Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everything is in right order

Rest assured knowing that everything in your life is in right order. Everything is in right timing. Truly dear ones we watch you rushing about and know that if you only knew the truth of your place in eternity, you would slow down a bit and enjoy the journey. Nothing is more important than the quality of this moment. Nothing is more important than whether or not you are adding love to this moment or running from it.

Are you conscious of how your body feels right now? Take a moment. Become aware of your body. Are you hot, cold, in need of stretching, in need of touch, in need of food? Ask your body right now, "Body, what do you need in this moment?" Then make a deal, that at your earliest convenience you will give your body what it needs. Your physical vehicle is the starting point for living in the present moment. If you are aware of its needs, you can start to become aware of so much more.

Ask your heart now, "Heart, what do you need in this moment, and how can I give this to you?" We are not talking now about your physical heart, but rather your sacred heart, the energy of your spirit, the energy of God's love that lives within you. The answer may surprise you. The answer may be remarkably simple. Your spirit is not as complex dear ones as you think. It always wants to express or experience that love in some fashion in any given moment. Your minds come up with remarkable machinations as to how you should move yourself through life in order to express or experience that love, but your hearts will always give you the simplest answer.

If you were able to move through life in this fashion, moment by moment, being aware of the needs of your body and spirit, then dear ones, you would move through life as much of the natural world does - with thought being used as a tool rather than as a torment, with a trust in the movements within you, guided with ease and grace, moving naturally towards that which uplifts and 'feeds' you and moving away from that which does not. You would do so without self-judgment, without the need to judge others, and with simple grace. Try it for a few hours. Try just living your life with awareness of what it is you need now, and now, and now... and soon dear ones, you won't even need to ask the questions for you will have made room to allow the answers to arise naturally from within. Your bodies and souls are programmed to seek and express love in your daily moments. You have learned to block these simple truths, but with a bit of practice you can become adept once again at feeling your internal guidance and acting upon it.