from it, and move on. When others don't live up to your standards, bless them, speak up kindly, and move on.
v You are at a time on earth when you want to be very careful where you spend your energy. And while we understand that you all want to be more loving, do better, and reach your goals, we encourage you to treat yourselves with love as you learn to do so. While we understand that you wish others would be wiser, kinder, and more loving, we encourage you to either treat them with love or simply move away when they are not.

Your energy is a precious resource dear ones. Use it wisely. Spend it on thoughts and behaviors that honor your spirit, and when you do not, be kind to yourselves anyway. In doing so, you are being kind to God, for God's love lives within you and you live within God as well.