Saturday, October 29, 2011

We love all perspectives

Here in the heavens we are heartened to see so many of you expressing yourselves in the world. And yet as much as we love those raising their voices in protest, so too we love the bankers. As much as we love those who feel themselves to be victims, so too we love those who are perceived to be perpetrators. For here in the heavens, we know that all souls, regardless of evolution or behavior, are God's children and are deserving of God's love.

And while we honor and love all souls who are listening to their desire to speak up and express discontent with unkind treatment in the world, we also know that without souls willing to identify with victimhood or martyrdom, there would be no support for perpetrators. Without souls willing to identify with lack, there would be no support for greed. Without souls willing to give away their power, either consciously or unconsciously, there would be no support for those wanting to take it.

So if you speak up - either within your own life, or within the world - speak from a place of knowing you and all those with whom you interact deserve kind treatment. Anything less you have received or shared has simply been a misunderstanding within your own soul. If you speak up, speak from a place of love, knowing all souls are simply trying to learn, including those who embrace lack as well as those who embrace greed - for indeed those are simply opposite sides of the coin of misunderstanding the abundance of God. When you speak up, come from an understanding that you have the abundance of God's love within you in infinite supply. When you can from this love, act from this love, embody this love, then the forces of darkness and ignorance will have no more power over you, for you will no longer be supporting them in your own lives.

Far more important than occupying establishments, locations, or situations is whether or not you choose to occupy your own life, and whether or not your soull's desires are allowed to be made manifest through your thoughts, words, and deeds. If you try to change the world without first changing your disempowering patterns and beliefs, you are missing the point of your existence. Each of you came to earth to dissolve the illusion that you are separate from the love of God. And so dear ones as you watch the unrest in the world, pray for both "sides." Pray for the ones you agree with as well as the ones with whom you find fault. But more importantly, treat yourself with kindness, dignity, and respect. Focus on creating positive movement in your own life first. Speak from love. Act from love. Be love. And then, from this place of love, by all means voice your concerns and desires for change. Remember, however, change begins from the inside out and if you want to change the world, start first by changing the world within.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall in love!

As you watch your news and see the unrest in the world, rather than falling into fear, dear ones, fall in love! Fall in love with the fact that everything that has been stagnant in your world is getting stirred up because everything that has been stagnant within human hearts is getting stirred up. And far more important than what happens on the news is what is happening in your heart! What is coming to the surface within you? What new desires are being revealed, or what old desires are becoming more insistent? How do you want to be treated by the world? What love do you wish to express? Look at these things dear ones. Sit in silence and examine your heart. Be impeccably honest with yourself. What do you want to create? What do you want to change in your life.

How can you create even the tiniest movement in your own life based on what exists in your heart. Big changes begin with a simple change of mind, and a simple commitment to the tiniest changes in your day to day life. If you want to lose weight for example, lose the weight of self-criticism, find the lightness of self love, and make the smallest loving choices each day. If you want to find the love of your life, love yourself as you desire to be loved and then let that love radiate and pour forth into the world. You will be irresistible. If you want to create peace in your heart, sit, breathe, receive our love and ask yourself with every non-peaceful thought, "What is a kinder way for me to think about this situation." You do not have to hang on to your old patterns, beliefs, or habits for a second longer than you choose.

We know these changes in your life take practice, diligence, and dedication. However dear ones, our prayer for you is that your hearts matter to you, that your lives matter to you, and that you choose to treat yourselves with love, kindness, and dignity. In the heavens we already know if you do this, then treating others with kindness, love, and dignity, will be no effort at all.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sort your priorities

This is a time of great movement and great light upon your planet earth. And while it may seem that the world is in chaos, dear ones, we see this stirring up as a wonderful time of sorting out your priorities, getting in touch with what matters to you, and making time for the things that add life to your lives. For if not now, when? This is your life dear friends. Today. Tomorrow, and the next. What if you had only a year to live? What would you change? Would live with freedom, abandon, and passion? Would you spend your savings? Would you make peace with those with whom your heart still holds burdens?

