Saturday, April 30, 2011

God is in all things

In all things dear friends you can find God for indeed God is within all things. When you look at the sky, there is God. When you look at the grass, there is God. When you look into the eyes of those you love, there is God, and when you look into the eyes of a stranger or even those you cannot stand, there is God.

Our message today is simple dear friends, short, sweet, and to the point. Seek God within all things. Look for the miraculous presence of love within all people. The hair on the head of the person you hate is a miracle of God's love. The soul that is buried within such pain is a miracle of God's love.

All souls, all things, all beings are worthy of your love dear friends. Challenges yourselves to find something you can love, no matter how small, about every single situation and ever being you encounter, and suddenly your world will seem a lot more loving :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The love within

Celebrate every moment of your live dear friends for each of you, in every moment is striving to be the loving beings that you truly are. It is time to stop pretending you are anything less. When you are what you judge to be "less than loving" ask yourself, "How is this a cry for love?" "How can I give this love to myself?" For example, if you are upset at a situation, ask yourself, "How is this a cry for love?" Perhaps you want to be treated more kindly. Perhaps things didn't turn out as you wished. Next, "How can you give this love to yourself?" Maybe you can treat yourself kindly first then communicate with love. Maybe you can say, "Ok, here is where I am now but look at what I want to create," and allow yourself to steer your thoughts and intentions towards a kinder reality. There is always love you are seeking, and there is always the love within you that you can call forth to bring more light into your l ife.

When you access the love within yourselves dear ones, your entire life is lit with a magical glow. When you are loving and kind to yourself, you are loving and kind towards others. You can walk towards what gives you joy and walk away from what does not. You can choose thoughts that give you joy and simply choose to be done with the ones that do not. You can exercise control over your minds, rather than having past programming and conditioning exercise its control over you. For indeed love does not like to be controlled! Love likes to flow freely without restriction. You would not want anyone else telling you how you should think or feel... and so why do you tell yourselves how you should think or feel? Let yourselves "BE" as you are, in any given moment, and then from that place of loving all that you are, you can then release what you are done with and call forth what you wish to create.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. Be accepting of all that is within and without, because only from that place of nonresistence to what "is" can you ever make a clear choice as to what you want next. You are all perfect in our eyes, exactly as you are, right now. You can never ever do anything to lose the love of your angels or the love of God. What if each of you could love yourselves in this fashion? Then, dear ones, your world would be a different place.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

God celebrates every act of love

God, dear ones, celebrates each and every act of love upon your earth as if it were the greatest and most noble of deeds. Whether you are building schools, feeding the hungry, sheltering the poor, or opening the door for a person struggling with their groceries, your choice to be loving matters in the eyes of God. Be it great or small in appearance, all acts of love are great in the eyes of God. All matter. All make a huge difference in the consciousness upon your earth.

Do not compare yourselves with others, because it is not the scale of your deeds that is a measure of your success at the end of your life, but rather the love and authenticity with which you lived each day. You may never think you "make a difference" and yet perhaps someone spoke to you in anger yesterday and you chose instead of retaliation and reaction, to take a breath, to realize this person is obviously hurting, and to respond with firm calm or kindness. Such decisions to add more light to your world bring the angels to tears, dear ones. They are beautiful beyond compare.

When you assist a child, smile at a stranger, choose to be kind to yourselves, forgive someone who knows not what they do, take the time to take care of yourself, take the time to care for another, take the time to pet the dog, appreciate the rose upon the vine, to cook your food with love, to make your bed with gratitude, dear ones, these actions although "small" in the eyes of the human mind, are certainly grand in the eyes of God.

Sometimes the very smallest acts of kindness you perform are those you will find most meaningful at the end of your lives, for you can never ever know the ripple effect of these actions. Humanity, dear ones, is one family. And when you are kind and loving to yourself and another, your energy is like a drop of beautiful coloring seeping into a sea of clear water, tinting the entire consciousness of humanity with greater love.

Give yourselves credit dear friends, for all of you, every day, perform countless acts of love. You forget these "small" things. You don't always give them much significance, and yet every act of love and kindness, be it to self or another, is a great and noble deed in the eyes of God.

The gifts of self

This year many of you are taking a look at your holiday gift giving in a slightly different light. And while some of you bemoan the economy and say, "Look what I can no longer afford. I cannot give in the ways I used to give," we see that you always have beauty, truth, light, and love to share the world and those you love. These gifts reside within you and can never be taken away. They are not dependent upon human economies, nor do they ever run dry.

And so, dear ones, during this holiday season, focus upon the economy of God.

