Saturday, February 25, 2012

You are never without resources

You are never without love, never without help, and never ever without the resources that God wants you to have to assist others. God is never far from you for God is the presence and the love that dwells within you and indeed within all of creation. When you help another, God is helping another through you. When you receive from another, you are allowing God to serve you through the hands and heart of another. Don't block the flow of love dear ones. Give and receive as you are guided, for this allows God's love to flow unobstructed throughout the universe.

There is an old adage that it is better to give than to receive, and yet as you give your receive, and as you receive so too you give. If you did not need the assistance of your plumber, day care provider, accountant, or lawyer for example, he or she would not have a job. If you did not appreciate beauty the artists in the world would not have a purpose. And so by receiving fully the services and love that another has to share, you are giving them the love and acknowledgement of God. God is working through you, saying to them, "Thank you for being who I created you to be. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents as guided. Thank you for blessing me today with your Presence."

So too, when you give, as you are guided, you are sharing God's love, not just with another but also within yourself. You are saying, "I have a purpose. I have resources. I have talents. I have a right to be, and I wish to share this with you! God is loving you and the other through you when you give.

And so dear ones, give as you are guided, but also do not hesitate to receive when another wishes to bless you with some kindness that you are in need of as well.

For it is in giving that you receive, and in receiving you give. And in this fashion, God's love is allowed to flow freely through your life, and the lives of those around you. Don't block the love, dear ones. Be the love. Free the love. Receive the love, and share the love! In doing so, you will come to realize your true connection God, self, and others. In this space, there is never ever a feeling of being alone.