Saturday, March 26, 2011

Honor your inspirations

Breathe dear ones, and allow yourselves to focus on the ideas and inspirations that are beginning to emerge within you. For upon your planet earth you are emerging from a very difficult and stagnant time. Spring has sprung! The trees are budding. The flowers are blooming, and you too will be desiring movement, growth, and a blossoming of your soul. When inspiration hits dear ones, ride that wave. Allow yourself to be energized when you feel a passionate desire to accomplish something. Get moving. Start taking the tiniest steps towards your hopes and dreams. When inspiration engulfs, take that energy and use it to create movement in your lives.

This is not a time for hesitation. This is not a time to push yourself either, but rather a time in which you want to take advantage of the waves of energy as the emerge from within you and carry you forward. All of life is in motion once again dear friends. What small steps will you take to being creating the life you desire? Start today. This is, after all, your life, happening right here and right now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guided assistance

Everything in your world dear friends is impermanent, and yet your souls are eternal. So as you watch the news, understand that when someone dies in what you see as a terrible disaster, within seconds, they are in the loving arms of their angels, loved ones, and the light and love of God. Many of you know this and yet you wonder why other souls would choose to remain on earth in spite of such tragedy. Many, although unaware, are the brave volunteers who remain to inspire compassion, to help their fellow man, to be the light in the darkness. Many are there to "teach" the world - as you witness their suffering, you are inspired to release complaints and feel grateful for all you do have.

Some of you are called to assist in more tangible ways. Some of you are called to assist energetically and through prayer. Some of you are called to insist by staying out of the chaos and being beacons of peace and joy here upon the earth. If you pray sincerely to know your place in the world, God will always guide you in answer to that prayer. For who you are being in any given moment is far more important than what you are doing. If you assist others from a sense of duty rather than a sense of joy, far better to stay at home. If you help and assist family members, but resent having to do so, you are creating the internal conflicts within your own heart that eventually must be released in your own tidal waves of emotion and your own private shifting of the "plates" within.

If however, you allow yourself joy, seek joy, be joy... If you look at life from a grateful heart and point of view, then you will see where you do indeed have abundance already! And when you feel abundant in any area of life there is a natural tendency to want to share. Do you love your home? Then dear ones, enjoy it, give thanks for it, let the light you feel within it and the abundance you feel there in radiate out to a world that feels such lack. Do you enjoy cooking? If so share from your bountiful talents. Are you a good listener? Then when you feel ready, listen to everyone's perspectives with equality and give the world the gift of an energy that lovingly allows all things to "be". Are you strong? Lift something for a friend who is not. Dear ones the gifts you give the world are not always obvious, not always tangible, not always "big" in the sense of human scale, and yet when you find your abundance, feel it, and share from that bounty, then you give the world the gift of yourself - the precious gift of God's love working through you in human form. This is the greatest gift of all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Choose happiness now

As you approach the final weeks of winter it is a time for tilling the soil of your soul. It is a time to look at your life and say, "Which parts of my life support the person I want to be? Which parts of my life support the life I want to live? Which behaviors are consistent with my hearts desires and which are not?" "Am I speaking in a way that is consistent with the life I wish to live? Am I acting in a way which exhibits faith in my dreams?" Look at these things dear ones. Take the time to observe yourselves and ask whether or not the life you are living now is one which supports the person you wish to be.

So many of you want more freedom for example, and yet when you get an hour to yourselves you become stressed about what you should do with it. Instead luxuriate in the time. Pick up a book and read. Take the time to tidy up a drawer you have been wanting to organize. Call a friend you have been meaning to talk to. Allow yourselves joy right now. Don't wait for tomorrow. Many of you put off decisions hoping for change in the future and yet you sacrifice your happiness in the moment. "I'll go on vacation when I meet someone," for example. Why not go on vacation now? "I'll take better care of myself when the kids are grown." Start taking care of yourselves now." I'll get a car that works better when I have more money." Why not start praying for a better car now? God can work miracles in your lives if you live and acknowledge your heart in each moment.

Dear ones, life happens moment by moment. Choose happiness now. Choose to live as you wish to in the future, now. We are not talking about buying up all the material things you hope to have some day. We are not talking about bankrupting yourself spending on the vacations you hope to have in the future. We are not saying you must change your life in large ways, but rather start to bring the energy, the thoughts, the words, and the deeds that you hope to have in the future, into your life now. Start to speak and act as if you are abundant. Be gracious. Start to speak and act as if you are loved beyond reason (for indeed you are). Be loving. Start to speak and act as if you are interested in life and others, for this interest and conversation will open doorways to more opportunity.

Be the person you want to be right now dear ones. Examine your thoughts, words, and deeds, and in so doing you are tilling the soil of your soil, preparing for new seeds to be planted, new opportunities to come your way, and a new harvest of happiness as you move forward throughout your lives.