As you think about giving presents to one another, think also about giving your Presence. We do not mean you have to be physically present with someone, although that is always a gift! Simple ask yourself, "How can I give of my heart, my kindness, my words, my talents, my spirit?" "What do I have, inside of me, that I can contribute to this person's life?" And certainly dear ones, if you can and if you like, you can buy each other gifts, but if you do so, do so consciously, in a way that honors what you have and what you don't, and in a way that honors the receiver as well. Do not spend beyond your means because giving in this fashion stresses you and creates a vibration that simply affirms lack. Instead, spend with what you have for the simplest gifts, given with thoughtful and conscious intent mean ever so much more than others bought just for the sake of "something to give."

If you do not know what to purchase or do for someone, sit quietly, breathe, and ask your angels to inspire you. Imagine you can converse with that person's soul and ask them, "What would you like? What would touch your heart," and then wait for the first thought or idea that pops into your head. In this fashion, giving a gift becomes an act of connection, a beautiful moment of your soul touching and honoring their spirit. It is a sharing of energy, and an act of real love. And while this may take a little extra thought than just running out to buy something, it will be far more rewarding for you as well. For it is in giving that you receive, and when you give from the heart, you feel within you the true abundance that can never be taken away, nor will ever be reflected by your bank account - no matter how much or how little you have.

You are all abundant beings. It is your love, your kindness, your spirit, your gifts, and your talents that are most appreciated in this world... and these are the gifts that have eternal value.

So this year by all means, share your presents, but also dear ones, share your Presence with one another.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

You are reaching for the light

As the buds burst forth, the flowers bloom, and plants begin to reach for the light, so too many of you are feeling the urge to reach for the light as well. Do you have something you feel passionate about? If so dear ones, it is time to start incorporating your passions into your life. If you like to create art, make time. If you like to be around children, make time. If you like to cook wonderful food, collect nostalgic items, feed the poor, feed your family, build things, read about history, you name it, then it is time to get going! If you like to dance, dance in your living room. If you are interested in learning a new skill begin reading or look into taking some classes. It is time to incorporate more love in your life dear friends, and you do so by doing what you love or loving what you already do!

If you don't know what you love, it is a time for explorations. Take classes, talk to friends, talk to strangers. Ask people what they enjoy doing for fun and try things out. You don't ever need to wait for the "right" circumstance or the "right" person to get going with your lives. If you love to travel but don't want to travel alone, look into traveling with a group. If you can't afford travel yet, begin to make your vision boards and dream about where you would like to go.

Dear ones, each one of you has things to do that you love and enjoy. These things will take you outside of time, so to speak. They bring you into the present moment. They become a form of meditation that brings you peace, focus, clarity, and joy. It doesn't matter whether the task is something that will earn you money, although it may in time. It doesn't matter if the task "benefits" anyone else in the traditional sense. Dear friends, your joy, your upliftment, your higher vibration will benefit the entirety of human kind! Allow yourself your passions, your joys, your enthusiasm. It can be as simple as finding a playground and swinging on a swing, going to sit and quietly read in a library, or in the lobby of a beautiful resort. Your joy can be quietly laying on a blanket in the grass watching the clouds, or it can be chopping up colorful vegetables for a healthy and delicious salad.

Your joy will always lead to greater love, greater abundance, greater clarity, and greater enthusiasm for life, for in this higher vibrational state, you begin to believe in the goodness of life, and therefore to attract more. You become happy, uplifted, and grateful.

Do not be stingy with yourselves dear friends. Make time for joy. It is a gift you give unto yourself, and indeed the entire world as well.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Spring!

My dear friends we love you so much! Happy springtime! It is the time for movement, bursts of inspiration, and certainly new life. Seeds are pushing to the surface. Blossoms are unfurling and you will find within yourselves a great desire for greater light in your own lives. What is it you want in life dear friends? You all want security, but you already have that, so stop focusing on lack. You all want love but you already have that, so be the loving souls that you are and you will attract more. You all want health so focus away from the ills of the world are listen to your bodies so that your health will improve.

What do you want beyond all that? What is it you wish to experience and express upon this earth, beyond mere existence, beyond mere survival, mere comfort? Start asking those questions dear ones for they pull you up and out of the mundane details of existence and begin to pull you forward into a greater reality. Don't worry about "how" you will create those things, "when" you can have them, etc. What if you had financial security already? What if you had love already? What if you had your health and vitaltiy... what would you wish to experience and express then?

In asking these questions you begin to find a deeper truth within yourselves. You begin to touch upon the divine spark within you. You begin to find that there is indeed more inside you! There is a reason you came to earth, not to suffer and survive, but to enjoy the experience, and to make some sort of contribution. And by contribution we do not necessarily mean grand acts of charity, but sometimes the simple act of love given to a child, or a difficult act of forgiveness given to a parent. "Contributions" to humanity, dear ones can be any act of love, in any form.

Dream beyond your boxes. Elevate your hearts and minds. Allow your free spirits the freedom to dream of the life you truly want, in your thoughts first, and in your energy fields, and then dear ones, watch the magic unfold. Happy springtime! Happy new, unfurling, blossoming you!