To live as if life is a precious gift is truly the way to feel most alive. And while we understand you are not going to quit your jobs, spend your savings, or necessarily call up everyone who has wronged you, dear ones, you can treat each moment of every day as the gift that it really is. Your lives no matter how long are so short in the scheme of eternity. Problems that seem huge at the time disappear with passing years, let alone lifetimes. So called "mistakes" you have made are all but forgotten and all that is remembered is the growth that ensues.

Nature does not plan for the future. The trees do not hold onto their leaves, saying, "But how will we make energy and food for ourselves next summer? What if the temperature isn't right? What if there isn't enough sunshine? Maybe I should hold on to these leaves after all." No indeed, dear ones, the trees let go of what is no longer useful, trusting that in right timing, all that they need will appear. In order for them to grow, they must conserve their energy in the winter, so they will be inspired to grow in the spring.

So too you must dance with the timing in your heart. And so so many of you want so much more! Take one small step today towards one of your dreams dear friends... on tiny step. And then another one tomorrow, and the next day. Life passes, why not pass your life doing those things which give you joy, fuel your dreams, and inspire you so you can manage life's necessitates, all the while knowing there is so much more to be enjoyed!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Never give up on your dreams

Never give up on your dreams dear friends. They are always closer than you think. In the mind of God all things already exist, waiting to be made manifest in your physical world. In the heart of God all possibilities are there for you to explore. And what you cannot achieve by sheer hard work, brilliance, and dedication, God can deliver with seemingly miraculous ease.

It sounds easy and yet the human mind is the single biggest culprit in sabotaging your own dreams. Your doubts, dear ones put the brakes on your manifestations. If you haven't see anything like what you desire in your life you may find your dreams hard to believe or imagine. Seek out role models. Seek you examples of what you desire. And instead of justifying why these role models have what you want, and you do not, say instead, "If it is possible for anyone, it is possible for me as well." Do what you know to do by all means to get your dreams going, but then dear ones, trust in God to partner with you and create what you cannot yet figure out.

God, dear ones is the love that gives you life. God's love is who you really are. It is only your mind, your beliefs, your conditioning, and all that you call your ego that forgets this. Can you take time to imagine every day the life you desire? Can you imagine it in such detail that it begins to seem real. Can you be grateful for your present circumstances and all they have taught you, while still imagining more? Make this a habit dear friends! Make it a habit to think of the best that can happen to you, the most joyful outcome, the thing that you desire the most. And by all means, get going! Do what you know. And then when you have done everything you know to do, everything your heart has guided you to do, trust in God. Relax into God. Surrender your concerns, and release your dreams unto the heavens, where in reality, they already exist, just waiting for you to believe

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Release what no longer serves you

As many of your trees turn colors dear friends, they serve as a reminder that in order to create what is new in your life, you must release that which no longer serves you. In order to bring a more authentic "you" to the surface of your life, you must release areas of your life that are no longer consistent with your dreams and desires. And so in this beautiful season of autumn, ask yourselves, "What is I want to create, and what must I release in order to make room for that dream in my life?" Some of you will find that you need to clear out the clutter in your closets. Some of you will realize that you must change priorities in terms of how you will spend your time. Some of you will have to let go of beliefs and programs that no longer serve you. For every new creation in your life, there will always be something that must be released in order to give birth to the new.

To create a relationship you must get rid of beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. You may have to rid yourself of old grudges, old doubts about whether or not God loves you enough to bring you the perfect person for your life. Maybe you will need to make room in your schedule to enjoy your own life so in that enjoyment you can be vibrationally matched with someone else enjoying their life as well. Maybe you have to give up old apathy or excuses and get your finances and your life in order. Whatever it is that holds you back from imagining your dreams coming into your lives dear ones, let go. By unburdening yourself in this fashion you create the room for miracles in your lives.

By releasing lack you create abundance. By releasing notions of being unloved, you create love. By clearing clutter you make room for new items in your life, or you prepare for the move you have been desiring. By clearing time in your schedule by releasing those activities that no longer serve you, you make room for ones that do. In the birth of every creation, there is also a release of what no longer serves. The chick breaks free of the shell. The acorn bursts open to allow the mighty oak tree to grow. The flower must die to bear fruit, and so on dear friends, and so too, you will leave behind what no longer serves you in order to nourish and make room for your dreams to be birthed.