Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year of authenticity

Happy New Year!! You made it! 2013 is upon you and once again you are reminded of your ever present opportunity to create life anew! 2013 is a year of authenticity, a year to bring your hearts to the surface, a year to take your dreams off the shelf and admit that there is so much more in life that you are wanting to create. It is a year of lovingly speaking your truth and leaving behind the false notions that you must agree with those around you.

For in truth dear ones, God made each and every one of you special, precious, and unique. Each one of you is a priceless piece of the vast puzzle of creation. You were not all destined to think alike, act alike, worship alike, or serve in the same capacity. You were designed to be guided by nothing less than the breath of God flowing through you with each and every one of your own breaths, a brilliant and beautiful light moving amidst the great light of God's creation.

So in 2013 we ask of you one simple thing, "To thine own self be true." Honor God by honoring your own hearts. Honor God by honoring the loving guidance within you. Focus your attention on love. Make God your God, rather than money, rather than worry, rather than the fear-mongers and lost among you, for the God of love lives in you, with you, and through you.

Dear ones, life can be so much easier for you in 2013 if you remember to surrender in each and every moment to the loving truth within you, not the truth for you ten years down the road, not the truth for you six hours ago, but the truth you find within you right now, and now, and now. For what is a new year, but simply a new now. And in each moment, with each breath, you have the ability to be more of who you really are, to create life anew. It does not matter who you have been, where you have been, or who has done what to you.

What matters is only this… who do you choose to be right now?

Bless you dear ones. Our prayer for you in 2013 is that you will feel the love of God rising up within you and know this is essence of your own precious hearts.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A little light goes a long way

Happy Holy Holidays to each one of you! In the heavens are hearts are so touched by your outpouring of light, for just as the Christmas story goes, you are the ones bringing light into the darkness. You are the ones bringing hope to a world in need. You are the ones bringing simple reverence to situations, knowing that God lives in all the places and faces you see here upon the earth.

The recent events in your news remind you that there is such a great need for love upon your earth. When you bring this love into the darkened spaces, much like a pure child brought his light into a very dark time upon the earth, miraculous transformation and healing become possible. And while you can't reach out to every wounded soul, you can smile at a stranger, hold out a hand to assist someone, perhaps even practice a bit more tolerance and compassion there in your family holiday gatherings. You can, in your dash to get the last minute presents, remember not to lose your loving presence. In your desire to share with family and friends, don't forget to share of your own hearts. For it is and always will be the gifts of love that matter the most, and the gifts of your presence that create the greatest ripples in the sea of human consciousness.

A tiny baby born in a cold dark stable brought a love that rippled out into the world. A tiny bit of oil in a lamp burned miraculously for days. You too dear ones, can be the miraculous lights in the world, shining your love into the darker spaces, into the pains within your own heart, into the painful parts of those in need… not only at this beautiful time of year, but always. Give birth to the light within. Let it shine ever so brightly. You are, each and every one of you, a precious gift to humanity and a blessing in our eyes.

Happy Holidays dear ones. Sit with us and open your hearts to receive the gift of our love. Our wish for you is that the light of God that we, the angels feel each and every day, rise up within you and bless you now and throughout the year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life beyond the Mayan Calendar

This is it! This is the week so many of you have wondered about talked about, read about, written documentaries, about… December 21, 2012! "And what exactly does that date mean," you have asked us so many times? Our response with a twinkle in our eyes is, "Absolutely nothing other than what you make it." For in our eyes, December 21, 2012 is a date on a man-made calendar based on the observation of the movements of the stars in the heavens…. and dear ones, the stars have moved in cycles in the heavens since your world was created.

You can wake up on December 22, 2012 and say to yourselves, "Well that wasn't too exciting," or you can say, "Wow, we are in a period of time beyond what the ancients could see. Their calendar ended yesterday. Their predictions ended yesterday. I am no longer bound by what those who have gone before me say I must embrace. I am in charge of my own life, captain of my own ship! I can create whatever I want! In truth dear ones, you always can and always could, however, what a grand and glorious opportunity to celebrate this truth on a day when all of humanity is ready to acknowledge a new beginning. To a degree you do this on your birthdays, at your New Year's and on other special occasions, but this day, if you make it such, can create grand and glorious change for humanity! It is after all the end of a calendar that spanned 26,000 years. Can you imagine? 26000 years of predictions! 26,000 years of struggles. 26,000 years of humanity trying to live life on earth without remembering that each and every one of you are guilder and loved by God! 26,000 years of worshiping the false idols of fear, power, money, etc. Can you fathom, dear ones, your tremendous ability to collectively create a new reality if you choose to do so?

So our recommendation would be very simple. On December 21, 2012 - the last day of a human calendar created ages ago - sit and simply give thanks for all that has gone before - every pain, every hardship, every blessing, and every joy… for every experience in your life has taught you. Every experience in your life has driven you to seek greater love. Every experience has led you to this moment. And then, after you give thanks for all that has gone before, release it. See it dropping away from you as if you are shedding a coat or an old skin. Imagine yourself walking forward into a beautiful future. Resolve that from this day forward you will do your utmost to bring love into every situation in your life. Practice love and gratitude for God and creation, Love for Self, and then by virtue of the nature of reality, love for others will come easily. Ask that your personal will be aligned with the will of God, for to do so is to ask to be aligned with the most loving reality possible for your lives. Pray that humanity be aligned with God's loving will as well.

You have the power to create a wonderful new reality in this new "cycle of time" that is upon us. But remember, cycles of time are eternal. Man places markers on a calendar for you to collectively celebrate their passing. Nonetheless, each and every day of your lives, with each and every breath, you have opportunity to create a more loving reality! This is our wish for you… that the love of God rise up within you, for you and through you as you move forward into the new earth that each and every one of you, collectively, is creating.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Making room for miracles

Celebrate dear friends! It is the season of love and miracles! What miracles would you like in your life? And why, dear ones, when you know that "With God all things are possible," would you believe anything is out of reach. It is a time to remember that when you exist in a loving reality, in that love, all things are truly possible. When you embrace the fact that you have a loving creator, you can relax into your lives, knowing that if you pray a sincere prayer for yourself, or ask for assistance, then as long as you are truly open to receiving it, it will come.

Along with your miracle, the lessons to prepare you may come. The guidance to take action may come. The guidance to release certain things or situations in your life may exist in your heart. You may receive the urge to call a friend, speak up to a stranger, or make a request of someone you barely know. Dear ones, when you ask for a miracle, you are very likely to be asked to participate in creating it.

To make room for your miracles, eradicate all thoughts to the contrary, for if pray for something while all the while sending out signals that you do not believe, you negate your own prayers. To make room for your miracles, give up the need to control how your prayers will be answered. Adopt a sense of adventure. God is at work! Enjoy the unfolding journey. To make room for your miracles, take time to be kind to yourselves… this sends creation a signal that you are indeed worthy of such assistance in your own mind! And last but not least, stop resisting where you are in your life right now. You are in certain conditions to learn, to grow, and to assist you in making further choices. Where you are right now is perfect for what your soul wants to learn now. Stop saying, "This shouldn't be." Instead say, "Here I am! I am learning! I am creating more." In this fashion you embrace the now, while allowing yourself to dream of even better…. as we have said before, the acor n is perfect, but dreams of becoming an oak.

Your miracles, dear ones, are not doled out by an arbitrary God but rather are simply a matter of cause and effect when your energy and vibration are in the right space, when your mind is willing to embrace the perfection of the present and surrender a bit of control, when your heart is attuned to listen to its guidance. Suddenly, miracles are not so miraculous after all… but rather available to all who understand how the universe is designed to work!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The gift of free will

As you approach the holidays remember that you, as human beings, were given one of the greatest gifts and that is the gift of free will. You can use this gift to see and create miracles in your lives and upon your earth, or you can use it to ignore all the good that is around you.

This holiday season, for example, will you choose to focus upon your abundance or your perceived lack, on what you can't give, or the thousands of gifts that are always present in your heart? Will you focus on being alone or on helping others who feel the same way? Will you focus on the delights and humor of being among your diverse and different "families" or will you choose to suffer through the gatherings?

Dear ones you have the power of free will, the amazing and miraculous gift of choice. And while you may not always be able to change your circumstances as quickly as you would like, you can always change the way you experience the reality in front of you, simply by using the beautiful gift of free will. So this holiday, and indeed for the rest of your lives, use your free will to make choices that express love, for yourself, for others, and as a result for God.

Happy holiday season dear ones.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gifts you give yourself

As you enter into the holiday season dear ones, take time to reflect upon all the gifts this year has brought to you, both with its highlights and its challenges. Have you learned more patience? Practiced more faith? Remembered more compassion? Have you gone deep within yourself and found hidden dreams, or perhaps faced situations in life with total honesty only to discover that they no longer suited you. For in this season of giving, before you enjoy the very beautiful experience of purchasing, creating, and exchanging human presents... and Presence... we want you to take some time to acknowledge the gifts you have given yourselves in all circumstances and situations in your life.

