Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bring light into the dark

As you enjoy your holidays remember, that the light that appeared in the manger, the light that lit the lamps, the light that is indeed in every aspect of creation is available to you at all times. Ask this light to surface in your hearts. Call this light into every aspect of your lives. Call this light into situations that trouble or worry you. Call this light into your relationships, your finances, your work, for indeed as you invite the light and the love of God into every aspect of your life, you are calling forth truth, beauty, inspiration, ease, and grace.

It is a simple message dear friends, and yet putting this discipline into practice may take changing old habits for you, as human beings, are so programmed to feel you must handle all of life's challenges on your own. When faced with a challenge, be it as simple as, "How am I going to get the groceries, the gifts, and get home on time?" pray and ask God to fill this situation with His light. "Dear God, Fill my heart with your light and fill my errands with your light. Fill the traffic and the store clerks, and the other shoppers with your light. Fill my finances and my family with your light. Dearest God whose love animates every aspect of life itself, fill me. Fill my life with YOU dear God." And as you pray dear friends, stop, breathe, receive, and then go about your business knowing God is with you. For this is what you truly celebrate at this time of year - the birth of God's light into the darker areas of your life - a new promise, new hope, and a new way of being.