Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy Holy New Year dear ones! We are so excited for you as you enter the year of 2012. Far from being the end of the world it is a year of new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new never had as much meaning as it will for your world this coming year. Each of you has been feeling this coming. Each of you has been releasing a lot of old emotions. Each of you is eager to get on with life, to make dreams come true, to allow for the love of God to flow into your hearts, homes, relationships, and indeed all of your lives!

Celebrate dear ones! Although there will be circumstances on your earth that cause many concern you can stand in a higher truth, knowing that what does not work is being catalyzed to change. What has been hidden in human hearts is coming to the surface. There will be a cry for more equality in the world, less greed, more compassion, more love. There will be more recognition that you are one world, one human race, and indeed all of you are in this life together, cooperatively, relying on each others' gifts, talents, and assistance to make the world go 'round. Your illusions of separation will be dissolving. Celebrate! Out with the old and in with the new!

For each of you personally you will be called upon during the year, to stand in faith or stand in fear. Choose faith dear ones! Have faith in God's love! Have faith in God's desire for you to live a life of your dreams, for indeed those dreams were planted in your hearts by God himself. Stop trying to control your days, your lives, others, your own heart. Allow yourself to just "be" who you are in any given moment. It is in this surrender to the truth of self, one moment at a time, that you are guided, directed, loved, and assisted. If you force yourself to do things out of fear, we think you know that this will not bring you a peaceful life. If you attempt to coerce, change, or "Fix" others you will find yourself in frustration. Let yourself be who you are and allow others to be as well. And while some may find the changes in 2012 challenging, you can sail through the year with grace and ease. As you bring love into every situation in your life you can transform not only your own lives, but indeed your world.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas! To those of you who don't, Happy Holidays! Dear friends we love each and every one of you so very much. and during this season of light coming into the darkness, in this season of miracles, we celebrate the gift and the miracle that is you!

The light that was born in the heart of Christ, the light that kept the lamps burning, the light that burns in each one of you is nothing less than God's love made manifest in a world willing and ready to receive it. And while not all on your earth are ready to receive God's love, we know that all of you reading this message are willing. And so dear ones, during this holiday season, let us gift you with our love. Let us help you call forth the Presence of God's love within you so that you may experience yourself as the beautiful light in the darkness, the lamps burning brightly, the manifestation of God's love in a waiting world. Allow us to help you bring God's light into the darkened spaces in your heart and your life. Allow us to help you remember who you really are.

Open your hearts dear friends. Sit, breathe, and imagine your heart opening as if a flower of beautiful light is unfolding, awaiting the sun. Imagine this golden white flower in your hearts opening and waiting to receive the love and the light and the tender care of God's grace. Breathe. Receive. Know you are loved.

The greatest gift we could give each one of you is our love. The greatest gift you can give one another is your love. The greatest gift you can give the heavens is to love yourselves and be yourselves in any given moment. It is, like the babe in the manger, so very simple dear friends. You are all innocent. You are all beautiful. You are all pure and loving souls, and although you may not always feel this way you are a gift and a blessing unto the heavens.

May your holiday season be filled with the love that you are.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What gifts will you give yourselves?

What gifts will you give yourself this holiday season, dear ones, for indeed all of God's love is available to you right now. Will you grant yourself with the gift of ease? Will you give yourself the gift of peace? Will you grant yourself forgivenss, or perhaps a little more self love? Spend time in contemplation and ask God for the spiritual gifts you wish to receive in the upcoming year.

We know you all have material gifts that you want as well, and that is fine of course, but beneath each one of these, you are asking for love. What kind of love are you seeking? Feelings of security? Feelings of peace? Feelings of being adored? Feelings of belonging? Feelings of being replenished? In reality you are secure. Peace is available at all times. You are adored and loved beyond measure. You belong as special and unique piece in the puzzle of God's creation. The source of all life rises up within you with each conscious breath. You are nothing less than the love of God made manifest in this world. You can never be unloved dear ones, you can only forget.

And so this holiday season, take a breath, and ask God for what you really want to receive. "Dear God, I believe that you care for me, but I want to experience your love. I grant myself an experience of life filled with peace and grace. I grant myself abundance. I grant myself health. I grant myself feelings of security. I open to receiving your love in ever expanding ways. I Love You God. Let your light and love rise up within me that I may experience your love in every aspect of my life and in turn be a beacon of your love into the world."

This dear ones, to experience God's love in ever more expanding ways would be the greatest gift you could ever ask to receive.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bring light into the dark

As you enjoy your holidays remember, that the light that appeared in the manger, the light that lit the lamps, the light that is indeed in every aspect of creation is available to you at all times. Ask this light to surface in your hearts. Call this light into every aspect of your lives. Call this light into situations that trouble or worry you. Call this light into your relationships, your finances, your work, for indeed as you invite the light and the love of God into every aspect of your life, you are calling forth truth, beauty, inspiration, ease, and grace.

It is a simple message dear friends, and yet putting this discipline into practice may take changing old habits for you, as human beings, are so programmed to feel you must handle all of life's challenges on your own. When faced with a challenge, be it as simple as, "How am I going to get the groceries, the gifts, and get home on time?" pray and ask God to fill this situation with His light. "Dear God, Fill my heart with your light and fill my errands with your light. Fill the traffic and the store clerks, and the other shoppers with your light. Fill my finances and my family with your light. Dearest God whose love animates every aspect of life itself, fill me. Fill my life with YOU dear God." And as you pray dear friends, stop, breathe, receive, and then go about your business knowing God is with you. For this is what you truly celebrate at this time of year - the birth of God's light into the darker areas of your life - a new promise, new hope, and a new way of being.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Don't forget to rest

As you approach the holidays, make yourselves a little promise, that you will choose thoughts, words, and deeds that honor the spirit of the seasons. For indeed it is the way that you choose to live your life that will determine the quality of your experience. Is the impatient person in line ahead of you a simple annoyance, or an opportunity to share a smile and the spirit of the season. Are you presents true reflections of love and thoughtfulness, or simply another item to cross off your to-do list? Dear ones, God does not care whether you send cards, give presents, or decorate your homes. God cares that you fill your lives with love. If you send your cards, give your presents, and decorate your homes in a spirit of love and joy, than this choice to view the season as a time of celebration and love will fill your heart with the very same. If these very same activities are a burden, however, we would rather you avoid them entirely and do something that you can celebrate an d enjoy.

The holidays celebrate the light of God within you. The holidays celebrate the spirit of God's love. The holiday celebrate magic, miracles, and the possibilities of dreams coming true. If you feel this magic, share it. If you do not, seek it. If you can do nothing else, sit quietly each day and breathe and ask to receive the spirit of God's love into your heart, for this would be the greatest gift of all for each and every one of you.

Enjoy your holidays dear ones. They are seasons in the lifetime of your soul as you take this very brief and beautiful journey upon the earth. They are not things to be "done right," "crossed off the to do list," or "hurried through." They, like every other set of days you have upon this earth, are days to be cherished, to be filled with love, kindness, generosity of spirit, and the true spirit of the season, which is the spirit of giving and receiving God's love. Give only from a full heart. Receive with a fullness of gracious gratitude, and in this exchange, you will be the light in the darkness, the hope for the world, and the miracle of the light that keeps burning.