These spiritual gifts dear ones are the ones that are eternal. They will last you a lifetime and beyond. Have you given yourself the gift of feeling closer to God, closer to yourself, and closer to living the truth within you? Perhaps you have and you haven't even acknowledged it yet. Sometimes these gifts aren't wrapped in the prettiest packages. They can arise via the challenges in your life, the times in which you must dig deep within yourselves to find strength, fortitude, faith, love and so much more than you ever knew you were capable of being.

Treasure the presents you have given yourself this year. Have you learned to be kinder to yourself? More authentic? More compassionate with you? Have you learned to trust the process of living, and to believe that everything is in right order? Have you given yourself the gift of knowing that good can arise from all things? Dear ones, there is still time, indeed you have eternity to give yourself these lasting gifts. Why not start now?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Giving and receiving are a dance

For every need on your planet there is a solution. For everyone who has excess there is someone in need. Givers and receivers are matched by God so love can continue to flow unimpeded throughout the universe. So when you are in need of anything, a simple prayer will do... "Dear God, I have a need today for comfort. I have a need for this bill to be paid. I have a desire to meet someone special. I need help arriving to work on time." And then dear ones, listen to those little urges to take action when they arise, and trust that everything is in right order.

There is never a need to "stress" about how or when things will happen in your life. If you are doing your part, you can trust that they will happen in the perfect time and the perfect way. How do you do your part? We reassure you it is not by over thinking the situation but rather by sitting quietly and asking God, "Guide me... what must I do today for myself to help bring about my solution." Sometimes the guidance is nothing. Simply be at peace and enjoy your day. Sometimes you will have a thought popping in your mind, or a sudden urge to do something or go somewhere. Suddenly you feel like doing something different than you had planned. Trust this movement. Trust God's timing. Trust you are in a beautifully orchestrated dance with all of creation.

Suppose on the other hand, you are feeling very blessed right now. You are happy and full. You want to know how you can help and assist the world. Again a simple prayers will suffice. "God let me be your hands, your eyes, your mouth upon this earth. Guide me where you want me to share you love." And then very much like the receiver, wait until you are impulsed to share, Perhaps you will share a kind word, a hot meal, a bit of money. Perhaps you will share your talents. Perhaps you will sit peacefully and pray for the world. Perhaps your own joy is your gift to humanity. Trust the impulses once again.

You are not so separate from one another as you might think dear ones. You are part of a human race that God attempts to coordinate in a beautiful dance, pairing up givers and receivers, knowing each can both learn and derive joy from the encounter. It is neither better to give or receive. It is beautiful to do both if both are done with love.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bring on the love

As you move forward in an ever changing world, dear ones, remember that God lives and breathes life and love within each one of you. Here in the heavens we cannot imagine favoring one soul over another, giving one more power than another, or saying any one of you is better or worse than another. In our eyes, and in God's eyes you are all equal.You are all powerful creators. You are all made of the very same stuff. And you are all capable of the very same love whether or not you choose to bring it to the surface.

Many of you upon the planet earth have been in some of the toughest classes available in the universe. It is easy to be gracious with a warm roof over your head, so much more challenging when you are in need. And yet dear ones, look at the souls who have suffered so many losses as of late. Look at their example of reaching out to neighbors in need. Look at the woman who has nothing else to offer but a power cord dangling from her window to those who have none. Look at the ones who lost their livelihood and yet are outside cooking for their community. These people, far from remaining victims have taken charge of their souls and their lives in the only way they can - by being the loving beings that they truly are. Some of the souls in your disasters have indeed signed up for the PhD classes in spiritual evolution for if you can remain loving in dire circumstances, then dear ones, you have achieved quite a level of mastery.

So no matter what your circumstances, no matter whether or not you are happy with your situation in life, with the politics in your country, with your neighbor, your spouse, or your child, ask a simple question... "How can I bring more love into this situation now, even as I am creating better?" Ask, "How can I honor myself while also being kind to the rest of humanity?" Dear ones, God will help you find the answers, for no matter what the circumstances, God is with you at all times.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Allows us to help you

It is indeed a time of great movement and change upon your planet earth. This movement can either be terrifying or awe inspiring. It can create miracles in your life or if you resist the movements of your own heart, it can create great chaos. It is no longer possible to attempt to control your lives as tightly as you once did, for the energy of love upon your planet is increasing and the power that loves you, dear ones, is attempting to steer each and every one of you in your individual lives. All of nature works in a glorious dance, and so too, humanity is intended to do the same.

You have witnessed the winds blowing and the waters rising in your recent storm, but if you are paying attention you will also feel the winds of change blowing in your heart, and the tides of emotions rising. What humanity does not acknowledge and express, Mother Nature releases for you. Pent up emotions and whirling chaos in the human hearts give rise to swirling storms. Dear ones this is an act of love. Without such outlets, so many more of you would experience physical illness. Your dear Mother Earth loves you and she responds to you as a body must respond to the cells that comprise its totality.

So how can you embrace peace in times of chaos? Dear ones, peace comes from abiding in the lasting truth that God is in charge and if you choose to align yourselves with that love, your lives will truly be "in the world but not of it." Pray each morning. Ask God to come into your life, to guide and guard you. A very simply prayer and a few minutes of silent reception can change your life! "Dear God, take charge of my day. Here is what I would like to accomplish, but if you have better plans, make them known to me. I surrender to your love. I open my heart to receive your love." Then take a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive our love and the love of your creator. Such a simple exercise will change your lives.

For in truth it is not the storms, nor the economy, the political leaders, or others in your life who are in charge of your happiness or well being. If you align with God, then you can trust that every circumstance around you has meaning, purpose, and value. Your lives will go more smoothly. Your interactions will be more clearly guided. Your economy will be that of God's economy.

So rather than wasting time in worry, set your intentions to align with God, to receive the love of your angels and the Creator, and to trust that your well being never has depended on external circumstances but rather the degree with which you choose to align with love. Sit, breathe, and receive our love each and every day. Take time to pray. Take time to acknowledge all that is good, true, and beautiful within you. Focus on these simple truths dear ones. Deal with the day at hand - do your work, vote with your conscience, do what you need to do, but leave the rest to the power that coordinates the stars in the heavens. For indeed everything is in right order. You are all learning what you need to learn, but the tougher lessons will pass ever so much more quickly when you embrace them with an abiding love and trust, that you - each and every one of you - are deeply and dearly loved.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life happens, you label it

Life happens, dear ones, and you label it - good or bad, right or wrong, success or failure. In God's eyes there are only actions and reactions, choices and consequences. In God's eyes, everything no matter how unevolved is an attempt to move towards greater love. We know this is difficult to see at times in your human existence, and yet, if you can try to simply assume that everyone is attempting to seek and express love at some level of their being, then it is easier to forgive. It is easier not to react. It is easier to say, "Well they are growing and I can respect their journey." Dear ones, this is especally important now upon your earth, for everyone is being forced to grow, without exception, and many people are, in your human terms, resisting this growth and creating all sorts of chaos.

How you choose to view your life is up to you. Is something good or bad? How do you know? How can you say authoritatively, "This is horrible," when you do not have the bigger picture. God sees the infinite interactions and reactions to any given circumstance. For example, when many people leave the planet in a natural disaster, you say, "This is horrible! How can this be?" And yet from our perspective, dear ones, we are have a huge celebration - welcoming home so many souls back into the ever loving arms of God. From our perspective, we witness an outpouring of love and compassion from the world, often for the ones who have once been forgotten, who are now in the limelight. Suddenly labels such as "rich," "poor," etc. are gone and you realize you are all human beings. Compassion surges. Generosity abounds. This is the love we see coming to the surface.

Take a smaller example from everyday life. Someone snaps at you in anger. "How is this possibly a movement towards love?" you ask. Chances are likely that this individual has problems expressing themselves, or taking care of themselves. In their own, extremely unenlightened way, they are saying, "I am trying to express myself. I am trying to care about myself, albeit very awkwardly and often painfully." SO you see, there is love buried beneath it all.

Consider another example. Something you love breaks down. This is inconvenient, perhaps even expensive. Can you assume there is love beneath this? Perhaps God sees better for you and something more convenient. Perhaps God wants you to experience someone else's generosity so you can know you are loved? Perhaps you need to realize that you are abundant after all.

Dear ones, no matter how awkwardly it is expresssed there is love beneath it all. It is your perspective that determines how you experience life. Can you try to adopt a perspective that says, "I will seek the love, believe in the love, and be the love?" While we know this is difficult and can't be achieved at all times, do your best. It will make your life, and your world, a much better place.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The little deaths

As many of you approach your Halloween holiday we would like you to take a minute to celebrate the many deaths you have experienced inside of yourselves this year. We're no talking about the deaths of those you love, butt rather the deaths of those habits and patterns of thought that no longer serve you. It is cause to celebrate when these "little deaths" occur, for as you left go of that which does not serve you, you allow your true self to be birthed into greater life.

Death walks hand in hand with birth. When you die unto the physical body, you are born into a more glorious and beautiful reality. When a habit that does not serve your joy dies within you, new patterns of behavior are born which bring greater light into your life.

