Saturday, January 28, 2012

More faith...

You are upon the planet earth dear ones because at one point in your existence you doubted your connection with God. You began to feel separate and by the very nature of that feeling of separation, you entered into a reality in which the all present, all loving God is hidden in a myriad of different forms and face. In reality, all that you see is God's love made manifest. You are here to recognize that love, in yourself and in others.

At a very practical level, this means that when you want or need some help in your life, it makes sense to pray and ask God for assistance, because the all loving spirit that created you is present in over seven billion people and a multitude of other forms on your planet. God can move the hearts of those who are even a tiny bit awake to assist you. God can move your heart to talk with someone and ask for assistance. God can direct all of you, dear one,s in a beautifully cooperative and synchronized dance of love if you will only stop, breathe, receive that love, and listen to the sweet and small urgings in your heart. By the very nature of your existence, you are not and can never be alone.

As you surrender to the love within you and pray from that space of loving and trusting the power that made you, your prayers become more powerful and more effective. Prayers coming from love, faith, and trust, are commands that help align you with the universal flow of your life. Prayers coming from fear and a lack of faith are weaker signals dear one, not because God ignores you but rather because God does not want to amplify and support your fears. The energy of a prayer is far more important than its wording! The depths of your heart, beneath your words are the real prayer. Far better to be loving to yourself and be authentic and pray, "Dear God, I know you will care and provide for me in all things, but I do not feel that now. I am scared. Please send me comfort now so that I can trust you once again and live once again in the flow of your grace." This prayer is honest. This comes from the heart. This is born of a true desire to love the true Self and to align wit h God. If you pray instead, "God help me. I need money. Hurry up! Don't you know my bills are due!" there is a sense of urgency, lack, and fear underneath such statements. You are not sending out a loving signal to the universe that is aligned with truth. Instead you are worshipping false idols, giving money your power, rather than giving God power over your life.

So when you pray dear ones, try to align your prayers with faith, trust, and the knowing that you are loved. Recognize you are human and it is ok to ask for help, but ask for the real spiritual help you need as well as for your material needs. For when you get your soul aligned with God, with love, with faith and with your own hearts, then you truly will receive the guidance to create all you want and need. You will dance in harmony with the seven billion others filled with God's love or you will dance around those who do not yet recognize it. In this fashion, dear friends, you live in a state of grace.