Saturday, March 03, 2012

Everyone's perspective has a right to be

Open your heart to receive this very great energy coming into your planet earth right now and stop worrying about what your neighbors are doing. It is human nature to compare and contrast yourself to others but in reality, God made each one of you unique and beautiful. Each one of you has unique perspectives, different gifts, talents, and points of view. So much time and energy is wasted in humanity trying to "get" others to agree with you. If we had our way in the heavens, each of you would simply express your perspectives with love and then release any need for agreement whatsoever. In doing so you would sort yourselves out so easily. You would quickly realize which souls are in harmony with your spirit and which ones are not. You would find your places with those of like mind and like heart and allow others to do the same.

You were never meant to "fit in" in the sense of being like everyone else. You were only meant to "fit in" as a puzzle piece fits into a puzzle. Imagine dear ones, that every human being allowed themselves to be who they really were, and to speak lovingly what they really meant in any given moment. Soon each of you would comprise a beautiful puzzle of humanity, touching those lives that fit your own and moving away from those that don't.

Suppose you are having a disagreement with someone. That is fine with us! You were not all designed to agree. But what if you were able to disagree with love, to simply say, "This is what I'd believe and its fine if you don't agree with me." Then, you would see by their answer whether or not they fit more clearly in your own life at this moment

At the deepest levels dear friends, you want to give and receive love. At the deepest levels, you know you do not need agreement but rather you want to feel as if you have a right to be, exactly as you are. And you do dear ones! If someone does not agree with you or will not do what you want, bless them and release them from the expectations. If you have to, ask God for other help. Move away from the situation if necessary. Allow others a right to be, but also dear ones, give this very beautiful gift of love to yourselves.