Let us take a very simple example. Suppose you have had a long day. You are hungry, and at long last you have the opportunity to sit down to eat your dinner. As you do so, the phone rings and you see that it is someone who calls you often to share their grievances. In this moment, you have a choice. "What will live and what will die within you?" Will the habit of jumping up the minute someone wants you to do so, live? Or will the archetypal martyr within you lay down and die in order to give birth to a more honest, loving, and guided reality? Will you resurrect guilt, pick up the phone, and allow your dinner to grow cold while your resentments heat up, or will you allow the guilt to die so a truth can be born that serves both you and this other? For in reality by you allowing the old patterns to die, you bring not only new life to yourself, but also new life to the other. In this examples the person calling may have to find a strength within themselves they did not know they had, or they may have to face their own feelings rather than dissipating them through complaints. This may seem, like a small example, but your lives are made up of thousands of such small moments, and in each moment you have a choice. In each movement you can die to the the patterns that no longer serve you and give birth to the truth. You can resurrect your old unhappy programming, or you can bring life to the light of God's love within you.

So, dears ones, celebrate the many things within you that have died this year, and ponder what has come to life within you in their place. Death has a negative connotation on your planet, but indeed in the heavens, we know that all deaths, be they death of the body, or death of an errant belief, are always and forevermore accompanied by glorious new life.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Turn the other cheek

We know you are loving beings. We know that, given an ideal world you would treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect. We know that this kind of treatment is what you desire from others as well. At this time on your earth while there is beautiful energy streaming in and fantastic opportunity for those willing to clear their minds and hearts and focus on creating, there is also incredible chaos for those unwilling to take charge of their minds and hearts in this fashion. Whatever is unhealed is being revealed, and thus you are seeing not only great wonder and beauty in the hearts of humanity, but also an acting out of the wounded child within many others.

As loving souls, we know you do not want to perpetuate the pain in the world, and yet so many of you are puzzled about how to deal with unkind behaviors, insensitive words or actions, and at times the poison darts of angry words that those in pain aim in your direction. our advice is simple. in the words of one of the most loving to ever walk the planet earth, "turn the other cheek." Turn away from unkindness. Look to something better. If someone aims anger or unkindness at you, walk away, remain silent, or if you can turn away from their darkness and respond with your love. There is no need to reply at all, unless you can turn to a more loving reality. All you need to say is, "I see you are hurt. I see you are angry. I see you are in pain. Let us talk later when this discussion can be rooted in love." You do not even have to say that out loud. Say it to their souls, and turn the other cheek, walk away or remain silent.

If someone behaves in an unloving or unkind manner, choose to either respond with love or don't respond at all. There is never a need to dignify unkind behavior with a response. There is never a need to "prove a point." If you feel you must make a point do so with no intention other than to express your own point of view. Trying to get an angry person to agree with you is a useless endeavor, and although most of you know this, humanity has engaged in great battles and even wars over such attempts.

So dear ones, you do not have to engage in a dance with the darkness of the world. You can exist in your light. You can turn away from that which is angry and unkind without a need to respond unless absolutely necessary. Even then, you can do so with loving firmness, much as a parent would say to a child throwing a tantrum, "I love you but you must go to your room now."

You are the lights in the world dear ones. Let your light shine!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Say yes to your heart

We are so excited for you! The energies coming into your planet are catalytic, motivating and inspiring movement in every way within every human heart. For those of you who have been willing to look within and acknowledge what you find inside of yourselves, this can be fantastic. You suddenly realize you want to travel, and so you say, "Dear God, I love you and I want to see your glory here upon the earth. Please assist me in finding a way to travel." Suddenly you begin to see advertisements that validate your desire. Suddenly you are motivated to set aside a little money here and there. Perhaps someone gives you a ticket or invites you on a trip. In this instance, you have simply acknowledged the truth within you, and like a child anticipating his or her presents during the holidays you have allowed yourself the joy of truth! God Loves you! God wants to assist you! God created the stars in the heavens and wants you to enjoy the desires planted within your own hear ts.

However, suppose you find this desire within you and say, "My goodness, I want to travel so badly. However, I don't know how. I have no money. I guess I'll never get to go." Well dear ones in that case, you are snuffing out the flames that God has lit within your own heart. You are assuming that because you don't have the answers neither does God. You are telling the universe, "I cannot have my dream," and by its very design it must echo this back to you, "Ok, as you say, you cannot have your dream."

So as the energies intensify, ask yourself, am I willing to risk admitting to myself what it is I wish to create? Am I willing to say, "YES" to the dreams God has planted within me. Am I willing to let go of control, to trust in God's love and God's timing, and to simply anticipate all the magic that can transpire when you are willing to receive God's love in your life? If so dear ones, get ready, for you are open to receive the same guidance and magic that steers the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and entices the flowers to blossom in the springtime. All of nature acknowledges the inspirations within. The rose says, "I want to bloom!" The acorn wishes to grow into an oak. The squirrels are motivated to seek and store their wares for the winter. All of the natural universe says, "YES, YES, YES!" to God's grand design and the inspirations within. You can too. You can say, "YES!" to what you find within your hearts.

And then dear ones, like a child anticipating the holidays - a child who has no sense of days or months, but simply knows that good is coming - wait for the guidance, anticipate the good, and allow your very creator to help you fulfill the dreams of your soul.

Everyone has a right to be

Breathe for a minute. Ask us to fill you with peace and balance in your lives. You can have peace in a world that is filled with chaos. You can remain calm when others are not. You can find your own sacred point of view while allowing others their own as well. The major cause of unrest on your planet among human beings is the mistaken notion that there must be agreement among you. In reality nothing could be farther from the truth. What all of you are really seeking is not agreement, but acceptance. There is a vast world of difference between the two.

Agreement means another must adopt the same perspective as you. And yet, this is not always possible dear ones. Others have walked in different shoes, as you say. They have had different experiences of life, formed different conclusions, dream different dreams. It is not always possible for two human beings to remain in their own integrity and agree with one another. However, there can always be love and acceptance.

By acceptance, we do not mean you will always feel warm and fuzzy about the behavior of another human being; nonetheless, you can say, "Ok then, this is their truth. That is their behavior. I accept that I cannot change it. It is not my job to save, fix, or educate them unless they honestly come to me for help that I am willing and guided to give it. I accept this." In the very next breath dear ones, you will then know what is your truth, what action is in integrity for you, whether or not you want to dance with this individual or not. As you learn to truly accept others as they are, and accept that their perspectives are valid for their souls' growth in this moment, you will then be free to look inside your own heart, find what is there, and accept yourself as well.

It is hard to come to a point, as a human being, where you do not require agreement. You must be very secure in your knowing that your perspectives and your actions are in integrity with your own spirit. If you waver even the slightest bit in this knowing, you will want others to validate and agree with you and you will argue your points to the death... however dear ones, you are really just trying to prove your points to yourselves in these scenarios.

God wears a coat of many colors... and each one of you is a thread weaving through eternity. Each one of you has unique and valid perspectives and guidance that serves your own soul's growth. Start living in your own truth more, and allow others their own. If someone crosses your lines, you have a right to your boundaries, but you can always set them with love and kindness.

Everyone, including you has a right to be. The natural world understands this, and as the human race begins to comprehend the very same, it is this understanding that will bring you the peace that surpasses all understanding. Be the lights in the world, dear ones. Be the ones who accept yourselves so thoroughly that you are willing to accept others as well. Agreement is not necessary to love.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time to shine... on everyone.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of justice. There is and always will be justice built into the design of God's creation. And while you may not always see the balancing of the scales so to speak, we assure you it is there, for what you do to one another, truly you do unto yourselves. So when you feel wronged by someone, by all means it is fine, if you wish to seek restitution at the human level, but we ask you to ask yourselves, "Am I doing this simply because it is my truth and what I must do to remain in integrity with myself, or am I trying to prove a point?" If you are simply trying to prove a point, we urge you to walk away. If however, it is in integrity with my own spirit to seek restitution, then by all means do do, however, do so with love.

"How is that possible," we hear so many of you saying, "to love someone who has wronged me?" We are not saying you must like their actions. We are not saying you must permit behaviors that are unacceptable. We are simply saying that when someone has wronged you, they are by the very nature of their actions, a wounded soul in need of love and prayers. So if you take someone to court, pray for them. If someone has wronged you pray that God uplift their soul, and also dear ones, includes yourselves, and pray that you may be detached from their behavior and allowed to move forward in your life knowing God, who designed and orchestrates the universe, can help heal any inequity and can uplift and inspire your soul once again as well.

It is a time on earth when many who are not aware that life is a spiritual journey are acting up and acting out, so to speak. It is a time for those of you who are more aware to set firm and clear boundaries, but also to do so with love. Pray for those whose behaviors are unenlightened for it is they who need light the most. In doing so, you will be standing in a higher truth. You will be living in the world but not of it. Miraculously, if you cultivate these habits you will not let the darkness of the world or those around you penetrate your hearts, because you will be living in a loving reality, regardless of what those around you choose. Pray for assistance... we love these prayers and are honored to help you discover the greater depths of love that are available within every human heart.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Point yourself where you want to go

As you move through a time on your planet earth when everything is in motion, it is very important to be gentle with yourselves and with others. Everything is arising from the depths within you. Your hopes, your dreams, you frustrations, areas of your life that require movement... truly dear ones there is no more hiding from yourselves any longer. It is time to sit still and take the time to be honest with yourselves about what you want to release, and what you want to create. You do not need to know how to transform your life, you only have to admit to yourselves when you want the movement.

