Saturday, December 17, 2011

What gifts will you give yourselves?

What gifts will you give yourself this holiday season, dear ones, for indeed all of God's love is available to you right now. Will you grant yourself with the gift of ease? Will you give yourself the gift of peace? Will you grant yourself forgivenss, or perhaps a little more self love? Spend time in contemplation and ask God for the spiritual gifts you wish to receive in the upcoming year.

We know you all have material gifts that you want as well, and that is fine of course, but beneath each one of these, you are asking for love. What kind of love are you seeking? Feelings of security? Feelings of peace? Feelings of being adored? Feelings of belonging? Feelings of being replenished? In reality you are secure. Peace is available at all times. You are adored and loved beyond measure. You belong as special and unique piece in the puzzle of God's creation. The source of all life rises up within you with each conscious breath. You are nothing less than the love of God made manifest in this world. You can never be unloved dear ones, you can only forget.

And so this holiday season, take a breath, and ask God for what you really want to receive. "Dear God, I believe that you care for me, but I want to experience your love. I grant myself an experience of life filled with peace and grace. I grant myself abundance. I grant myself health. I grant myself feelings of security. I open to receiving your love in ever expanding ways. I Love You God. Let your light and love rise up within me that I may experience your love in every aspect of my life and in turn be a beacon of your love into the world."

This dear ones, to experience God's love in ever more expanding ways would be the greatest gift you could ever ask to receive.