Like a surfer pointing his board, and waiting ever so patiently, your thoughts, your moments of honesty with self, point you in the direction of your future. Like that surfer, you wait for the waves of God's love to carry you. If you move before you feel guided you miss the wave. If you wait until after you are guided, you will have to paddle to keep up. If however, you simply point your thoughts in the directions of your hearts desires, focusing on the glorious possibilities for your lives, then dear ones when you receive the urge to do something, call someone, explore something new, just like that surfer, you will get in motion at the perfect time to allow God to carry you forward.

It is not a time on your planet earth to push yourselves when you are not so inclined, and it is not a time to tarry when the urges hit you. Indeed you are in a beautiful dance with God and the ever increasing waves of love. Just like a wave on the beach however, these waves can carry you, or they can tumble you. So dear ones, listen to your hearts. Stop trying to control every aspect of yourl ives, and trust that you are loved more deeply and dearly than you can possibly imagne.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Releasing past patterns

There is upon your earth at this time a great deal of movement both within your planet and within human hearts. There is great release of pressure that has been building up within. As a result many of you are experiencing feelings coming to the surface that you thought you had already dealt with. Many of you are experiencing physical symptoms that result from bottled-up emotional energy. Many of you at e experiencing life changes you didn't consciously ask for and yet dear ones, your souls are always in charge.

It is a wonderful time to get rid of the old junk you are carrying around both internally and externally because it is a time when your souls are seeking forward motion and you don't want to e burdened by the shackles of your past. Are you still holding on to upsets, grudges, unforgiveness, sadness, etc. from your past? Ask us for help because we love you and will gladly help move these old energies out of your system. We will gladly help you live in a greater and more loving truth. We will be honored to help you see that unforgiveness is a perceived way of protecting yourself from pain... that in reality simply holds you in a painful past. We will help you see that output sadness is only love and that you love yourselves enough to create better. We will help you understand that your frustrations, angers, and upsets are simply pointing to areas in your life where you need to take greater responsibility for your energy and or own well being.

We never judge you for being human. Earth is the toughest school in the universe. Instead we love you and we will help you find the love that you wish to bring to the surface. We will assist you in releasing what no longer serves you. Ask us to help you find and release the love within your beautiful hearts into your own lives and therefore into the world. It is time to let go of old patterns of thought that no longer work. It is time to release stuff that no longer serves you. You want to move forward in your lives but to do so you must pull up anchor, so to speak, and let go of what feels safe, familiar, and yet never really comfortable. Keep only those thoughts and things that bring light an inspiration into your lives, for those reflect your deeper truths.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dealing with what is

There will always be things in your life that don't go as planned. There will always be unforeseen circumstances, people who don't act as you expect and things that don't work as you expected them to do. In life it is important not to remain stubbornly fixed upon the way life is “supposed” to look but rather to be willing to deal with the way life is. So much time is wasted on your planet in wishful thinking. Instead that time and energy can be applied creatively to say, "Ok, Here I am. Now what is the best course of action given the way things are?" The more you learn to embrace reality in front of you, the quicker you will move into the reality you want.

Consider the captain of a sailing vessel. In his ideal world the seas would calm and there would be a smooth breeze to fill his sails. However, say a storm blows in, or the wind calms. The captain will get nowhere if he sits insisting, "The seas are supposed to be calm! The wind is supposed to be steady!" Far better to say, "The winds have become strong. How do I bring my best to this situation until I can sail into the harbor or out of the storm?" Alternately, if the wind has died down better to say, "Well, nothing is happening here. Do I wish to relax or do I wish to paddle?"

So too in your life, the "storms" give you opportunity to bring or best self into your life, to apply more faith, more trust, more efforts, and more honesty in your life. The still spots give you opportunity to relax, to sit and ponder what you wish to create, or to decide to get going and make something happen. There is no right answer dear ones, only an honest answer.

So in these times of incredible change and growth, do your best to stop judging what is in front of you and instead decide how to honestly deal with it. Do you want to stay in your circumstances or move away? How can you bring your best into any given situation even if your best is to be kind to yourself when you do not feel you are bringing your best. In this fashion, you will free up tremendous amounts of energy to move your lives forward into calmer waters.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today we want you to think about the rainbows in your life. Rainbows, dear ones, occur when the sun shines through the rain against a darkened sky. In order to see these beautiful colors that are always present but usually invisible, you need both the dark and the light.

So too in your lives, if you are willing to shine your light of your love through the rain of your tears, and in the midst of darkness, you will see even more beauty, even more light, and even more opportunity than you previously thought possible. You will create pathways where none have been seen before. You will open up to new experiences and new growth. In every "storm" within your lives, there is always opportunity for greater light.

You have choice in every circumstance dear ones. You can focus upon the dark, and feel engulfed by your challenges, or you can say, "I have the light and love of God within me. I choose to focus on what is good in my life, what is true. I choose to focus upon what I can learn here. I choose to focus upon what is good inside of me, and even what is good inside of those who are challenging around me. I believe in God's promise. I believe I will get my rainbow..."

And so dear ones, in bringing light into the dark, you become a greater light worker, a greater beacon of hope and inspiration for the world, and certainly one who becomes the sun against a darkened sky, bringing the promise of God's love and the beauty of your own personal "rainbows" back into your lives. You can transform your life by choosing to love yourself and love what you can find to love around you... no matter what.

In the storms of your life, we wish you the beauty and the promise of the rainbow.

Find peace now...

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can feel today. Why wait until your lives are serene to feel the peace that resides naturally within you? Why wait until you have that home, that relationship, that job that you are creating before being happy? Why not look in the mirror and love yourselves today, even if you are not yet the person you ultimately desire to be?

Your life is happening right now dear ones. In this moment, with this very breath, you have an opportunity to feel anything you desire to feel. It has nothing to do whatsoever with your outer circumstances except for the fact that you, as human beings, find certain feelings easier to bring forth within you when your circumstances are as you wish. However, if you can find the feelings you desire within you, bringing them forth from the very heart of God, then your circumstances and your lives, by the very nature of the laws that the universe is governed by, will fall into place to match.

You want peace around you? Sit quietly, breathe and find the peace that resides within when you realize that you are an eternal being and no matter what is going on around you, you exist within the heart of God. You are loved now. You are cherished in the heavens now. You are simply experiencing and adventure on earth - every single facet of which is temporary. So if you sit in the midst of the storm, breathe and feel peace, knowing your eternal soul exists forever in a state of unending love.

The same is true for love or for abundance dear friends. Can you sit quietly and feel the abundant love of God rising up within you. Can you imagine the most beautiful sunset, the most perfect rose, the most gloriously soft touch of a breeze, all designed by the creator of the universe for your pleasure and your joy! Can you feel the abundance of love that was given to you as human beings? Can you even fathom the miracle of a single cell within your own bodies? Revel in feelings of abundance that have nothing to do with money. Acknowledge the incredible love that is all around you.

Life may not yet look as you wish it to be. You may experience chaos, perceived lack, loneliness, and illness at times. These are experiences, however, that are temporary adventures and temporary lessons. Can you move your focus away from what you do not want and place your focus instead upon that which you already have within you? Do so, dear ones, and magic awaits!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't put off self care

There will always be reasons to avoid listening to your hearts while you are here upon the planet earth. It is incredibly human to make excuses about why you cannot take care of yourselves. There may not be enough money as you see it. Others may seem to need you so much you have no time for yourselves. However, when you spend your time, your money, and your energy fulfilling the dictates of your own heart, then you honor God. God is the one that inspires true desires. The loving presence of God rises up within you and wants you to live in truth. You were meant to feel healthy, happy, connected with the Presence of God's love within you and for you. Within this loving reality you will be guided to share that love with those around you, and you will know the true generosity of sharing from within a reality of feeling wonderful, loved, and abundant in every way.

So many of you struggle, thinking you must choose between your own well being or the well being of those around you. You feel you must take care of others and neglect yourselves. You feel you can't give enough to others while paying your own bills. And yet dear ones, nothing could be further from the truth! In the perfection of God's love there is enough time, money, and love for all. In the perfection of God's love, some are guided to give while others are guided to receive. In the perfection of God's love, all interactions are guided by none other than love.

If you are guided to care for someone and it is a joy, that guidance comes from God. When God wants you to care for another, you will have the heart for it, the strength, the resources, and the time. When your ego feels you must care for another out of "duty" or to feel like a good person, then watch out dear friends. You will harbor resentments, feel lack, and find there is no joy in such pretense. Far more important than what you do on this earth, is the authenticity and the love with which you do it.

Stop making excuses for avoiding self care. Stop making excuses for avoiding your dreams and the lives you wish to create. The world may not give you what you want. People may disappoint you, tug and pull at you, bully or manipulate you. You may not yet have the money and you may not think you have the time, but dear ones, this is your life. We want you to live the lives that God wants you to live. You must decide dear friends, if you will make God your God, or if you are going to make money, time, & others your God. Do not worship false idols dear friends. As you continue to trust in God's love and continue to live as you are guided, rather than how you feel you "should" live, your reality will change in glorious ways. Take charge of your existence dear ones... It is a gift more precious than you can imagine while you are here the Earth.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Embrace truth now...

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! You've all heard the saying and truly we espouse this principle in the heavens because we know that every adventure you experience there upon your planet earth is an opportunity to bring more love, more light, more truth, and greater inspiration into your lives. Every challenge has its blessings. Every trial gives you greater strength. Every fearful situation is an opportunity to embrace greater faith.

When you don't like where you are at in life, embrace where you are at. Say, "Ok, I'm here!" How do I treat myself with kindness. You have a tendency as human beings to try to assign blame to yourself or others when you are not happy with your present condition. Instead of worrying about what you did wrong, or what someone else did to you, it is far more productive to say, "Here I am. What can I learn? How can I grow? What is the greater truth I can embrace here and now?"

You cannot move forward in your life by looking backwards. You cannot change your reality by beating yourself up for past decisions. You cannot find your God given power if you blame others for your situations. Instead dear ones, own the power that God gave you right here, and right now. Say to yourself, "I am loved beyond reason. I just forgot." "I am blessed with all that I will ever need. I just tried to manage life on my own." "I am connected to everything and everyone that exists. I simply perceive loneliness." "My soul is whole and healthy. I choose to embrace that reality." Little by little as you embrace these eternal truths, inside of your very being, your outer reality will begin to conform as well.

Dear ones, you are powerful beyond measure. You can create amazing grace in your life or you can create incredible challenges. No matter where you find yourself you always have opportunities to create more love, to bring more of God's light and truth into any given situation, and to love the beautiful and amazing being that God created you to be. Choose love dear ones... no matter what. It will transform your entire existence.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We are always with you

God dear ones, loves you. We love you. We want to assist you in creating beautiful lives, filled with grace, but we cannot by our very design interfere with your lessons here upon the earth. And so dear friends, when you find yourself in trying times, instead of asking, "God why are you doing this to me? Angels where are you?" better to ask yourself, "Where am I?" "Where have I been missing in my own life?" "Where am I not listening to my heart?" "What inner knowings have I ignored?" Try not to think your way through the answers dear ones, but rather feel your way through them. For the heart is the central point of existence, and it is the flow of love through your life that will dictate all other circumstances.

When your money is low, ask yourself, "Am I feeling poor, or do I feel the abundance of God?" If you can look around with gratitude and feel the abundance all around you, give thanks for it, and know that you are indeed already rich in many ways, then you will find your circumstances improving.

When things do not yet look as you wish, ask yourself, "Am I feeling abandoned by God because I have not gotten my way yet?" Or can you instead, say, "God must be up to very good things in my life." "I am convinced that this love that created the universe has heard my prayers and as I learn and grow, all will be brought to me that supports my true joy, in divine timing."

When you do not feel well, do you say, "Ok, I am resigned to be sick and tired here? God fix me!" Or rather are you willing to stop, and say, "What has been unwell in my mind and heart?" Do you need to reach out for comfort, for care, for assistance?

Dear ones you can find the love of God in each and every situation no matter how challenging. You can drop into your heart and feel the messages your soul wants you to hear. We, the angels, do not dictate or control your lives. We respond only to the desires of the soul - the very desires that God, the presence of love in the entire universe, has planted within them. We serve on God, one Love, one Spirit, and dear ones you do too, whether you realize it or not. It is in giving thanks for and cooperating with the spirit of love that your circumstances will be transformed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't worry, be happy...

Why waste your time on worry dear ones? It is a learned habit that unfortunately serves no purpose but nonetheless plagues a great many of you upon your planet earth. Children don't worry. They cry and expect to be cared for. Animals don't worry, they exist in the present moment surrendering to the instincts within them and the world around them. Humanity is unique in that it is the only species that feels as if fretting about the future is actually a way to demonstrate love and responsibility. It is in truth, a way you avoid responsibility, and a rather awkward demonstration of love at that.

We've said this so many times Your world operates according to the laws of vibration. Like sonar, you send out signals and receive the honest echo back into your lives. When you worry, you are sending out fearful signals. "I am worried that I cannot pay my bills," you say, all the while commanding the universe to make it difficult to pay your bills. "I am worried about my health," you say, all the while putting out signals that you are not supporting your own vibrancy. "I am worried about my children," you say while picturing them in woeful circumstances and surrounding them with fearful energies. Dear ones, if you could see the effects of your worry, you would see that worry is a weak poison in your lives and the lives of those you worry about.

Far better to say, "God I'm having trouble paying my bills. I don't know how but You do! I have faith that you love me. If I have something to learn, teach me gently, otherwise I know you will bring me my miracles!" Far kinder to yourself to say, "I'm scared about my health. Can you comfort me, and guide me to do and crave things that are healthy for this body?" Far better to say, "I love my children God. Uplift them, keep them safe, and if by some chance they are choosing tough lessons that will be hard for me to watch, comfort me and let me know how to best support them." Dear ones, put love into the world with your prayers. Don't poison your world and the world of others with worry. We know it is a habit so many of you have learned, and like any habit, it can take awhile to change, but we have faith in you, and we love you, and we are there to assist.

Truly dear ones, "Don't worry. Be Happy." You are loved. You are eternal. And your earth is just a school for the soul. Everyone eventually will find their way back home.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Releasing Expecations

Our wish for you today is that you can release yourself from the massive expectations that you carry within you. So many of you hold yourselves to standards that are so high, they are nearly impossible to meet. In your society, so many of you strive to look like airbrushed models, behave like saints or stars, forgive as easily as Christ, and be all things to all people. Dear ones, we have only one expectation of each and every one of you, and it is very simple, that you are each doing the best you can do and being the best you can be in any given moment.

When you are not living up to your own expectations, ask yourself why on earth this would be a cause to criticize yourselves? What good will that do you? Would you criticize a child who did not live up to their goals, censuring them and telling them how worthless they must be, or would you point out all that they did already achieve? Dear ones, you must learn to be kind to yourselves. You must learn to love by starting with love and kindness for yourselves. You must question why you feel the need to beat yourself up at times, for we would argue that all self-criticisms are a learned behavior, certainly not natural to the soul. The soul doesn't say, "Look what I messed up! Look what I didn't achieve!" The soul says, "Wow, look what I learned! Look what I did accomplish!"

Can you take just one minute a day to acknowledge all that is good about yourself? This practice would change your life. It would help you realize you are an amazing soul. Perhaps you made a perfect omelet. Perhaps you smiled at the clerk in the store. Perhaps you hugged your child when you were in need of a hug yourself. Maybe you looked in the mirror and made peace with a wrinkle. Dear ones, any little victories of love are huge in the heavens. We celebrate each kind thought, word, or deed, no matter how small, for rather than what you achieve, how you look, or what you do, we focus on the love that you bring to each situation. Any loving kindness you give yourself, no matter how large or small, sends ripples out to the entire cosmos, asking the universe to give you an honest echo of that love.

Treat yourselves kindly. Release yourselves from your massive expectations. Enjoy and celebrate all the good that you are in this moment. To use, you are always and already perfect.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Connections everywhere

What you want most in your life dear ones is a feeling of connection to the light and love of God. You can find this in so many ways! You can find it in meditation as you silence your mind and connect with the love within you. You can find this connection with other souls with whom you deeply resonate. You can find it in nature, with your children, your pets, or your gardens. For the truth remains, God is in all things and if you take a moment to simply appreciate what or who is in front of you, there you will begin to see the light and love of God as well.

When you feel disconnected in some way from this love, that is when you experience pain. If you feel disconnected from another person, for example you will feel pain only as long as you choose to continue to search for God in that situation. You can instead choose to turn inward or elsewhere to find God, or if you are courageous enough to look for God even in another who is not acting as you wish, there again you will feel a connection with love.

When you feel disconnected from yourself you will also experience pain because the truth of yourself is God's light rising up within you. When you feel you "are not yourself" or you "do not have time for yourself," take time to sit, breathe and ask the angels to help you reconnect with the light within you. Acknowledge what is good and true within you. Acknowledge all that you do well. Stop any sort of indulgence in self criticism and focus on your light. It is in the acknowledgement of what is good and true within you that you will find yourself once again.

You can find the presence of God anywhere you are willing to look for it, dear ones. You can find your connection with God in so many ways. Focus upon the light in creation, the beauty, the truth, the depths of goodness within other souls. Focus on what gives you joy and inspires you. Practice gratitude for self, others, and life.

You are never ever ever disconnected from God's love. It would be impossible to do so. You can forget, but just as easily you can choose to look for it in all things, especially where you find it most easily, and in that seeking, truth will emerge once again.

Letting go

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of "letting go." It is the nature of life itself to move forward, one moment at a time, constantly and eternally evolving. It is the nature of the apple tree to grow and blossom simply to release the apples into your willing hands. It is the nature of plants to seed, grow, mature, die, and then decay, knowing that their life force will sustain those to follow.

It is the nature of waves to crash upon the sand and then to fall back again, releasing their treasures to the playful children on the beach. Even the animals are born knowing that each day will bring new surprises and that they must adapt to their changing circumstances. It is only the human race that believes security, peace, and joy are to be found in an unchanging reality. In truth, your greatest security, your greatest peace, and your greatest joys are found when you are truly living in the present moment, guided by the very force of love that created you.

Look around your lives and your homes. Look inside your own hearts. Ask yourself, "What objects truly uplift me? What have begun to burden me?" Why do you keep that drawer filled with clutter when it annoys you every time you open it? What relationships bring mutual and natural elevation to your spirit? If you can't change the relationship, what beliefs would help you find greater peace? Which old ones need to go? If you want greater security, peace, and joy in your lives, dear ones then ask yourself, "Where am I fooling myself? Where am I saying something works in my life when it does not? What must I let go to make room for more?" This may be as simple as cleaning your closets. It may mean withdrawing from an organization, or a relationship, that has been there only out of a sense of obligation. It may mean allowing yourself to grieve a death or divorce, but then being willing to open your heart again to the love that is just around the corner.

If you live in the present moment, you will see quite clearly what belongs in your life now and what does not. If you cling to the past you will be missing joys in the present. If you cling to a desired future a bit too tightly you will miss the guidance right now. LIfe is lived now dear ones. Let go, let go, let go of what no longer serves you, from objects to beliefs, for if you are willing, God and your angels will happily fill you back up with greater joy.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dealing with rejection

Part of your human experience, dear ones, is dealing with rejection. There are times when others will reject you and times when you will have to turn others away. There are degrees of rejection that range from having someone simply look away when you give them a smile, to having the love of your life abruptly leave for no apparent reason. There are rejections that are done kindly, such as a friend politely declining an invitation, as well as rejections accompanied by incredible cruelty.

It is sad to us in the heavens to see this topic so charged with negativity, because in reality, a rejection is simply the honest echo to or from the universe saying, "What I see does not match me." There is no such negativity in the natural universe. Male animals court the female but if she refuses them, they simply find another to impress. A tree root digs deep into the ground and when it runs up against hard soil, it simply seeks out softer ground. Water pushes up against the boulders, but eventually carves a channel around those it cannot move.

Likewise dear ones, if someone or some situation is not willing to receive your love, then move forward, around them, and allow God to bring you a more perfect match. In the eyes of the angels, "Rejection is simply Redirection."

So next time someone rejects you, smile to yourself. Say, "Ah yes, thank you! You have shown me that you are not perfect for me! You have shown me that you do not want to receive what I have to give. You do not want to give what I wish to receive. Because I trust God and know I am loved, I will bless you and continue forward, knowing the universe will find what is perfect for me. I will trust God. I will bless you and release you and in so doing, release myself from the thankless task of trying to make someone or something "Fit" my life, when in truth it does not."

And so dear ones, likewise when you must turn someone down, there is no need for justifications, excuses, or anger. You simply need to say, I'm sorry, this is not perfect for me, and on you go. If someone gets upset at you for being kindly honest, well then dear ones, that is their point of growth. Sometimes you are redirected, sometimes you redirect others.

Within a puzzle each piece is unique and fits very uniquely amidst the others. A puzzle piece does not take it personally when it has not yet met its perfect matches. It does not say, "Can you believe that horrid piece that didn't want me!" Instead dear ones, each of you, like the pieces of that puzzle, can bless those who reject you because in truth they are your guides, leading you to situations, people, and patterns of thought that give you greater and greater joy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A deeper honesty

As we've said so many times before,e your journey here upon the earth is an exploration of love. Your desire for love causes you to seek out loving relationships and your frustrations with love upset you in the greatest ways. You want to be seen and acknowledged. You want to be understood. You want others to know your very great light. That is a natural and normal human desire. However, it is equally important that you grant others these same gifts - that you attempt to see and acknowledge others' perspectives as being perfect for the growth they are here to do; that you attempt to the best of your ability to understand one another, and when you do not, you work hard not to judge. It is important to recognize that deep within every soul, no matter how dark or troubled they appear to be, is a very great light. When you focus upon that light, you help coax it to the surface.

As always, we are not suggesting that you allow yourself to be used or abused. We are not saying you have to stay around unkind behavior. We are simply saying that within your heart, you can always seek to focus upon the light in another, even at a distance. For example, say you were in a marriage that ended very badly. You never want to see or talk to your ex again. Perhaps this is the most loving response for both of you - to stay far apart at the human level. Still, you can find it in your heart to say, however awkward or angry they appeared, they too were attempting to bring their truth to the surface. They too were attempting to grow. They too have light within them seeking to be uncovered and revealed unto the world. Perhaps they will not accomplish this in a lifetime. Perhaps they will. That is not yours to fix or control, but you can, in the deepest reaches of your heart, acknowledge both your right to be and theirs as well. And you can do so without ever having human contact with them again, for you relate at the level of your souls with everything in creation, whether physically present or not.

By all means, dear ones, seek out kind company. Honor your own feelings. It is ok to say, "They are not for me, but they have a right to be," for in this statement you acknowledge your right to discern while avoiding judgment. Everyone, dear friends, has a right to be. Everyone has a right to experience the growth they are creating for themselves. And you have a right as well... to move towards those that uplift and resonate with your souls, and with kindness to move away from those who do not. The more you acknowledge this within yourselves, the less you will need to fix or change those around you.

If everyone were simply being honest with themselves and the world around them you would all find your places among those of like mind and like heart and your world would at long last have peace... this may take eons to occur, but we in the heavens hold the vision for such a kind reality... one soul at a time.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

No mistakes in God's eyes

You can never, ever in our eyes make a "mistake." You can never do anything that separates you from God's love or ours as well. You can never do anything that is irrevocable, irreversible, or indelible because your soul is eternal. Your bodies, your material goods, indeed your lives are temporary, but your souls are eternal, constant, and always in a stream of God's love. Your "Mistakes" may affect the quality of your human life but they do not affect the quality of your soul, nor can they ever separate you from love. The more you realize this, the more your mistakes become opportunities for even greater love to enter into your hearts and flow through them.

So when you decide you have made a "mistake" ask yourself, "What do I do next? What is my desired outcome? What can I learn from this?" Then move forward dear ones, lessons learned and let go. There is never ever any reason in our book for treating yourselves with anything less than love. If a kindergartner trying to learn his or her alphabets said to you, "A, B, D, E," would you beat them up, put them down, or call them stupid? Of course, we know you wouldn't dream of this." Then why dear ones, would you ever put yourselves down, for you too are simply here on earth to learn.

Our message this week is simple, and yet profound. See if you can spend a week in which every single "mistake" is simply an opportunity to learn. Choose to love yourselves. Choose to learn. Choose to use these "mistakes" as opportunities for deepening your love for self and others. Then you will see, as we do, that there really are no such things as mistakes when you see life through the eyes of love.

Be gentle with yourself

Be gentle with yourselves. As the energy on your earth continues to intensify and the waves of light wash into your planet, they will, like large ocean waves, wash up whatever is buried in the depths of your soul. Much like cleaning out your physical closets you will find the hidden treasures, the forgotten dreams, as well as the energies you have stuffed deep within. Truly it is time on your planet to face yourselves, with courage, compassion, and great love. It is time to embrace all that is rising up from within.

Some of you will feel your soul's desires rising up very strongly. In this case, take time in quiet to ponder and allow the guidance to arise within you. How can you begin to fulfill your dreams, one step at at time. Give your soul room to breathe in your own life and take the steps necessary to go down the paths you long to travel.

Some of you will feel old pains, upsets, and fears arising from within. Rather than running from these feelings, embrace them. Pretend you are embracing a child in pain or an upset little one within you. Pretend you are comforting the scared child within. It is not longer possible to run from yourselves dear friends. There is too much light rising up within all of you and it is flushing everything to the surface.

As you go through this phenomenal and beautiful growth, celebrate! You - the real you, the loving divine soul that God created you to be - is coming to the surface. Anything less than your truth is being revealed so it can be healed. You are not going "backwards." You are going "inwards" and you are allowing yourself to learn to love all that has been within you.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. Be honest with yourselves. From that point of compassion for self you can communicate and interact with the world in a much more loving manner. 2012 my dear friends is not the end of the world at all, but rather instead a grand and glorious opportunity to release the past and recreate yourselves in wonderful and beautiful ways.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everything is in right order

Rest assured knowing that everything in your life is in right order. Everything is in right timing. Truly dear ones we watch you rushing about and know that if you only knew the truth of your place in eternity, you would slow down a bit and enjoy the journey. Nothing is more important than the quality of this moment. Nothing is more important than whether or not you are adding love to this moment or running from it.

Are you conscious of how your body feels right now? Take a moment. Become aware of your body. Are you hot, cold, in need of stretching, in need of touch, in need of food? Ask your body right now, "Body, what do you need in this moment?" Then make a deal, that at your earliest convenience you will give your body what it needs. Your physical vehicle is the starting point for living in the present moment. If you are aware of its needs, you can start to become aware of so much more.

Ask your heart now, "Heart, what do you need in this moment, and how can I give this to you?" We are not talking now about your physical heart, but rather your sacred heart, the energy of your spirit, the energy of God's love that lives within you. The answer may surprise you. The answer may be remarkably simple. Your spirit is not as complex dear ones as you think. It always wants to express or experience that love in some fashion in any given moment. Your minds come up with remarkable machinations as to how you should move yourself through life in order to express or experience that love, but your hearts will always give you the simplest answer.

If you were able to move through life in this fashion, moment by moment, being aware of the needs of your body and spirit, then dear ones, you would move through life as much of the natural world does - with thought being used as a tool rather than as a torment, with a trust in the movements within you, guided with ease and grace, moving naturally towards that which uplifts and 'feeds' you and moving away from that which does not. You would do so without self-judgment, without the need to judge others, and with simple grace. Try it for a few hours. Try just living your life with awareness of what it is you need now, and now, and now... and soon dear ones, you won't even need to ask the questions for you will have made room to allow the answers to arise naturally from within. Your bodies and souls are programmed to seek and express love in your daily moments. You have learned to block these simple truths, but with a bit of practice you can become adept once again at feeling your internal guidance and acting upon it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The entire universe is in cooperation

Take a breath dear ones for everything is in right order. There is a grand dance being orchestrated in the universe by nothing less than the loving Divine Presence that animates all of creation. If you can imagine, the universe is like a giant body, with every element, every being, every little piece of creation designed to act and respond in cooperation with one another. The energy and love that flows between you and all creation is like a giant nervous system. If you cut your finger, the entire body responds immediately and begins immediately to heal the cut. In a healthy body, as cancer cells do not find a hospitable environment in which to grow.

If any part of the universe is in need, the entire universe works in cooperation to respond with assistance. When you are in need, instead of falling into fear, tell yourself the Truth! "God loves me! I don't know what to do but the power that made the universe, and lives within me does. I will receive help and guidance at the right time and the right way." Then get on with your day. In this fashion you do not obstruct the love that is flowing towards you in answer to your call.

If any part of the universe attempts to harm the whole, the universe attempts to withdraw support from it in a loving fashion. Decay in the forest stops when the dead tree has been turned to mulch. Cancer cells cannot grow in a healthy body in which circulation flows freely. Angry people cannot harm you if you refuse to take in and feed their upsets. So when you encounter such negativity remind yourself, I do not have to dance with this! I can transform it with my love. You can say to a cancer, "Thank you for teaching me or my loved one. Thank you for showing where something was eating at me. I now choose to learn and heal and I no longer support your being!" Sit with your ailments dear ones, and thank them for they are your teachers. You can truly love them out of existence.

Likewise refuse to feed anger. Fires burn only when you throw on more fuel. Anger is simply meant to be a force that reminds you to create. It festers only when you feel powerless. If another aims their anger at you, can you choose not to throw a log on that fire. Can you simply withdraw, or say, "I'm sorry you are angry," or if you can, present them with kindness? If you are jealous, can you say, "Wow. Amazing! My jealousy is teaching me that a part of me is coming to life! I want more for myself. Thank you for reminding me that I am worthy of what I want, and that I have the power to create." Negativity cannot take root within and possess you unless you feed it either consciously or otherwise. Even those energies have their place in the universe and are part of the greater good. However, you can love them and learn from them, and thus choose not to suffer from them.

The power that constantly creates the universe wants love to flow freely through all of creation. You are a valuable part of that creation! You contain the power, presence, and love of God within you! You are cared for. You are loved. You are heard and acknowledged in the heavens. Can you embrace this? Can you trust that your needs will be met, that you need not engage in the negativity of the world, but rather when presented with it, you can transform it with love. Thus, dear ones, you become the alchemists that take the dense leaden energies of life and turn them into gold.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Look for all that is good

Sing with celebration dear ones for you earth is growing and evolving and you are too. You are becoming clearer about what it is you want in your life. You are becoming more convinced that you too are deserving of God's love. You are starting to realize that you are powerful creators and so many of you upon the earth are coming together in love and prayer, trying to create a more kind reality. You see otherwise on your news, but in the heavens we see inside human hearts. We see the kindness that is rising up within so many. We see both the frustrations and pains, but also the deep desire for greater cooperation and greater love.

So when you look at the world, or even at your own lives and begin to feel weary, take a moment, and look for all that is good. It is all too easy to see what is not working. Humanity trains you to look for the flaws in life, in yourselves, and one another. But who has trained you dear ones to look for the good. Can you see the gentle clerk at the grocery store who gives the very impatient soul in front of you a bit of kindness and humor? Can you look for the most gorgeous tomato in the bins and give thanks for the miracle of having it in front of you? The entire eco-system of your planet worked to grow this one jewel and so many souls were involved in its care and transport. Can you fathom the miraculous love and cooperation involved just so you can eat one ripe tomato?

Can you see the birds in the sky in their miracle of flight and song. There is so much good! Can you look in the mirror and see the miracle of your own skin, wrinkles and all. Can you fathom the complex interactions that occur in your body every day just to give your soul this magnificent vehicle. How could you ever criticize your wrinkles, or even your little emotional wrinkles, for they are simply signs of your growth, notches in your belt, as you would say, for every little smile, every little frown that occurred as you wished for more love, every tear cried in a desire for more compassion.

Dear ones you are beautiful to us! You are miraculous! You are filled with goodness, and yes we know you get weary. You get sad. You get angry and sometimes even jealous or hateful, but in truth we look beneath these things and we find and see the love that is trying to surface in your hearts. Likewise we look at all the movements on earth, even those that are most ungraceful and heinous in human terms, and we nurture and support only the tiny spark of love beneath them all. We never condone unkindness in any form. We never condone violence, and yet we know all souls, all movements, all life indeed is seeking to know God's love, however gracefully or not.

Look for the good in your life, in your world, in your own eyes dear ones. Seek out what is there to be celebrated every day, no matter how small. You are breathing! You are alive! So many in the heavens wait with great anticipation for a life on earth. You are eating meals that nourish you. So many are starving. There are good souls all around you. Many are quiet. Many are working diligently in their own lives without even realizing how beautiful they are. Take the time to honor yourself, and to honor others around you. Take the time to appreciate all that is good. We are not asking you to ignore injustice and all that is wrong. If you feel called to speak up about these things, do so with love. However, dear ones, the more you nurture and support and look for all that is beautiful and good in your self, in others, and in your world, the more you will experience a loving reality in your daily lives.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Love is not martyrdom

There is a mistaken notion upon your planet that being a loving person means you will make everyone happy, meet everyone's needs, listen to everyone's desires, and be "nice" even if that means putting your own feelings aside, ignoring your own needs, or being completely inauthentic. In reality dear ones, being a loving person simply means acknowledging that everyone has a right to be, exactly as they are, right now, right here, upon your planet earth.

That includes you.

Being a loving person means you will first look inside yourself in any given interaction and say to yourself, "What is my honest response to this person in front of me, and what is the most loving way to communicate, or the most loving action I can take... that include me?" This is new thinking for most of you. Most of you become defensive when you move away from another because you do not feel ok doing so. Many of you will put up with all manner of ill behaviors because you were not taught it is ok to remove yourself from unkind conditions. So many of you, because you love so deeply, will sacrifice yourselves to the point of exhaustion and resentment in an attempt to save and fix others.

This martyrdom, dear ones, does indeed spring from love, but is not the highest form of it. God's love says, "I create you all as magnificent beings. I live and breathe within you. I gave you free will so you can know my love or you can, if you insist, feel separate from it. I will not force you. I will allow you to come to this understanding in your own time. I will exist in a state of love and joy and patiently wait for you to come to know my presence within you." If God, dear ones, who is the life and breath within you, allows beings on earth to continue in their illusions, so must you. God whispers words of love and encouragement in the hearts of all beings, and so can you, but if souls wish to continue in behaviors of misunderstanding and separation, grant them their journey, and simply withdraw your energies. Focus your sights instead upon the light.

You were meant to recognize the light within all beings. You were meant to allow others the dance they choose upon the earth. However, you were also meant to choose your own dance, your own dance partners, your own steps, and your own path. Rather than dancing to another's tune, falling into another's energy, or giving others the authority over your own life, dance to your own beat, stay in your own loving energy, give your own knowing the benefit of the doubt for your own life.

Being a loving person need not feel like martyrdom dear ones. If you are authentically including yourself in the equation of your own life, taking care of your own needs, listening to your own guidance, they you will become a beacon of light, and a soul who is naturally guided by God to assist those ready to receive the particular brand of love you have to offer. Bring your light into the darkness in others' lives when guided, or turn away from it. But in any case, dear ones, do not allow your light to be dimmed, for you are the lights here upon the world, and it is through your love, your joy, and your authentic expression here upon the earth that you do the most good.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There is a symphony being played in the natural universe that is extraordinary dear ones. All of nature works in cooperation. You too are intended to live this way, guided in each moment, moved by the very force of love that creates you and breathes life into you.

Last week we discussed relationships. This week we continue on our topic, for indeed every relationship upon your planet earth, if you would allow for it, is orchestrated in love. You are guided naturally towards those who will help you learn to love yourselves more. If you are already clear on what you want, kind to yourself, and loving towards others you will gently gravitate to those who uplift your spirit and kindly withdraw your energies from those who do not. You will fall in love with yourself first, the true self, the loving, kind, God created self, and from that sense of fullness, you will have clarity about your "dance" partners here upon the earth. You will see what you call "the red flags" in those relationships that perhaps do not serve you so kindly, and you will give you own knowing more credence than what others may tell you. You will communicate with kindness, knowing you are innocent and worthy of the same.

When you "fall in love" remember, that you "are" already love. You are made of this love. To love another is a natural state of being! To love yourself is also a natural state of being but one that the human race has trained you not to accept. Look at a baby. They are in love with their fingers and toes! They marvel at the sound of their voice and play with it, seeing how magical it can become. They enjoy looking in the mirror for the first time and seeing the wonder of their physical form. Babies have no self criticism, no judgment, no false pretenses. They know they deserve love. They cry out with no apology when they want something and they expect their needs to be met. They welcome those who feel warm and loving and push away from those with whom they do not resonate. You came ito the world this way. You came into the world innocent, filled with a sense of wonder and awe for the magic present in all of creation. You came into the world innocent and pure, knowing exactl y what felt good in any given moment and what did not.

This innocence still resides within you. This purity still resides within you. This knowing about what feels good in any given moment still resides within you. You have to stop doubting yourselves and trust all that you feel, and then you will once again experience the magic and the wonder in the world, as well as in your relationships. A baby might fall in love with someone who picks them up but the minute that person stops paying attention, the baby pushes away, cries for someone else, or crawls away to play. So too you can engage in a dance with life, rather than trying to categorize relationships, or lock them into place with expectations.

When you truly acknowledge the God given love within you you cannot help but love and appreciate your being. You don't need to justify or defend your desires, you can simply communicate with love. When you truly love yourself, you exist in a natural state of being in which guidance is something that is simply present as a knowing within you. It is not something you have to strive for, but rather something that arises without any thought whatsoever.

Love, dear ones, never hurts. Love is never wrong. Love is never foolish. To love and acknowledge another is truly living in a natural state of God-given grace. To love and acknowledge your own feelings, whatever they may be, is also to live in a natural state of God-given grace.

Only when you stop loving yourselves and expect another to make up for that lack do you hurt. When you love yourselves, even if another does not you know you have choices. You can request changes with love and kindness. You can change yourself, or you can withdraw your energy. You can deal with the reality of another's being and remain in love, or you can fall into wishful thinking and denial and remain in pain. It your choice dear ones. Love always feels better. Love is always right. And Love will always clearly guide you in each moment in the great dance and orchestration of life.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Real love comes from within

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of relationships. All relationships whether the ones with your life, your home, your spouse, your children, or your pet, are teaching you about the relationship you have with yourself. The relationships with others show you very clearly what parts of yourself you are willing to bring to the surface in your life and what parts of yourself you are willing to let go. For in truth, dear ones, all energies exist within you and you choose which ones you want to experience.

Seldom in the human race is "falling in love" truly about loving another. Far more often you are falling in love with yourself in the presence of another. In the mirror of a kind soul who acknowledges you, pays attention to you, compliments you, and resonates with you on many levels, you feel good about yourselves! We celebrate when you feel this way! We love to see you acknowledge the truth of your being - that you are beautiful inside and out, worthy of all love and acknowledgment. But we also know, that if you perceive that this sensation comes from another, and "fall in love" with them for that sensation, then dear ones you can just as easily "fall out of love" when the other ceases to make you feel this way, and you can be tempted to try any number of human machinations to get the other to make you feel this way again.

Real love comes from a spring of well-being within you. Real love says, "I already know I am loved! I already feel good about myself. And from this full place, I have love to share. I see this person in front of me. They are worthy of love, respect, and acknowledgement. I want to share myself with them. I want to learn more about them. I want to uplift them. I want to support their goals and dreams. I want to take delight in their presence. I want to see how deeply we can share ourselves with one another. I want to see how we can grow together and experience and expand the love of God within ourselves." If you are not there yet, dear friends, don't despair. This type of love is rare upon your planet earth.

So how do you create truly loving relationships with all of life? You must, absolutely, start with yourself. If you take care of yourself, do kind things for yourself, create balance in your life, try to be honest and authentic in your expressions, and reach out for help and comfort when you are in need, you will find that you have created the relationship with yourself that you so desperately want with another. In this space, you are a beacon and a light in the world! You will attract those of like mind and heart, and you will find yourself drifting away from those who have other journeys. You will live a life centered in yourself, knowing that the true self within you is centered in God's love. You will have fallen in love with your true self! And in this space of truly embracing God's love and presence within you, you will find yourself falling in love with all of life, creating the magic that was intended to be a part of your daily lives, not just in a relationship with one human being, but in all your relationships. This, dear ones, is heaven on earth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fear not...

When fear grips you, dear ones, you can choose to turn your attention to the truth of God's love. Fear was designed to be a biological reaction to a threatening situation - one that would create fight or flight, and then be done. Fear was designed to be a fleeting, momentary state of being, triggered only in dire situations. However, fear has become instead, a force in the human race that possesses you, pretends to protect you, and in reality keeps you locked in the chains of so-called safety when in reality your spirit longs to be free from this bondage!

Fear makes you believe you must not take risks, when your heart gives you clear guidance to do so. Fear has you protect yourselves beyond reason, when in reality your heart knows when enough is enough. Fear has you silence your truth when in reality your heart longs to speak. Fear serves no good in this capacity dear friends for it blocks the movement and the flow of God to you, in you, and through you. Fear, in this capacity is a false idol. God's love is the only truth? Which one will you worship?

When fear grips you, be it large or small, ask yourself, "What are the real circumstances right now? Right now am I under attack? Right now is my life in danger? Right now is my life falling to ruin?" Chances are, that is not the case. Fear in the human race, has grown into a disease that projects into possible futures, and changes the way you act now. You fear that someone will be upset, so you silence yourself. But right now your heart says, "Speak up! Speak with love. Don't hold your truth inside of you." "But what if people don't like what I have to say," you ask? We would respond that love will guide you all into your right places. If everyone were honest, everyone would end up in their perfect circles.

Fear tells you that your finances will run out way before you retire. And yet what is the truth now, in this moment dear ones? You have enough now. And if you exist in a space of love, gratitude, and trust, then you will always be guided to have enough in the future. If you exist in fear, you make decisions that do not come from God's love and then you create your proverbial messes. In reality, existing in love allows you the greatest guidance in each moment of your lives.

And so when fear strikes you and you cannot rid yourself of this energy, sit, breathe, pray, and receive. Ask God to remove the fear from you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Look at the facts. Pray for guidance in the moment - guidance that comes only and always from love.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Loving kindness is your truth

Treat one another with loving kindness. It will change your reality. What if you knew that everyone you met, everyone you interacted with, and everyone you saw on the street, on the news, and in your neighborhoods was a living, breathing incarnation of God's love. What if you knew that every person was held close to the heart of God, beloved by angels, and no matter how unthinkable their behavior, good at the core of their being. What if you knew that they, like you, no matter how unconscious they may seem, are really also on a quest for love? How would you treat one another then dear ones? We implore you no matter what actions you take in the physical world, no matter what words you speak, try your best to come from love.

For in truth, the person that cuts you off in traffic is in need of love or they would not be behaving that way. The person that acts in an angry fashion around you requires your prayers. The one who is insensitive and unkind is really a hurting child. Dear ones, we are not asking you to remain around unkind behavior, nor are we asking you to stuff your feelings. We are not asking you to remain silent when you feel compelled to speak. We are simply asking you to be kind to yourself first - to treat yourself with utmost sensitivity and care, and then from that space of loving kindness, to base your words and deeds in love as well.

If you correct a child, or an adult behaving like a child, you can do so with love. If you walk away from a barking, snarling, snapping dog, or a barking, snarling, snapping individual, you can do so without any need to defend or justify your actions. you can simply move away and keep them in your prayers, for in truth, they are in desperate need of peace.

Your world would be a much better place, if instead of sinking into the darkness of those around you, you chose to remain in your light. Some would find comfort an step into the light; others would run away and remain in darkness. However, you would find that all of humanity would sort itself out into groups of like mind and heart and you would all be much happier.

So try, do your best, to allow your words and actions to come from a space of love... love of God, love of self, and then love of others.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Believe you are loved

In every moment, in every endeavor, God is with you. In everything you do you have an opportunity to invite God's love to come to the surface in your life, to assist you, and to allow your life to flow with greater grace and ease. When you have a concern, stop and give it to God. When you are worried, stop and give your cares to God. When you don't know the next step in your lives, stop and ask God for assistance. We have said this many times, dear friends, but God moves the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and can easily assist you in every aspect of your life if only you will believe, ask, and receive.

The angels wish with all our hearts that each one of you knew how deeply and dearly you are loved. You want proof of this love. You want it to look a certain way. You will feel loved if the bank account is full and yet you insist on worry. If you could, instead know you are loved and stop worrying, then vibrationally you would be stepping into the reality of that love, into the reality of that abundance, and into the reality that all your needs will be fulfilled. God's love is not something that you must earn, but rather a reality you simply choose to tap into.

So next time you find yourself with a challenge in life, choose to believe you are loved. You are not alone. Help is just a prayer away. Choose to live your life as if you are part of the very universe itself, part of the love that created the heavens and the earth - an important part. Each of you is a precious piece of this puzzle called life. Each of you has wonderful things you wish to express here upon the earth. We in the heavens want to help you with your concerns, but by our very design, we respond to the energy you put out, rather than simply the words and wishes. So align your energy with a belief that you are loved, and soon that will become your reality.